TSP monthly: new Shadowhunters trailer, Station 19, Killjoys & Wynonna Earp in production

The start of the year always got everybody feeling new and fresh. And I am no exception. Which is why I’m officially concluding the Week in Retrospect series, and announcing a brand new chapter of TV show news, TV finds and everything else that previously fell under the Week in Retrospect umbrella. Because from now on, instead of doing weekly news roundup, I will be doing a semi-regular segment called TSP monthly. TSP (short for TvShowPilot) monthly will essentially be a hybrid of Week in Retrospect and my tweets. Because on TSP monthly you will be able to find everything from the latest TV show news, to shows I am currently loving, new shows that I have discovered, what I think about specific TV series or their episodes and everything in between. So, without further ado, here is the first of hopefully many articles in the TSP monthly series.

Renewals & Cancelations

I have to start this new segment with a list of the TV shows that got renewed or canceled. Because over last few weeks there have been many shows that got greenlit for another season. And then there were a few that weren’t so lucky and got axed. Let’s start with the bad news.

For a while now we have heard of Spike TV’s rebranding endeavor. And in the middle of January, Spike TV officially became Paramount Network. However, one show suffered gravely from this rebranding. And that show was The Shannara Chronicles. Because days before officially becoming Paramount Network, Spike announced that they aren’t moving forward with The Shannara Chronicle season 3. Of course, that’s not to say that the fantasy series can’t end up finding a new home for their third season. However, based on the season 2 ratings, it’s pretty unlikely that we will see more of The Shannara Chronicle anytime soon.

Similarly, Amazon decided not to give three of their series any more seasons. Among the cut shows were Jean-Claude Van Johnson, One Mississippi and I Love Dick. Fortunately, over the past weeks, there have also been more than a few TV show renewals to combat the cancelation blues.

Firstly, Fox decided to give a second season to their new first-responder series 9-1-1. Which was good news for all the fans of the show since this was announced before the third episode of the show’s freshman season aired on Fox. A similar thing happened to Freeform’s grown-ish, which was also renewed for a sophomore season just a few episodes into the show’s 1st season. As well as Showtime’s The Chi, which earned a second season, not even a month into the show’s first season run. Among other TV series that are coming back for more seasons are Amazon’s The Tick and SyFy’ s Happy!. As well as Fuller House that was renewed by Netflix for a fourth season. And Suits, which will carry on to have an 8th season, albeit without Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams as Rachel and Mike.

TV Show Premiere Dates

Along with several renewed shows and a couple of canceled ones, this past month two networks announced the premiere dates for their upcoming as well as returning shows. Freeform divulged the return dates for their summer series The Bold Type and Famous in Love. The Bold Type season 2 begins on Tuesday, June 12. Whereas Famous in Love will begin its sophomore season with a two-episode premiere on Wednesday, April 4. Additionally, the network also announced the premieres of two of their new series. The Marvel branded comic-book endeavor Cloak & Dagger will air it’s first episode on Thursday, June 7. And Freeform’s mermaid-themed drama Siren will unleash the fury on Thursday, March 29. On top of that NBC also finally set the season 2 return date for Timeless. Which will return on Sunday, March 11.

Grey’s Anatomy Spin-off Finally Gets a Title

For the longest time, everyone talked about the untitled Grey’s Anatomy spin-off that would be. And, even after the premiere date was set and cast announced for the new firefighter drama, the show still had no name. Understandably, so, because with a show named Chicago Fire already existing on TV, coming the up with a catchy enough title for this new venture couldn’t have been an easy task. Luckily, that all changed on January 25th, when ABC finally announced the official name for this new series.

And the title of the Grey’s Anatomy firefighter spinoff is, drum roll please, Station 19. That’s right. Starting March 29, when the show premieres with a two-hour episode, Grey’s Anatomy will be lead out by Station 19 on Thursdays. Do you like the title that the ABC creatives came up with for their new firefighter show? Or would you rather it be called something different? Let me know in the comments below.

New Shadowhunters Season 3 Trailer Hits the Web

We are less than two months away from the premiere of Shadowhnters season 3 on Tuesday, March 20. So it is about time we saw a bit more of what to expect from the upcoming season. Which is why two weeks ago Freeform debuted a brand new trailer for Shadowhunters season 3, during the season 2 premiere of Beyond.

The Shadowhunters season 3 trailer delves deeper into the world of Shadowhunters. And particularly highlights Clace aka Clarie and Jace and their relationship. As well as what will become the big bad of Shadowhunters season 3 – Lilith. It got me seriously excited for the junior season of Shadowhunters! What did you think of the new Shadowhunters season 3 trailer?

iZombie Gets Season 4 Trailer

Another show that recently got a brand new trailer for their upcoming season is iZombie.

And the new trailer had all the elements that make iZombie the fun and awesome TV show that it is. Humor, zombies, the dynamic trio of Liv, Ravi, and Clive, and even Payton and Major made an appearance in the trailer. But probably the most exciting part of it was to find out that iZombie season 4 will fallow our main characters surviving in a walled-in Seattle. Meaning that things will probably get even crazier than they were in season 3. Now just let February 26th, when the first episode of the senior season of iZombie airs, come faster. Because I have some serious iZombie withdrawals happening.

Killjoys and Wynonna Earp Have Begun Production on Their New Seasons

If you are a fan of sci-fi TV shows then hopefully by now you have heard about two wonderful sci-fi shows called Killjoys and Wynonna Earp. But if you haven’t then I am here to tell you to go check out these sci-fi gems. As well as notify you that production has begun on Killjoys season 4 and Wynonna Earp season 3. Meaning, that the filming of new episodes is underway. And we can sleep peacefully knowing that the fantastic writers, cast, crew, and anybody else involved with bringing Killjoys and Wynonna Earp worlds to life are working tirelessly to deliver us new seasons once summer hits.

Unfortunately, it is still far too early to know anything definitive about the new seasons of the two shows. Or when exactly they will launch. However, by the few tidbits that the people involved with these shows have shared, the new seasons will be amazing. Don’t believe me? Just read the tweets that the creators and actors of both shows have been sending out. Exhibit A, Killjoys actor Kelly McCormack sent this just today:

And exhibit B. Wynonna Earp’s creator Emily Andras teased the shenanigans happening on Whynona Earp season 3 set in the, well, most Wynonna way possible with this tweet:

A Couple of Great Season Finales

Finally, I also wanted to mention two season finales that aired in January and that were amazing! Since I can confidently say that The Gifted has become my favorite TV show, there is no wonder I loved the series season 1 finale. However, I am quite positive that I would have liked it even if the show itself wasn’t among my favorites. Because it had everything from high stakes and big fights to a lot of edge-of-my-seat moments and an intense cliffhanger. By the end of season 1, The Gifted seemed to have really found it’s footing and rhythm. So let’s hope that that will translate into season 2 as well. And give us an even more wonderful second season.

While the second season finale I wanted to mention was that of NBC’s The Brave. The show concluded it’s freshman run just this Monday. And The Brave season 1 finale was pretty amazing if you ask me. We got a fantastic mission montage, some fun banter between the character, a killer cliffhanger that makes me hope for season 2 that much harder. As well as my personal favorite scene – Natacha Karam, who plays, Jaz, having to go undercover and speak in British English, which was funny since she actually is from London. Now let’s cross our fingers and hope that The Brave is renewed for season 2 because there needs to be a second season after a cliffhanger like that.

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