A Million Little Things

Pilot season is in full swing right now. And it seems like every day we are getting updates about new actors being cast in one pilot or another. So, since in this Pilot Watch series we are slowly making our way through all the new pilots, what they are about and who is going to be playing who on them, here is another one for you. This time around, we are taking a look at ABC’s A Million Little Things.

Who’s in charge?

This hour-long show comes from writer DJ Nash. Who, previously to this, worked on two NBC comedies, Growing Up Fisher and Truth Be Told. This project is executive-produced by Dana Honor and Aaron Kaplan. And helping them are Kapital Entertainment and ABC Studios.

What’s this show about?

The show borrows its title from the saying “Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things”, so you can guess that at the center of it are friendships. More specifically, A Million Little Things zeros in on a group of friends. They bonded when they all got stuck in an elevator but then life took over and they lost touch with each other. Now, after one of them commits suicide, they reconnect and decide to start living again. And, although, that is pretty vague for a description of a TV show, it does offer the writers some wiggle room to develop the story and make it heartfelt and real.

Who’s playing who?

Since the plot description already mentions that A Million Little Things will depict the lives of a group of friends, you can bet that this show will have quite a large ensemble cast. And luckily, we already know the actors who will be playing the main characters.

Starting off with the ladies of the show, first up Christina Ochoa will star as Ashley. She is the assistant to Jon, played by Ron Livingston, the guy who takes his own life. And might just have the answer as to why Jon did what he did. With Grace Park (previously played by Anne Son) playing the role of Katherine, a full-time lawyer and mom to her son. Allison Miller will co-star as Maggie. A successful therapist whose main focus is people’s emotional well-being. Stephanie Szostak will portray Delilah, Jon’s widow who is putting a brave face on for her children. One of which, moody teenager Sophie, will be played by Lizzy Greene. While Christina Moses will be playing Regina Howard. A chef with big dreams of her own restaurant, but who also has to deal with her husband’s depression.

Speaking of the male cast, Regina’s husband Rome will be played by Romany Malco. Rome is a highly-successful commercial director, who wishes he would be doing something else, which leads him to depression. Then James Roday will star as Gary. A womanizer who is convinced that he is in total control of his emotions. And last but not least, David Giuntoli will portray Katherine’s husband Eddie. He’s a music teacher and stay-at-home dad who longs for the good old days when he was the lead singer of a local band.

The latest on A Million Little Things

Since ABC has handed this upcoming drama a series order, you can rest assured that A Million Little Things will definitely be one of the new series to debut this upcoming fall! It will air on Wednesdays at 10/9 central, with the series premiere set for September 26 at 10/9 central. And if you are like us and can’t wait to see this new show, then check out the first trailer for it.

But if you want to know even more information on A Million Little Things as the news became available, make sure you check back here often!

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