The Cool Kids

Who says being old has to be sad, boring and dull? And Fox’s newest comedy The Cool Kids proves that. Because this upcoming sitcom is an interesting take on the whole comedy genre featuring four comedic geniuses and a setup that lends itself to humorous events. So if you want to know more about The Cool Kids and what’s this new comedy series is all about then keep on reading!

Who’s in charge?

Produced by FX Productions and 20th Century Fox Television, The Cool Kids comes from the minds of writers Charlie Day and Paul Fruchbom. With Charlie Day, Nick Frenkel, Kevin Abbott, and Don Scardino executive producing this multi-camera comedy. And the latter also serving as the director for the pilot episode of the series.

What’s this show about?

The Cool Kids tells the story of a group of friends, Hank, Charlie, and Sid who live in a retirement community and are determined to have as much fun as they can. Even if it means breaking the rules, the law, and stereotypes of what retirees can or can’t do. But when Margaret joins their retirement community, she quickly worms her way into their tight-knit group. And is determined to become a full-fledged member of it. Luckily both the trio and Margaret share the same life philosophy. Which is that there is still time to make this third act of their lives the craziest and most fun time of their lives.

Who’s playing who?

When it comes to the cast of The Cool Kids, you can’t get a better group than the one that has been assembled. Because at the forefront of the story we have actors David Alan Grier, Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence and Martin Mull.

Grier will be taking on the role of Hank. He’s the opinionated leader of the group and always ready to do anything it takes to enjoy life to the fullest. Jordan will play Sid, another member of Hank’s crew. A hypochondriac who although usually votes against Hank’s crazy plans somehow always get’s roped into them. With Martin Mull staring as Charlie. The third of Hank’s three musketeers who loves to tell bizarre stories about times that were. And Lawrence playing Margaret, the confident newest member of the retirement community with a strong rebellious streak and wish to belong.

The latest on The Cool Kids

If the synopsis of The Cool Kids and the fact that this new series is described as “high school with 70-somethings” still doesn’t sound interesting enough. Here is the first trailer for this upcoming comedy.

And if you finally decided to give The Cool Kids a chance then you’re in luck. Because Fox has picked up the show to series. The Cool Kids will premiere on Friday, September 28 at 8:30/7:30 central on Fox.

Want to know all the latest on The Cool Kids? Then keep checking back here, because we will update this article as soon as the news comes in.

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