Additional episodes ordered for new shows

Although it’s fun to enjoy new TV shows season after season, with new shows there also comes the fear that these shows will be canceled after only the first season. It happened last season with series like The Brave, Valor, and Deception among others. And this season it can happen to any number of new series across all networks. However, since many of these new TV series have gotten either full-season pickups or additional episode orders, you can be sure that these new shows will at least last more than just 13 episodes. So let’s look at all the new shows that have gotten more episodes. And also examine what that means for these shows.

New The CW shows

Let’s start with new The CW shows since this network was the first to announce additional episode orders for its shows.

The network’s freshman shows All American and Charmed got five additional script orders. While The Originals spin-off Legacies got three more scripts. What does this mean for the new shows?

Well, since all three shows hadn’t even premiered yet when the network handed them more episodes, it means that The CW not only is very hopeful that their latest shows will do great. But also that the network puts a lot trust into these shows, what with giving them more episodes. And hopefully, this trust will pay off, since if the ratings for the shows spay up, it can mean more episodes or even more seasons.

New NBC shows

NBC also tacked on more episodes to the first seasons of their freshman shows. More than that, the peacock network actually gave full-season orders for a few of its new shows. And additional episode orders for others.

The first drama series to get a full-season order was NBC’s New Amsterdam. While the network added three episodes to the already ordered 13 episodes of Manifest. That makes 22 episodes for New Amsterdam with a good outlook for a second season. And 16 episodes for Manifest. What does this mean for Manifest?

Despite the fact that the mystery drama didn’t get a full season order, it’s still good news. Because if the network didn’t have any plans to at least consider continuing the show past its initial season, it wouldn’t have ordered more episodes. On top of that, nowadays it is becoming more and more common to have shorter TV show seasons. So even if Manifest ends up having a 16-episode the first season, it might still go on to get a second season.

New Fox shows

Fox currently is the network that has given additional episodes to the least amount of their shows. As only The Cool Kids has received a full-season 22-episode order. But that doesn’t mean that Fox’s other freshman shows don’t have a chance to go on past their rookie seasons. After all, only Rel has premiered as of now. With The Passage launching in January and the series premiere date for Proven Innocent still to be announced.

New ABC shows

Then there is ABC which seems to really have faith in most of its new shows. Because all four new ABC shows that premiered this fall got more episodes.

The network’s comedy Single Parents and drama The Rookie snagged full-season orders. Which tacks up to a 22-episode season for Single Parents and 20-episode season for The Rookie. While the other two new alphabet network shows got additional episode orders. The second ABC comedy to premiere this season The Kids Are Alright got three additional script orders after airing only one episode. And the network also increased the season for its drama A Million Little Things by three episodes.

This means that currently, a second season for both Single Parents and The Rookie is a pretty safe bet. However, although more seasons for A Million Little Things and The Kids Are Alright isn’t guaranteed, they also aren’t a longshot anymore.

New CBS shows

Finally, CBS stands out with the fact that the eye network handed out full-season orders for four of their new series. It looks like CBS is going big with its freshman shows.

The first show to receive a full-season order from its network was FBI, which we’ll admit is kind of a no-brainer given the show’s ratings and caliber. But then CBS also gave full-season pickups to its two other dramas Magnum P.I. and God Friended Me and its comedy series The Neighborhood. And we have a suspicion that all four of these TV series will go on to have second seasons. Although nothing is guaranteed, of course.

So what do you think about new shows getting more episode or even full-season orders? And which freshman show mentioned in this article are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below! And until next one!

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