Fox’s Outmatched: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & More

Fox adds to its roster of 2019-2020 mid-season replacements with Outmatched, an American multi-camera family sitcom.

Alongside some of its newest premieres this season (both live-action and animated), Outmatched puts a sharply comedic spin on a fear that parents everywhere can probably relate to: “Are we doing this right?”

In January 2019, Fox announced that it had given the production a pilot order, though back then it was still titled Geniuses – a very succinct summary of the show’s premise! A few months later in May, Fox not only ordered the show to series but also changed the title to what it is now: Outmatched. And soon after that, the first trailer dropped.

Who’s in charge?

Outmatched was created by Lon Zimmet (LA to Vegas), who also wrote the pilot and is set to executive produce.

Production companies involved with the show include 20th Century Fox Television, Fox Entertainment, and Briskets Big Yellow House. And its distributor is 20th Television, 20th Century Fox’s syndication arm.

What’s it about?

A blue-collar couple living in Atlantic City, New Jersey is doing the best they can to raise their four kids. While this sounds like any typical family sitcom, you’ll soon discover that it’s so much more!

Three of their kids are certified geniuses, after all, while parents Mike and Cay barely made it out of high school in one piece. Their youngest kid is the only one who didn’t get stuck with the genius gene, and she’s the one they fondly call their “star”.

So, Outmatched chronicles their lives as a family: how they deal with their unique situation and with each person trying – and, most of the time, failing – not to drive each other crazy.

Meet the cast and characters of Fox’s Outmatched

First of all, meet Mike and Cay, handyman and casino pit boss, respectively. They’re just your run-of-the-mill parents from South Jersey who deal with the pressures of raising high-IQ kids by escaping to the basement to throw darts, play foosball, have some alcohol, and get a little high. Mike is played by Jason Biggs (American Pie). While Cay is played by Maggie Lawson (Psych).

Next up are their genius kids: 16-year-old Brian, the math wizard, played by Connor Kalopsis (Days of Our Lives). 15-year-old Nicole, the language prodigy, played by Ashley Boettcher (Aliens in the Attic). And 10-year-old Marc, the musical virtuoso, played by Jack Stanton (The Mick). Lastly, 8-year-old Leila is just as regular as her parents and is the only of their kids that Mike and Cay can actually relate to. Leila will be played by Oakley Bull (Thanksgiving).

Joining the show is Tisha Campbell-Martin (Dr. Ken, My Wife and Kids), who has been cast in the role of Rita, Cay’s closest friend at work. And Finesse Mitchell (Saturday Night Live) who will play Rita’s husband and Mike’s best friend Irwin.

Fox’s new show promises a peek into the absurd yet hilarious daily lives of an outmatched family that 90s kids will find deeply reminiscent of Malcolm in the Middle! And yes, “outmatched” is definitely the best way to describe Mike and Cay as they try to raise their children to the best of their abilities. Catch the new show every Thursday night starting January 23, 2020!

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