NBC is known for their good comedies. After all, they brought us shows like Parks and Recreation and The Good Place. And soon another comedy series will be joining this list of NBC’s iconic comedies. A sitcom called Abby’s that is reminiscent of NBC’s own Cheers, but with a new, modern spin on the whole neighborhood bar setting. So let’s take a look at Abby’s and what’s it all about.

Who’s in charge?

This newest NBC comedy hails from writer Josh Malmuth, who also executive produces Abby’s alongside David Miner and Michael Schur. Pamela Fryman directed the pilot episode of this upcoming comedy while also serving as executive producer on the series. And on the production company side of things, Abby’s is produced by 3 Arts Entertainment, Fremulon, and Universal Television.

What’s this show about?

Who doesn’t like a good bar? It’s a place where you can relax, unwind and often see a lot of interesting events taking place. So it is no wonder NBC’s Abby’s is set in a bar. Albeit unlicensed, Abby’s is dubbed the best bar in the city of San Diego by its colorful clientele. The prices there are great, the company – excellent. And once you become a regular at Abby’s you’re treated like family. However, there are rules that you need to follow to maintain your seat at the bar. Like Abby’s no cell phone rule. Challenges to win so you aren’t stuck drinking sugary beer cocktails. And earning your spot at this makeshift neighborhood bar takes time. But it’s worth it in the end because you not only gain a regular hangout, but also a group of people that will root for you no matter what.

Who’s playing who?

When it comes to the cast of this half-hour comedy, it’s as wacky as it gets. The titular character Abby will be played by Natalie Morales. She’s an ex-army staff sergeant currently living off of the money she makes running her backyard bar and trying to come up with new reasons to contradict her landlord who has declared her new business venture illegal. Joining her is Neil Flynn as Fred, Abby’s regular. As well as Jessica Chaffin as Abby’s neighbor Beth, a mom who uses the bar to get away from her crazy home life for a while. Leonard Ouzts as James, a warehouse security guard by day, Abby’s regular by night. As well as Nelson Franklin as Abby’s cautious landlord Bill. And Kimia Behpoornia as Rosie, Abby’s bar manager.

The latest on Abby’s

At first, Abby’s was just another comedy TV show hoping to get picked up by a network. But since in May NBC announced that they have ordered Abby’s to series we can be sure that this upcoming sitcom will see the light of day. Although we will have to wait until midseason to actually see the first episode of this new comedy. And until later this year or early next year to see the first trailer of Abby’s.

But while we patiently wait, keep checking back here, as this blog post will be updated when any new information regarding NBC’s Abby’s emerges.

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