NBC’s Chicago P.D. fall finale preview

We are nearing Thanksgiving, which means that soon many of our favorite shows will have their mid-season finales, because December often is the month of hiatus for cable television shows. One of the first fall finales we will be seeing is the one for NBC’s Chicago P.D. . And since it is just 4 short days away, I thought I do a little preview of it and what we know so far.

First things first, the fall finale will air on November 16 at 9/8 central on NBC and you won’t wan’t to miss it, because it will be a two hour long event, that will feature a lot of action, a lot of drama and a lot of teamwork. The first episode, which is P.D.’s episode 7 of season 4, is called “300,000 Likes”, and the name of episode 8 is “A Shot Heard Round the World”.

We also  got the first teaser of these two back-to-back episodes, since NBC released the first promo video of the two-hour finale on the YouTube channel for the show. In it we see some intense scenes of our team chasing down leads, Voight telling his team, that there is a shooter in Chicago, who is actively targeting cops, and Sergeant Platt giving her district a speech about how, even though the shooter is targeting police, it shouldn’t be a reason for her officers to lose faith in being a police officer  and serving the city of Chicago. She says: “You serve, you protect, and you all come home tonight!” And that alone indicates that this fall finale will have you on the edge on your seat. Bring some snacks, bring some tissues and be ready for a very intense two yours next Wednesday.

As you might already tell, the plot of the two episodes is about Intelligence Unit trying to find the shooter, who is targeting cops just because of what they do and what they represent. And the descriptions for both episodes collaborate that, because they tell us, that this finale event will start with the team investigating a murder of an only witness for a young man’s rape and killing, Oliver Tuxhorn, which will lead them to uncover that someone paid to kill Oliver and the hired killer is a well-trained individual, who is now training his gun to Chicago’s police officers.

On top of that, one of the subplots for these two episodes will have to do with fan favorite Antonio Dawson and a carrier change for him. In the first part of the two-episode finale, Peter Stone, part of the State’s Attorney’s team and a character on the 4th show on Dick Wolf’s Chicago franchise Chicago Justice will offer him a spot as the lead investigator on his team. And, although we already know that Antonio will be leaving “Chicago P.D.” to star on Chicago Justice, it will still be interesting to see, how the whole thing comes about.

Lastly, the other minor story line will see Burgess and her new partner Soresen getting new body cameras and said cameras capturing a weird exchange between the officers and a man they are trying to arrest. And it is safe to say, that this plot line could be the much needed comic relief for the two episodes. So are you excited to see the Chicago P.D. fall finale or sad that season 4 of the show is halfway over?

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