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Legal dramas are a beloved genre among TV show fans. And this upcoming TV season a show that is not only a legal drama but also bears the title of a thriller will join the ranks of already running legal series. So if you want to learn more about The Fix and what’s it all about, then keep on reading!

Who’s in charge?

The Fix hails from Marcia Clark, Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain who all co-wrote as well as executive produced this new legal drama. Also executive producing are Laurie Zaks, David Hoberman, and Todd Lieberman. With Larysa Kondracki directing the pilot episode of the upcoming series. And ABC Studios and Mandeville TV serving as the production companies behind this project.

What’s this show about?

This upcoming legal thriller centers on Maya Travis. She used to be a high-powered L.A. lawyer. But when she fails to prosecute Sevvy Johnson, an Oscar-winning actor adored by both the public and the media, for a double murder, her district attorney career is over and good reputation shattered. So she flees Los Angeles for a quieter life in Washington. But when eight years later Johnson is once again a suspect in his girlfriend’s murder, Maya returns to L.A. in hopes of putting Johnson behind bars once and for all.

Who’s playing who?

At the forefront of The Fix are actors Robin Tunney and Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje. Tunney will play Maya Travis. Shocked by the jury’s verdict and ridiculed by the media for it Maya’s high-profile career in over. So she leaves both her California life and profession behind to run a horse ranch in Washington. But now another opportunity arises for Maya to finally get some justice and redeem her career in the process. While Akinnuoye-Agbaje will play the charismatic and wealthy A-list actor Steven “Sevvy” Johnson. He’s an award-winning celebrity. But underneath all the fame he’s hiding a narcissistic and borderline sociopathic personality and is used to getting what he wants. Even if that is being found innocent for crimes he did commit.

Also starring in this upcoming ABC drama are Marc Blucas, Scott Cohen, Merrin Dungey, Mouzam Makkar, Breckin Meyer, Adam Rayner, Alex Saxon, and Abraham Lim. Blucas will take on the role of Riv, Maya’s partner in her horse ranch business. Cohen will play Ezra Wolf. He’s the defense lawyer who beat Maya eight years ago and freed Johnson of all charges. But now his client is facing new charges so Wolf has to yet again employ his pitbull pays to prove Johnson innocent. Dungey stars as CJ Bernstein, Maya’s friend and an investigator with the district attorney’s office. And Makkar will portray Loni Kampoor, the Deputy District Attorney who is the lead prosecutor in Amelia’s, Johnson’s girlfriend’s murder.

With Meyer taking on the role of District Attorney Alan Wiest, who tries but fails to control everything that goes on in his office. Rayner playing Matthew Collier. He was Maya’s second chair during the Johnson trial and now seeks Maya out hoping to persuade her to return to the City of Angels to help finally put Johnson behind bars. Saxon portraying Gabriel Johnson. And Lim playing Ares. The media consultant that Wolf brings in to help him spin the public opinion to his advantage.

The latest on The Fix

If this upcoming ABC series sounds interesting, then you’re in luck. Because ABC has ordered the show to series. It will premiere on Monday, March 18. But while we wait for March 18th, here is the newest trailer for the show.

Want to keep up-to-date on the newest happenings regarding this new legal show that is described as part revenge fantasy, part confessional, and part legal thriller? Then check back here because we will let you know any news on The Fix as soon as there are any to share.

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