Happy Together

Each pilot season there is no shortage of new comedies that are hoping to get pilot and then series orders. And this year Happy Together was one of them until CBS ordered the new TV show to series. Want to know about it? Then keep on reading!

Who’s in charge?

Happy Together comes from the minds of Austen Earl and Tim McAuliffe, who both wrote and executive produced the comedy. Also credited as executive producers are Jonathan Berry, Michael Rotenberg, Ben Winston and Harry Styles. While on the production studio side of things, this upcoming comedy comes from Arts Entertainment, Fulwell 73 and CBS Television Studios.

What’s this show about?

If you are as confused as we were and wondering why pop-sensation Harry Styles is among the executive producers on this comedy series, then let me tell you a bit what Happy Together is about.

Very (very!) loosely based on the real-life experience of Ben Winston, who let Harry Styles bunk in his house’s attic for 18 months while his home got renovated, Happy Together tells the story of an ordinary thirty-something couple, Claire and Jake. Jake and Claire are tired of their mundane existence and want to bring some excitement back into their lives. So they open their home to Cooper James, a budding pop star seeking some normalcy. And what started out a week or two to hide from the paparazzi after Cooper broke up with his movie star girlfriend Sierra. Turned into a permanent co-living situation.

Who’s playing who?

When it comes to the on-screen talent for Happy Together, this upcoming comedy is full of great actors playing funny characters. At the forefront, there is Amber Stevens West and Damon Wayans Jr. playing Claire and Jake. Claire is a bar and restaurant designer. While Jake is an accountant and Cooper James is one of his clients. Both of them are excited yet a little worried when James suddenly worms his way into their simplistic suburban lives. And the role of the superstar musician Cooper James will be played by Felix Mallard. James is described as young and a little naive small-town musician who has been thrust into the spotlight and at times doesn’t really know what to do with it.

Also starring in Happy Together are Stephnie Weir, Chris Parnell, and Victor Williams. Weir and Williams will play Claire’s parents Bonnie and Gerald. They both are retired doctors fully enjoying the third act of their lives. In the pilot episode, Tim Meadows was playing the role of Gerald. But due to the fact that Medows’s other pilot got picked up, the role went to Williams. And Parnell will take on the role of Cooper James’s slick and money-hungry agent Wayne.

The latest on Happy Together

Not only the premise of Happy Together sounds super funny but from the first trailer of this new comedy series, you can already tell that the show is going to be a success. Look for yourself.

So if you also got excited about seeing this new comedy on your TV, then you’re in luck. Because CBS has not only ordered the show to series. But also already announced the premiere date for the show. Happy Together will premiere on Monday, October 1 at 8:30/7:30 central on CBS. And keep checking back here if you want to know any new updates on this upcoming CBS comedy because this article will be updated as soon as the news break.

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