CBS’ The Equalizer: Premiere Date, Plot, First Teaser & More

When it comes to action and mystery, The Equalizer is a prime example, whether you’re talking about the original late 80s series or the two-part movies.

Isn’t there just something about vigilante justice from a mysterious protagonist that’ll have you glued to your screen? Everyone roots for the tough lead character with an unknown past but some serious combat and intelligence skills.

The Equalizer franchise began back in 1985 with the CBS crime drama series starring Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, the main character. The show ran for four seasons and followed McCall’s quest for justice for those who couldn’t claim it themselves.

This continued with the 2014 and 2018 movies loosely based on the original series, starring Denzel Washington as McCall.

Now, CBS is continuing to expand the franchise with a reimagining and modernized reboot, particularly of the original series. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming series!

Who’s in charge?

CBS first announced the series’ development back in November 2019, with the official pilot order coming in late January 2020. The team was able to film the pilot in New York City in March 2020 but as we all know, production was affected by the COVID shutdown – yet another show in the pandemic’s warpath.

The reboot was created by Richard Lindheim, also one of the creators of the series original, and Dana Owens, who we all may know better as the rapper, singer, and actress Queen Latifah! She will also be executive producing the show alongside Andrew Marlowe and Terri Miller (creators of ABC’s Take Two), alongside Dana Owens, John Davis, John Fox, and Debra Martin Chase.

Production companies involved are Flavor Unit, Davis Entertainment, Martin Chase Productions, Universal Television, and CBS Television Studios.

Who are we going to see on The Equalizer?

Queen Latifah is all-around in this new show – she’s also playing the lead role! No longer Robert McCall, the protagonist has been reimagined into Robyn, who EW has quoted as “an enigmatic woman with a mysterious background”. She’s also a single mother to teenage daughter Delilah, though it’s still unclear who has been cast in the latter role.

The next casting announcement came in February for Liza Lapira (Nancy Drew, 9JKL) and Lorraine Toussaint (Into the Badlands, Rosewood). Lapira will play a former Air Force sniper and colleague of Robyn while Toussaint is Robyn’s Aunt Fry, who lives with her and her daughter.

Tory Kittles (Colony) was cast as Marcus Dante, an NYPD detective. And lastly, Chris Noth (Sex and the City) joined the cast as the former CIA director.

What’s the story?

If you’ve watched the movies or the 80s series, you should have a faint idea of how the story will go.

Robyn McCall has a special set of skills that she has amassed through a presumably extensive – though largely unknown – career, perhaps in an intelligence agency. Using these skills, she has made it her goal to help those in her neighborhood who are seeking justice but have no means to pursue it on their own.

The Equalizer premieres on Sunday, February 7th, right after the Super Bowl!

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