Fox’s Welcome to Flatch: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

It’s a common occurrence in the world of TV for one series to lead to multiple international adaptations. Sometimes it’s because the show was so successful in its original run, other times it’s because the show’s premise is simply too good to pass up.

Money Heist, for example, is being adapted into a South Korean version, and who could ever forget the American adaptation of the UK’s The Office?

Joining the list of British shows being adapted for American audiences is the BBC award-winning series This Country!

The new comedy comes from Fox, which gave the pilot order for the production (then also still titled This Country) all the way back in January 2020!

Sadly a few months later, as was the case with all other productions during this period, everything was put on pause. In October that year, Fox confirmed a 14-episode order for the series, making it the first official pickup for the 2021-22 season.

Pretty soon, we’ll be blessed with the comedy on our TV screens!

Here’s everything we know so far about the now re-titled comedy series from Fox, Welcome to Flatch (aptly shortened to WTF)!

Who’s in charge?

Welcome to Flatch comes to us from Jenny Bicks (The Greatest Showman, Sex and the City), who will write and executive produce for the series under her Perkins Street Productions name.

Joining her at the helm is Paul Feig (A Simple Favor, Bridesmaids, The Office), who will direct and also executive produce under his Feigco Entertainment banner.

The project comes from Bicks and Feig’s overall deal with Lionsgate Television.

Also serving as executive producers are Angie Stephenson, Daisy May Cooper, and Charlie Cooper – the latter two of whom were the creators of the original British format!

Dan Magnante from Feigco Entertainment is co-executive producing while Cathy Mason and Rachel Mason are producers.

What’s Welcome to Flatch about?

Welcome to Flatch is a half-hour comedy series in a mockumentary format.

Set in the small Midwest American town of Flatch, a documentary team sets out to explore the lives and dreams of its residents.

They find a completely mixed bag of eccentric personalities, but mostly follow the everyday events and goings-on in the lives of cousins (and best friends) Kelly Mallet and Lloyd “Shrub” Mallet.

Who will we see?

American Pie alum Sean William Scott was the first to be tapped for the series, for the role of Father Joe. His character is a community leader and father figure for Kelly and Shrub, who are constantly testing the limits of his patience.

Kelly, an aspiring entrepreneur who is tough on the outside but soft on the inside, will be played by Chelsea Holmes (At What Cost?) while Shrub, who has anger issues and dreams of going to art school, will be played by Sam Straley (The Kids are Alright).

Taylor Ortega (Succession) will play Nadine, an old classmate of theirs who now runs the Flatch Historical Society. While Krystal Smith will play Big Mandy, the “menacing” fellow resident.

Other residents include Shrub’s wannabe best friend Mickey St. Jean (played by Justin Linville), and Cheryl Peterson (Played by Aya Cash from You’re The Worst), the local newspaper’s editor and Father Joe’s ex-girlfriend.

Welcome to Flatch premieres on Thursday, March 17 – with the first 7 episodes streaming on the same day on Fox Now and Hulu!

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