Thoughts While Watching: Reckoning

Yes, I obviously love me some good thriller crime dramas! Reckoning went up on my watchlist as soon as I saw it on Netflix, and I was even more intrigued by the fact that the trailer gave away almost nothing about the show. They’re looking for a killer, obviously, but what about it?

So, I finally settled down to binge all ten episodes of the first season.

  • Ooh off to a good start already! What HAVE you done?
  • They have pieces of their skin cut away!
  • Wonder why she wanted to change schools. And why he seems so jumpy.
  • Oh GEEZ, she almost got hit by a car.
  • Another new student? The Son of a teacher too, looks like.
  • What did he do at his old school??
  • I hate when killers are given these kinds of names! Like, don’t give them the glory.
  • Hmm, so tattoos seem to be a pattern here with the victims.
  • Okaaay super inappropriate question from a student!
  • A “devotion” to little boys?? Ugh BARF.
  • That is decidedly NOT a girl’s body. That’s a dog.

  • Woah what was that flashback?
  • I hope those kids aren’t his students! Seems like a cool guy though.
  • It’s the tattoo! From the naked picture!
  • Oh, he has OCD.
  • Woah! Is this real? Or is he really just dreaming about them??
  • Is that CBD oil? Oh, honey that is definitely too much. Or maybe not CBD.
  • He’s seriously creepy. Oh no. No no no. That is why you never get in a stranger’s car.
  • Oh man, She dead.
  • WHAT. What is going on? Why’s there blood? What??
  • OH. Miscarriage. Still bad but not murder. I seriously thought he was going to go as far as killing his wife.
  • So his son was an almost school shooter. Yikes.
  • Jesus was something going on between him and Gretchen?
  • Oooooh, your wife let you go to voicemail!! Ouch. Not that it’s an excuse, but he is a very attractive neighbor.
  • Woah he broke her finger!
  • So I really wanted to call it early and say Leo’s the RRK, but I dunno, there’s no solid evidence yet.
  • Edgar’s hardly a reliable witness but he seems pretty sure he saw Mike with Gretchen.
  • But I bet that’s Leo writing the fake note.
  • Okay preeeetty sure as a detective you cannot physically abuse someone you’re questioning.
  • Oh my god. This kid is messed up. They could have saved the dog!
  • And he catfishes too?? What in fresh hell??
  • Ohhh the dots just connected for me. That article about Mike’s suspension was because of that physical assault on John. Duh. Got it.
  • Woah ok so pretty student hitting on Leo was also Gretchen’s bi-curious lover.
  • LOL shaman as a nickname for a drug dealer, very clever.
  • Oh, he dead. OD for sure!
  • Okay, I’m still gonna call it early: Leo has issues and is the RRK.
  • I mean, that’s weird. Getting the victims’ missing tattoos on yourself is weird.
  • So he didn’t just beat John up. He literally dropped him from the second-floor window. I’m surprised he wasn’t more than just suspended.
  • What the hell! Knew it! Leo’s weird! He’s the RRK!
  • This John guy is sketchy AF!
  • Oh. Damn. I wasn’t expecting her to have been a stripper. I mean, you do you, I just wasn’t expecting it.
  • OKAY. I thought he was onto Leo with all the questions about secrets but he just confessed? Is this real or another false confession from him?
  • John has issues. Serious mental issues. They all do.
  • Yeah, that dog thing is seriously freaky. That’s like the first red flag for a potential serial killer.
  • I didn’t realize the RRK has been such a long-playing case.
  • I SEE THE EARRINGS CONNECTION NOW. But HOW? Was it his dad?? His mother was the first victim?
  • So he just happened to be there when you were attacked? Seems sketchy.
  • Whaaaaat. She’s alive! And she has Mike’s card? What.
  • Well, that escalated quickly.
  • “Whatever you think”?? That’s shoddy police work, isn’t it?
  • For a mom who just found her daughter’s nude, she’s taking it pretty well. Also, how is her daughter the one flipping out about it??
  • They need to get help for that kid.
  • Oh, I also didn’t realize Leo’s mother was missing. I thought she died. Did I miss that in a previous episode?
  • Gotta say I’m glad it’s because her dad’s a cop and not because she’s a girl.
  • Jake DEFINITELY needs help.
  • I mean, she’s got a point. What’s Leo even doing at grief counseling? I thought for a second he was the moderator but he’s not. For his mother, maybe?
  • DAMNIT I THOUGHT THAT WAS A REAL CONFESSION. Maybe it is? Either way, he’s creepy.
  • Yikes. Boyfriend sleeping with your daughter, then killed her out of jealousy? Big yikes.
  • Leo is definitely really the killer. 100%.
  • Was it really a good idea to play games with the detective’s daughter?? One word to her dad and you’re the creepy teacher AND a suspect.
  • What. The. Hell.
  • Omg his face.
  • I don’t like Paxton. He’s just unlikeable and kind of an idiot.

Sam Trammell and Ed Oxenbould in Reckoning

  • I mean you’re so sketchy about that shed. If you’re gonna leave it unlocked, you’re kind of inviting people to snoop.
  • Okay, now is the time to ditch Pax as a friend. C
  • Crap. His dad killed his mom.
  • So John suspects Leo too. Forgive him for what though?
  • Looks like his wife is suspicious of him too!
  • Oh damn, are they gonna find anything under the bathroom tile??
  • What is up with John’s obsession with Leo?
  • I bet Arlen’s girlfriend knows what happened with the wife and she’s helping him cover it up too.
  • Oh damn! They found bones. Now what!
  • OH MY GOD. Her body is in the fridge.
  • I can’t understand why John is so hell-bent on helping Leo.
  • Woah it’s like a shrine. That’s messed up.
  • Whew okay, I thought they were gonna get busted for a second. He managed to figure out Arlen wasn’t his dad immediately after the DNA led to nothing? I mean — that’s pretty smart.
  • I’m just waiting for Candace to figure out the truth about Leo. She’s so close!
  • Ummm what? I thought he was gonna say he just needs to get caught!
  • Hoooooly Christ. He really pushed him. Made sense that he had to die for it to be believable, but…he really pushed him.
  • LSD therapy? Did not know that was a thing.
  • Oh wow. There was even a confession video.
  • Ooh Mike you’re busted!
  • Soooo Paige has revenge sex with the hot neighbor.
  • Oh, man. Candace has some kahunas to just straight up confront him about it. That stress is bad for the baby, though.
  • This guy is just an all-around degenerate. Pedophile AND hard drug dealer?
  • The detective’s on a real bad trip. I guess that means LSD therapy is actually effective? Just terrifying.
  • She helped him?? She stayed with him?? After finding out it was him that attacked her??
  • Oh, snap! So is season 2 going to be Mike’s pursuit of Leo??

Okay, here’s my verdict on Reckoning: it’s interesting enough, and really has you going back and forth on who the Russian River Killer is.

Is it Leo? His dad? Detective Serrato? Or just someone else entirely? If you’re looking for answers as to why the RRK does what he does, you’re not going to get them – at least not in this season.

It’s a slow burn, so you’ll need to have the patience to sit through and let the story unwind. Otherwise, it’s a decent way to spend eight or so hours of your time to binge ten episodes!

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