NBC’s Law & Order Revival: Premiere Date, Returning Cast & More Updates

It’s probably more fact than opinion to say that the Law & Order franchise has been – and continues to be – one of the most influential in the crime and police procedural genres on television.

Suffice it to say that creator Dick Wolf has done the incredible task of growing this universe across multiple mediums and international borders.

The parent series, Law & Order itself, is one of the longest-running American scripted shows that boasts 20 seasons from 1990 to 2010 – and this record is beaten only by one of its own: the spin-off series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, which is now on its 23rd season.

However, it definitely looks like the original series is hoping to catch up!

More than a decade after Law & Order was canceled in 2010, NBC has decided to take it out of retirement, so to speak, with a 21st season series revival.

Wolf has stated that he had ‘unfinished business’ with the way the parent series ended so abruptly and without a proper wrap-up, so this series order has been a ‘dream come true’ – a sentiment that surely many Law & Order fans resonate with as well.

After a spin-off was ordered to series and then suddenly scrapped in July, the announcement for the revival officially came in September 2021.

Here’s everything we know so far about the Law & Order revival series!

Who’s in charge?

Wolf is, of course, at the helm of the revival and he’s working with writer-showrunner, Rick Eid, who Wolf has worked with on many previous occasions.

In terms of studio partners, the revival is produced by Universal Television, a division of the Universal Studio Group, and in association with Wolf Entertainment.

What’s the Law & Order revival about?

Both Wolf and the executives at NBC and the Universal Studio Group have expressed their pride and excitement at the opportunity to continue the legacy that Law & Order started.

Given that, the revival will be formatted in the same way: with the first half-hour investigating the crime and apprehending the perpetrator; the latter half covers the judicial process and prosecution by the District Attorney’s Office.

Just like its predecessor, fans can likely expect that the cases being covered in each episode are based on real-life, recent headlines – with a few of the details possibly tweaked slightly.

Who will we see?

News of casting in the revival series started coming very soon after the series was announced to be in production, starting with Jeffrey Donovan in the lead role of an NYPD detective.

Law & Order alum Anthony Anderson was tapped to reprise his role as Detective Kevin Bernard as early as October 2021 and he was confirmed to come back the following month. Fellow alum Sam Waterston, who was one of the longest members of the original’s cast, was also confirmed to reprise his role as District Attorney Jack McCoy!

Rounding out the cast are Hugh Dancy as Executive Assistant District Attorney Nathan Price, Camryn Manheim as Lieutenant Kate Dixon, and Odelya Halevi as Assistant District Attorney Samantha Maroun.

There’s a little bit of chatter about yet another alum joining the revival, but nothing has been confirmed as of writing.

The 21st season of Law & Order is set to premiere on NBC on February 24, 2022.

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