The CW’s 4400: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

It’s always sad to see a great series come to an end, especially when it has so much potential and has gained so many fans throughout its run. When this happens, we’ve always got our fingers crossed that somewhere down the line, there will be a spin-off, a companion film, or even a reboot.

For fans of the original The 4400 series that aired between 2004 and 2007 on USA Network, well, you’re in luck!

News of a reboot for the series first came about all the way back in 2018 but when February 2019 rolled around, a decision was made to roll over the project to the next development cycle.

Two years later in February 2021, The 4400 reboot, now shortened to just 4400, was ordered straight to series with the target release date within the Fall 2021 broadcast season.

And then in July, between all the updates and casting announcements, The CW also posted a first-look teaser on the show’s official Twitter account. Captioned “the past will be present”, the tweet also announced the show’s premiere date – Monday, October 25.

What aspects are similar, and where will the reboot differ?

Here’s what we know so far about The CW’s upcoming sci-fi drama reboot, 4400.

Who’s in charge of the show?

The 4400 reboot comes from Ariana Jackson, co-executive producer of Riverdale, and Anna Fricke, who co-created the network’s recent Walker, Texas Ranger reboot as well.

Both Jackson and Fricke will be executive producers alongside Laura Terry and Sunil Nayar, with CBS Studios behind the production.

Jackson also wrote the pilot episode, which will be directed by Erica Watson.

What’s 4400 about?

As with any reboot, the potential for changing things up is huge. Even with shows aired as recently as The 4400, there’s always an opportunity to make things more relevant and relatable to the current times.

This The 4400 reboot has been described as a “reimagining” but given the recent teasers that have been released, it looks like the base premise remains the same.

In 4400, the title alludes to the number of overlooked and marginalized people who disappeared at different times over the past hundred years, and have now mysteriously reappeared.

None of them have aged a day, and no one remembers anything either. All they know is that some of them have returned with upgrades (abilities, if you will) and that there must be a reason they’ve all been brought back – and taken away in the first place.

Who are we going to see in The 4400 reboot?

Since it’s a reboot, it’s unlikely we’ll see any of the previous cast members like Mahershalla Ali or Joel Gretsch. Instead, it features a brand new set of talented actors – and we’re thrilled to see the diversity!

Amongst the 4400 who returned, the show really focuses on a handful of them (and will even explore their lives in their original eras).

Joseph David-Jones (Arrow) will play Jharrel. While industry newcomer Khailah Johnson will portray Miami party girl Ladonna who disappeared on her 21st birthday.

Next to join the cast were Brittany Adebumola (Grand Army) as Shanice, a lawyer who disappeared in 2005 only to come back and realize that her daughter is all grown up now.

Jaye Ladymore (The Chi) will star as Claudette, a preacher’s wife from the 1950s who quickly adapts to life in 2021.

And Amarr Wooten (Knight Squad) was added to the cast as Hayden, a young man who was institutionalized in the 1930s and appears to not be able to speak because of that experience.

Finally, TL Thompson (Straight White Men) joined the reboot in a series regular role as Dr. Andre, a transgender doctor from the 1920s.

Cory Jeacoma (Power Book II: Ghost) will appear as Shanice’s husband Logan whose life is rocked by the return of his wife 16 years after she went missing.

Ireon Roach (School Girls) will star as Keisha, as a parole officer who’s on the team that’s tasked with dealing with the 4400’s reappearance.

Derrick A. King (Call Your Mother) will play Rev Johnson, a man from an affluent church family who disappeared in the 1990s and, now that he’s returned, will emerge as one of the leaders of the 4400.

And rounding out the cast is another newcomer Autumn Best as Mildred, a teenager from the 1970s who’s happy that she’s left her past life behind.

Stay tuned for more updates and don’t forget to check out 4400 on The CW when it premieres on October 25th!


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