CBS’ How We Roll: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

There are few things more satisfying than seeing a good person get a second chance to rebuild their lives – and proceed to knock it completely out of the park.

Whether it’s over a near-death experience from an accident or an illness, or a dramatic life change with career or family, second chances at life just don’t come around often and definitely doesn’t happen to everyone, so it’s always such a joy to learn that someone has made good on the opportunity.

CBS’ upcoming comedy series How We Roll is a take on this kind of redemption story and is based on the life of professional bowler Tom Smallwood (after whom the project was initially titled).

In March 2021, How We Roll (then still untitled and referred to as the Tom Smallwood Project) received a pilot order from the network.

Eventually, it was picked up to series in May and given the title Smallwood, before it changed again in November 2021 to the now-official How We Roll.

Alongside the name change came a restructuring of its episodes from a pilot-plus-twelve format to pilot-plus-10, making the final series order for 11 episodes.

Here’s everything we know so far about CBS’ How We Roll!

Who’s in charge?

How We Roll comes from creator and writer Mark Cross (Man With A Plan) as well as producers David Hollander (American Gigolo) and Brian D’Arcy James (who is best known for his work on Broadway) – with all three attached to the project as executive producers under CBS Studios.

Marina Dompke is also serving as producer, while Mark Cendrowski was the pilot episode’s director.

What’s How We Roll about?

Set in Detroit, Michigan, How We Roll follows the story of Tom Smallwood, a “stoic Midwest husband and dad” who has just gotten laid off from his job as a car assembly-line worker.

That’s when he makes the life-changing decision to switch careers and provide for his family by following his dreams of becoming a professional bowler.

Bowling is the perfect metaphor for Tom’s journey of redemption, too.

In bowling, if you don’t hit all the pins on the first try, you’re given a second turn to make it perfect. So, with all the support and encouragement he could ever need from his loving wife, his son, his protective mother, and his mentor, Tom sets off to hit that strike.

Who will we see in the show?

The main role of Tom Smallwood will be played by Pete Holmes (Crashing), and he was the first to be cast soon after the pilot was ordered back in March 2021.

Chi McBride’s (Hawaii Five-0) casting came after with the role of Archie, who is both the owner of the Archie’s Lanes bowling alley and Pete’s mentor and father figure.

Playing Tom’s loving and supportive wife Jen is Katie Lowe (Scandal) while his outspoken and protective mother, Helen, will be played by Julie White (Designated Survivor).

Rounding out the cast in key recurring roles are Tahj Mowry as Lew, Tom’s best friend; Rondi Reed as Ruth, Jen’s boss at the hair salon; Judy Kain as bowling alley regular Mimi; Amanda Perez as Jen’s co-worker Tia; and Matt McCarthy as Tom’s opponent on the lanes.

How We Roll is set to premiere on Thursday, March 31, 2022!

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