ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW renewals and cancellations [updated]

The next huge wave of cancellations and renewals has officially hit. Just last night networks like The CW, ABC, Fox and NBC announced a plethora of shows that they are renewing as well as canceling. And just in time, too, because the season finales of many of the shows in the announcement are creeping up on us. So which shows made the cut? And which got left behind? Keep on reading to find out the ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW renewals and cancellations!

ABC renewals and cancellations

First up, let’s see which ABC shows will be back for more, which are ending their run and which are still in the bubble. So ABC started their renewed show lineup with a bang, announcing that they renewed Modern Family for not one but two more seasons. Yes, that’s right Modern Family fans, the show will be going on for at least two more seasons. Additionally, ABC’s Black-ish also got a season 4 order. Meaning that the show will also be back, come fall. These ABC renewals make 5 ABC shows that have been officially renewed since Grey’s Anatomy and How to Get Away With Murder were given new season orders already in February.

Which is the fifth show that got renewed by ABC, you ask? Well, that would be Scandal of course. Although we have now learned that season seven will indeed be the last for the Kerry Washington-led drama. So enjoy Olivia Pope while you can! But one long-standing ABC show wasn’t so lucky. ABC’s sitcom Last Man Standing didn’t get renewed. So the show will conclude with six seasons. Now that we know the ABC renewals and cancellations, which shows’ faiths haven’t been decided yet? 

We still don’t know what will happen to ABC shows like SpeechlessOnce Upon a Time, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Shark TankImaginary Mary, The GoldbergsQuantico, and others. There are a couple of shows between them who most likely will get renewed. And then there are a couple that we aren’t so sure about. So we just have to wait and see what ABC decides.


It’s official, ABC has greenlit another eight shows. So you can expect Once Upon A Time, QuanticoSpeechless, Shark Tank,  Designated Survivor, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Fresh Off the Boat, American Wife and The Goldbergs to be back this fall. Shows like Time After Time, Dr. KenSecrets and LiesImaginary Mary, Notorious, ConvictionThe Catch, American Crime and The Real O’Neals, however, weren’s as lucky and got canceled by the network.

NBC renewals and cancellations

Then we also have news about the shows that NBC decided to keep and the ones that the network tossed out. For every ChiHard out there, three of your favorite One Chicago shows will definitely be back, since NBC has renewed Chicago Fire, as well as Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med. Additionally, NBC also is keeping Blindspot, as they just gave the show a third season. And these shows are only four of the eleven shows that are currently officially renewed by NBC.

No word on the fourth and newest Chicago show titled Chicago Justice, though. And shows like Law & Order: SVUThe Blacklist and others are also still in the renewal bubble. Nonetheless, we do know that NBC has opted against keeping the freshman time-traveling drama Timeless alive. Which means that now both Timeless and Emerald City are officially canceled by NBC.


NBC also didn’t spare a couple of their shows. PowerlessThe Blacklist: Redemption, Emerald City, Grimm AND Chicago Justice all have been axed by NBC. On a brighter note, NBC did officially renew The Blacklist and  Law & Order: SVU. And in a stunning turn of events, NBC also un-canceled Timeless. Which means that Timeless will indeed have a second season!

Fox renewals and cancellations

Thirdly, Fox also was among the networks that recently made their renewal and cancellation decisions known. What got picked up for more seasons and which show got tanked? Well, as of now ten of the network’s biggest shows are coming back for more. So in addition to Empire, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons and Hell’s Kitchen being renewed earlier and The Mick, Lethal Weapon, Star and Lucifer being renewed in February, another two shows have followed suit. Them being Gotham and The Last Man On Earth, who will continue to air for at least another season.

Sleepy Hollow and Rosewood, however, weren’t so lucky as these two shows got axed by Fox after airing for four and two seasons respectively. And multiple other Fox series like New Girl, 24: Legacy and Scream Queens to name a few, are still in the renewal limbo. But we do know that Fox has ordered series pickups for a medical drama titled The Resident and two comedies called LA To Vegas and Ghosted. So the network already filled Sleepy Hollow and Rosewood voids.


In addition to canceling Rosewood and Sleepy Hollow, Fox has opted not to continue Making History, Scream Queens, Son of Zorn and APB. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, however, will be back for season 5. As will New Girl, because the show was just renewed for a seventh season, which will be the series last.

The CW renewals and cancellations

Lastly, since The CW already announced a bunch of shows that they are renewing, only a couple of their shows were left in limbo. But now we know their faith as well. So, shows like iZombie and The Originals are safe for another season, since yesterday The CW did report that they have indeed renewed the two midseason airing shows. The network’s freshman show Riverdale also enjoyed renewal spotlight a few weeks ago. As did their post-apocalyptic drama The 100.

Unfortunately, the other two newbie shows Frequency and No Tomorrow weren’t as successful as Riverdale. So I am sorry to report but these two series will indeed be ending with only one season to their name. Luckily, their space won’t be left unfilled, as The CW did pick up two new shows for their upcoming 2017/2018 line-up. You can look forward to another superhero show titled Black Lighting. As well as a drama called Life Sentence starring Pretty Little Liar’s Lucy Hale premiere sometime in the fall.

So what do you think about the knows that got renewed? Did ABC, NBC, Fox and The CW make the right choice? And which shows you are the saddest to be canceled? Let me know your thoughts on these ABC, NBC, Fox, The CW renewals and cancellations!

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