Heartland Renewed for Season 14

And UPtv Announces Heartland Season 13 US Cable Premiere Date

It’s true, Heartland has been renewed for season 14 by CBC Television!

Heartland fans have long-awaited news on whether there will be another season of their favorite show or not. And finally, the time has come to find out the faith of this family drama!

And it is that Heartland will, indeed, be back for season 14! Ensuring that the show’s reign as Canada’s longest-running one-hour scripted drama will continue!

The announcement

The season 14 renewal announcement first came via a press release from CBC. And then via subsequent social media posts from the official Heartland accounts and an article on the official Heartland blog!

What do we know about Heartland season 14?

Since the announcement was just made, not much is know about the fourteenth season of Heartland. Only that it will air in Winter 2021 (of course if the current state of the world allows the cast and crew to return to set in time for this to happen).

This means that we will have to wait a little bit longer to watch the upcoming season since usually, the new season of Heartland arrives in the fall.

However, this isn’t the first time CBC has changed up the schedule. Season 12 started airing in January of 2019 as well. And it was quite nice to soak up all the warm feelings Heartland always brings to its viewers during the coldest months of the year.

When there are more announcements on the length of the season or on which cast members will be returning, we will be sure to update this article!

I hear that the writers of the show are already hard at work figuring out the storylines for the upcoming season. So, announcements on casting and that how many episodes will there be in season 14 will come closer to when the production starts up again!

But judging from the previous years, Heartland season 14 will most likely have about 10 episodes. And hopefully (fingers crossed!), all the core cast including Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Alisha Newton, Shaun Johnston, Michelle Morgan, and Chris Potter will be back for season 14!

UPtv sets Heartland season 13 US cable premiere

But that’s not all as far as Heartland announcements are concerned.

On top of Heartland getting a 14th season UPtv has also set the Heartland season 13 cable premiere date.

So, without further ado, Heartland season 13 will premiere on UPtv on Thursday, June 4th at 8/7 central. Letting all those Heartland fans in the US who have cable finally enjoy the latest Heartland season.

Of course, Heartland season 13 has already been streaming on UP Faith & Family since February 13. However, if you don’t have a subscription to the UP Faith & Family streaming service, now you will also be able to see what Amy, Ty, Jack, Lou, Tim, Georgie and the rest of the gang were up to in season 13.

What’s more, the Heartland digital series Hudson will be on after that. This means that everyone who wasn’t able to watch it on CBC Gem will be able to see all six episodes of Hudson season 1 on UPtv!

Where can you currenly watch Heartland season 13:

An oral history of Heartland

Finally, for those who want to learn more about Heartland and find out interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits from the show’s creator and executive producer Michael Weinberg, showrunner and writer Heather Conkie and actors Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Michelle Morgan, Shaun Johnston and Alisha Newton, you should absolutely read CBC’s “A world of its own’: An Oral History of Heartland as told by actors and creators”.

The first part of this article just dropped. And it will be updated every Thursday for the next little while with even more information on not only how Heartland came to be, but also on the process behind making Heartland into the show it is today. So, definitely check it out! I really loved the first part and can’t wait to read more!

That’s all for now! Let me know how excited you are for Heartland season 14 renewal, the fact that season 13 will finally be airing on UPtv and the “Oral history” of Heartland in the comments below. And stay safe!


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  1. Have watched all 13 seasons in lockdown. I love this show. Can’t wait for season 14. Please please please do not kill off Ty.

  2. i am in love with this tv show series and all of the characters. i even cried at some scene. teaching good manners to the young and giving respect the the elders.also helping house and farm works. the writers are great and all the stars who portrays their role naturally. amy, ty, lou, jack, tim, georgie, Peter, lisa, jade, katie, lyndy, luke, caleb, and geez i miss mallory, mitch, my family watch this together and we’ve learned a lot.

  3. Will it be on Netflix straight away as that’s what I watch it on but I have finished them all now and I live in the uk so I want sure if it would show in the uk straight away

    1. Sadly, it probably won’t. Typically it takes quite a few months for the new season to be added to Netflix. For Netflix US it’s about 18 to 22 months after the season finishes airing on CBC. Not sure what’s the timeframe for Netflix UK, though.

  4. I am really thrilled that CBC announced that there would be a season 14, this is my life and there is no other show like this. It is very entertaining,, love all the actors and actresses, the scenery, the beautiful horses, and the people all over the world loves this show, so please keep it going for a very long time. I have watched all the seasons ALOT, I just keep watching that is how much I enjoy this GREAT SHOW. I LOVE HEARTLAND.

  5. C’est la meilleure des nouvelles que je viens d’apprendre que la saison 14 d’Heartland va avoir lieu, suis très heureuse et excitée, c’est magnifique, et sublime de retrouver toute l’équipe d’Heartland au complet mais surtout notre petite adoré Borden. Un grand merci à CBC ainsi qu’à toutes les personnes concernées. Recevez toutes mes sincères amitiés de France

  6. Absolutely the best news all year. So excited. Can’t wait. The cast and crew are the best. I am and always will be a Heartlander for life. #iloveheartland

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