The Passage

Love thrillers, dramas or sci-fi shows? Then you’re in luck because next year Fox is bringing a brand new thriller to their audiences that is equal parts dramatic, action-packed and pre-apocalyptic. The new series is called The Passage and it might just become the next big hit for Fox. So if you want to know more about Fox’s The Passage then keep on reading!

Who’s in charge?

This new thriller hails from 20th Century Fox Television. Liz Heldens is the writer and executive producer of the project. Joining her as executive producers are also Jason Ensler, Adam Kassan, Matt Reeves, Ridley Scott, Marcos Siega and David W. Zucker. With Marcos Siega and Jason Ensler directing the pilot episode of The Passage.

What’s this show about

Inspired by Justin Cronin’s fantasy book trilogy by the same name, The Passage tells the story of Amy Bellafonte. A 10-year-old foster kid who is involuntarily chosen to become a test subject for the secret medical facility called Project Noah. The scientists at the organization are experimenting with a highly-dangerous virus that will either become a cure for all illnesses or a plague with the potential of wiping out the human race. After multiple failed experiments the researchers realize that they need a young and expendable lab rat to test their theories on.

So they send Federal Agent Brad Wolgast to retrieve Amy. But once he realizes what Project Noah and it’s lead scientist Major Nichole Sykes has in store for Amy, they go on the run to protect Amy from the horrors of Project Noah. Along the way, the duo not only has to face off  Sykes and Project Noah’s head-of-operations Clark Richards. But also deal with the discovery of a new race of beings that Project Noah has created during their previous human trials.

Who’s playing who?

Among the cast of The Passage, there are names like Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Saniyya Sidney, Caroline Chikezie, Vincent Piazza, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jamie McShane, and Brianne Howey. Gosselaar and Sidney will take on the roles of the series lead characters Brad and Amy. Chikezie has been tapped to play Project Noah’s leader Dr. Major Nichole Sykes. With Vincent Piazza portraying her right-hand man ex-CIA agent Clark Richards. Chriqui will star as Brad’s ex-wife Dr. Lila Kyle, to whom Brad and Amy go for help. And McShane and Howey will play two of Project Noah’s early test subjects Tim Fanning and Shauna Babcock who both have transformed in dangerous new beings eager to test their new powers.

The latest on The Passage

Despite undergoing script rewrites, character recastings, and pilot reshoots, we can finally say that The Passage is, in fact, heading to our TV screens. Because during their upfronts this May Fox announced that they are ordering this new show to series. The Passage will premiere on Monday, January 14. And here is a sneak peek of the new drama.

But while we wait for any other news on The Passage that might be heading our way, keep checking back here. Because we will be updating this post as soon as there is any news to share.

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