Whiskey Cavalier

Who doesn’t like a good spy drama? And ABC’s latest newbie show Whiskey Cavalier promises to be just that. Top agents from FBI and CIA working together, spying and sometimes even saving the world. So if you want to know more about this new series, and keep up to date with all the latest on it, then keep on reading!

Who’s in charge?

When it comes to the behind-the-scenes team for Whiskey Cavalier, this new TV show hails from the writer Dave Hemingson. Who also executive produces the series alongside Bill Lawrence and Jeff Ingold. Also helping the project are Doozer Productions and Warner Bros. Television (WBTV). With Peter Atencio directing the pilot episode and also serving as executive producer on it.

What’s this show about?

As you might have already gathered from the intro of the article, Whiskey Cavalier centers on FBI agent Will Chase (whose codename is Whiskey Cavalier). Who after a bad breakup is detailed to work with CIA operative Frankie Trowbridge (whose codename is Fiery Tribune). And together the pair forms an inter-agency team of spies who solves cases and saves the world on more than one occasion. While also trying to get used to working together and everything that comes with it including a budding friendship and a potential romance.

Who’s playing who?

Among the actors that you will see on your screen when watching Whiskey Cavalier are names like Scott Foley, Lauren Cohan, Vir Das, Ana Ortiz, Tyler James Williams, and Valerie Huber. Because Foley, who also is one of the producers on the series, is playing the titular character Will Chase. He is described as super-agent, who is tough yet also tender. With Cohan helming the other lead role, that of the badass CIA agent Francesca “Frankie” Trowbridge.

Das will appear as Will Chase’s fellow FBI agent Jai Datta. Ortiz is playing FBI’s top behavioral scientist Dr. Susan Sampson. Who is also Chase’s best friend and becomes fast friends with Frankie. While Williams will be starring as Edgar Standish. He’s an NSA analyst who after hacking the State Department now possesses information that could get him killed. And Huber will play Chase’s ex Gigi Debrosse.

The latest on Whiskey Cavalier

Right from the beginning, there was a lot of buzz around Whiskey Cavalier. So it is no wonder that ABC made the decision to pick up this hourlong action-drama for series. Whiskey Cavalier will premiere on Wednesday, February 27 at 10/9 central on ABC. And here is a brand new trailer of the upcoming series.

We have to say, Whiskey Cavalier looks like a really fun watch. Because just from the trailer alone you can deduct that there will be humor, drama and plenty of action. So if you are as excited to see the first season of Whiskey Cavalier as we are, then check back here often, as all updates regarding this new dramedy will be posted here as they happen.

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