Fox’s Deputy: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Fox’s upcoming cop drama Deputy looks to be much more thrilling than any average American crime drama TV series. Bill Hollister is the new sheriff in town, and he doesn’t exactly play well with others. Nor did he ask for the position. Putting away bad guys is his mindset now, and he will have to make a lot of changes to the current department if he wants to combat LA crime.

Created by screenwriter and former LA Police Department Detective Will Beall (Aquaman, Training Day), along with writer extraordinaire David Ayer (The Fast and the Furious, Suicide Squad), Deputy received its pilot order on February 5, 2019, and was then ordered to series on May 9, 2019.

The first episode of this new drama is scheduled to air on Thursday, January 2nd.

Who’s in charge?

David Ayer, who is co-creator of the series with Will Beall, also leads the single-camera setup production as director and executive producer. Alongside him are fellow executive producers Beall, Chris Long, and Barry Schindel.

The production companies involved with the series are Entertainment One and Fox Entertainment. And the series will air on Thursdays on Fox starting January 2nd.

What’s this show about?

In this series, Jack Reacher meets Designated Survivor as tough-guy lawman and newly appointed sheriff of Los Angeles County Bill Hollister assumes his position through the sudden heart attack death of his predecessor and an age-old US law technicality.

Bill will not only need to learn to uphold his duties as the new sheriff, which he is well equipped for as a skilled gunman and bully. But will also learn to play politics and follow orders. However, as you heard in the trailer, “Bill isn’t going to stop being Bill just because you put a star on him.”

Who’s playing who on Deputy?

The leading roles of the cast were announced in March of 2019 with Stephen Dorff (True Detective, The Power of One) leading the roster. Dorff headlines the show and was cast for 13 episodes and the first season as lead character sheriff Bill Hollister.

Meanwhile, actress Yara Martinez (Hollywood Heights, Jane the Virgin) plays Bill’s supportive wife, Dr. Paula Reyes who’s a trauma surgeon.

The other leading roles announced were Brian Van Holt (House of Wax, Cougar Town) starring as an ex-marine Deputy Cade Walker. And Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow, Scream) as Breanna Bishop, the lead driver of Sheriff Hollister’s security detail.

Danielle Moné Truitt (Snowfall) also joins the cast as Deputy Charlie Minnick, an 8th grade English teacher turned Field Training Officer with the LA Sheriff’s Department. Mark Moses (Desperate Housewives, Mad Men) returns to TV as Jerry London, a bureaucrat who’s looking to drive the new sheriff out of office.

Lastly, Shane Paul McGhie (Victor, What Men Want) will also appear on Deputy as Deputy Joseph Blair who’s the son of Hollister’s former partner and his godson.

The trailer promises plenty of heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat skirmishes, which means that fans of the action genre are sure to love this one! So make sure you tune in on January 2 when Deputy premieres on Fox.

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