NBC’s Lopez vs. Lopez: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

There are a few great things that could ever happen in the world of Hollywood television: sequels and prequels, fans rallying to stop a show’s cancellation, modernized reboots, and more.

Amongst these are when an actor makes a comeback to the small screen after a long stretch of movies (like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon for Big Little Lies), and when a series becomes a family affair (like Eugene Levy with his kids Dan and Sarah in Schitt’s Creek!).

Luckily for us, NBC’s newest upcoming comedy series Lopez vs. Lopez has both of these things combined!

Sometime in mid-2021, the multi-camera project received a pilot commitment from the network and in October of the same year it was picked up to pilot.

The series order came several months later in May 2022, right after NBC had also picked up their only drama series for the fall premiere season, Quantum Leap.

Now, here’s everything that we know so far about the upcoming comedy, Lopez vs. Lopez!

Who’s in charge?

The sitcom comes from Bruce Helford and Debbie Wolfe, the iconic pair who are also behind the ongoing ABC sitcom, The Conners. Where Wolfe is the co-executive producer for The Conners and Helford is an executive producer and showrunner; they are now the writer and supervisor for Lopez vs. Lopez, respectively.

Helford and George had worked together before on the self-titled sitcom George Lopez back in 2002 as Helford was the co-creator. As such, it was Helford who connected the Lopezes to Wolfe, who had the idea brewing already and subsequently worked with the father-daughter pair to bring it to fruition.

The duo will also be executive producers on this new NBC comedy, alongside Michael Rotenberg and Katie Newman from the 3 Arts production banner.

George Lopez himself will executive produce, with his daughter and co-star Mayan producing as well.

Production studios include Helford’s Mohawk Productions, Travieso Productions, 3 Arts, and Mi Vida Loba, in partnership with Universal Television.

What’s Lopez vs. Lopez about?

Lopez vs. Lopez is reported to portray a fictionalized version of George and Mayan’s real-life relationship – the good and the bad.

According to NBC’s official description, the series is “A working-class family comedy about dysfunction, reconnection, and all the pain and joy in between.”

As of writing, there’s no official trailer released just yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to it!

Who will we see?

George Lopez is a famed actor and comedian and he’s coming back into a leading role in a TV series after 5 years!

Of course, between his last role in the semi-autobiographical sitcom Lopez in 2017 and now, he’s had some guest appearances, but Lopez vs. Lopez marks his first official leading role since.

Starring alongside George is of course, his own daughter, Mayan Lopez!

Rounding out the cast are Laci Mosley as Mayan’s best friend Brookie, Kiran Deol as Mayan and Brookie’s boss, veterinarian Dr. Pocha, Selenis Leyva as Mayan’s mother and George’s ex-wife, Matt Shively as Mayan’s boyfriend Quinten, and Brice Gonzalez as Mayan and Quinten’s young son Chance.

Lopez vs. Lopez will premiere on November 4th at 8 pm ET, and will air every Friday only on NBC!

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