CBS’ Good Sam: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

Will we ever get tired of a good medical drama? The long and short answer is: no, never, absolutely not.

With staples like Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, as well as the recent New Amsterdam, there’s always a new perspective to take when it comes to the medical drama genre. Luckily, we’ve got yet another that’s about to drop onto our plates thanks to CBS.

That new show is Good Sam, a brand-new medical drama that has been in development since September 2019! It was then given a pilot order in February 2020 and after several casting announcements, things were pretty quiet and many eagerly awaiting fans began to wonder if it would be ordered to series.

Of course, delays were inevitable due to the production halt throughout most of 2020. Thankfully, further casting announcements began rolling in when 2021 came around, so things for Good Sam are definitely looking up!

Here’s everything we know about CBS’ newest medical drama, Good Sam.

Who’s behind the show?

Good Sam hails from Jennie Snyder Urman, creator and executive producer for Jane the Virgin. She and fellow executive producers Joanna Klein and Katie Wech, the latter of whom is also the writer for Good Sam, are producing under the Sutton Street Productions banner.

CBS Television Studios will also be producing as it has Sutton Street under an overall deal.

Wech and Urman previously worked together on Jane the Virgin, so we have high hopes on another successful series with Good Sam!

What’s Good Sam about?

The eponymous Sam is a brilliant heart surgeon, but she feels like her talents may best be served elsewhere. That’s because her boss, Dr. Griffith is an abrasive, pompous, and arrogant man who never misses an opportunity to undermine her – and it certainly doesn’t help that he’s also her father.

However, after an incident at the hospital that puts “Griff” into a coma, Sam is forced to take on the leadership role of Chief of Surgery.

Naturally, when Griff wakes up after months in a coma, he wants to resume his work as a surgeon. The only way he can get back to work, though, is to now be a subordinate to his own daughter.

This further stretches their already tenuous relationship, which will form the core storyline for Good Sam.

Who’s playing whom on Good Sam?

Title character Sam Griffith was first to be castOne Tree Hill and Chicago PD alum Sophia Bush is set to play the part!

Soon after, Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter franchise, Star Trek: Discovery) was announced for the role of Dr. Griffith, Sam’s father.

Skye P. Marshall (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) will play Dr. Lex Trulie, a fellow surgeon. Though she and Sam are friends, their relationship changes when Sam takes on her father’s role as Chief.

Dr. Caleb Tucker, a cocky resident at the hospital and Sam’s love interest, will be played by Michael Stahl-David (Narcos, Almost Family). And Edwin Hodge (Six, For All Mankind) will be playing Malcolm A. Kingsley, an administrative executive at the hospital but also a member of the hospital’s wealthiest donor family.

Lastly, Davi Santos will star as Dr. Joey Costa, Omar Maskati will play as Dr. Isan M. Shah, while Wendy Crewson will appear as Vivian Katz.

Good Sam will premiere on Wednesday, January 5th at 10/9 central.


  1. Excellent Pilot … every single thing about it was “right on”. Looking forward to the continued series … kudos to all involved!

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