Grand Hotel

Who doesn’t like a good soap? They are the perfect thing to watch if you want to forget about your troubles and just get lost in the overly-dramatic entertainment that is playing out on your TV screen. And this fall a new drama of this kind is debuting because ABC has ordered Grand Hotel to series. So if you want to know more about Grand Hotel and what this new show is about, then keep on reading.

Who’s in charge?

When it comes to the behind-the-scenes team of Grand Hotel, this show is brought to you by quite the team-up. Grand Hotel is written by Brian Tanen, who also executive produces the project alongside names like Eva Longoria, Ben Spector, Teresa Fernandez-Valdes, and Ramon Campo. While on the studio side of things, the show is produced by Bambu Producctiones, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, and ABC Studios. And Ken Olin directed the pilot episode of this new ABC drama.

What’s this show about?

Based on a popular Spanish soap, Grand Hotel follows the owners and staff of Grand Riviera Hotel, a five-star beach hotel in Miami. And although everybody parts of the hotel’s team might seem perfect, most of them hide huge secrets behind their perfect facades.

Who’s playing who?

Since the show centers on the hotel’s owners and staff, let’s start with the actors that will be playing the owners. Grand Hotel will be led by Demian Bichir, who will portray Grand Riviera Hotel’s owner Santiago Mendoza. He’s charismatic, but also ready to do anything it takes to keep the wealth that he has built for himself and his two children. Denyse Tontz will play Alicia. Mendoza’s daughter, who’s always trying to impress her father, yet also isn’t afraid to speak her mind. With Bryan Craig starring as Mendoza’s playboy son Javi. Roselyn Sanchez will take on the role of Gigi Mendoza. Santiago’s second wife and the perfect picture of Miami style and glamour. Yet underneath it, all is a smart businesswoman who would do anything for her fraternal twin daughters Carolina and Yoli, played by Feliz Ramirez and Justina Adorno respectively.

And when it comes to the staff of the Grand Riviera Hotel actors like Chris Warren, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Shalim Ortiz, Lincoln Younes, and Anne Winters have all secured series regular roles on Grand Hotel. Warren will star as Jason, who’s been the hotel’s employee since he was a teenager. Robinson will play Mrs. P, Jason’s mom, and the hotel’s staff manager. Ortiz will portray Mateo, the hotel’s Director of Guest Experiences. Younes will take on the role of Danny. One of the hotel’s newest employees and a potential love interest to Tontz’s Alicia. While Winter will play Ingrid, a hotel’s employee who’s trying to scheme her way into a better, richer life.

The latest on Grand Hotel

Since ABC has already awarded Grand Hotel with a series order, this new drama will be part of the 2018/2019 TV season lineup. In fact, it will premiere on Monday, June 17. And we even have the newest trailer of this upcoming series to share with you!

Excited for this new intriguing series? Us too! Can’t wait to see what Grand Hotel season 1 has in store for us!

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