Week in retrospect: 6 shows renewed, one canceled, Showtime’s fall premiere dates and The Shannara Chronicles

This past TV week was all about renewals and premiere dates. Mixed in with one show getting canceled and one character jumping shows. On top of that, The Shannara Chronicles takes the spotlight on the Weekly TV highlight segment. This is Week in Retrospect: August 7 to 13.

TV News items

Showtime fall comedy premiere dates announced

Are you a fan of one of the comedy series that airs (or will air) on Showtime? If you are then here are some good news for you! Because the network has finally set the premiere dates for their comedies.

First up, their highly successful show Shameless will kick off their 8th season on Sunday, November 5. Right after Shameless, a new Showtime comedy titled SMILF will premiere. And weeks before that Showtime’s White Famous will begin its first season run on Sunday, October 5.

HBO renews Insecure and Ballers

The last week was huge for two HBO shows because the premium network revealed that they are renewing two of their currently airing shows. HBO decided to not only give Ballers another season, which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and which will premiere sometime in 2018. But also to renew Issa Rae-led Insecure for their third season.

Four more shows renewed by four different networks

On top of these two HBO renewals, four more networks announced that they are renewing some of their series. Which is great for us, TV lovers, because it means at least one more season for four awesome shows.

So, from the top, on Monday news broke that Oprah’s OWN channel is renewing Greenleaf for their third season. Then, on Wednesday FX announced that they are giving a second season for their show Snowfall. While the following day came with the news that Netflix had renewed their wrestling comedy GLOW. And that USA Network has decided to give Queen of the South another go, by renewing the show for season 3. How is that for show renewals?

Netflix cancels Gypsy

But one show wasn’t so lucky this past week because during the last week we learned that Netflix has decided not to move forward with their freshman show Gypsy. The 10-episode season 1 of the Naomi Watts-led show became available on the streaming service on June 30. And a month and a half later Gypsy joined other shows that were canceled by Netflix like Sense8 and Girlboss.

Law & Order: SVU meets Chicago Justice

Although NBC decided not to go forward with the third Chicago Fire spin-off show Chicago Justice, we will still be able to see one character from that show in action. How might you ask? Well, last week we learned that Philip Winchester, will, in fact, be reprising his role as Peter Stone on another Dick Wolf show. This time, not set in Chicago, but rather in New York, because Peter Stone will be helping the team from Law & Order: SVU sometime during the show’s 19th season. How I love these shared-universe shows!

Weekly TV highlight

New TV show obsession – The Shannara Chronicles

This time around I wanted to talk about another new show that I got into this last weekend. And it is called The Shannara Chronicles.

I have always loved sci-fi, fantasy type shows, so it is no wonder that I loved The Shannara Chronicles, too. This show, whose first season aired on MTV and the second season is set to arrive on Spike this fall, is based on Terry Brooks’s fantasy novels. It follows half-human, half-elf boy Wil, elf princess Amberle and a human girl Eretria as they embark on a quest to save the world.

The Shannara Chronicles

There are many things that seemed attractive to me about this show. The characters, the relationships, the story, of course. But the thing that always gets me with these types of shows the most is the world-building aspect of them. And The Shannara Chronicles have done their homework on world building, delivering their audience a stunning, complicated world to get lost in. From the history to the different species of creatures and fantastic costumes, there will be something for everyone.

So if you are a fan of fantasy TV shows, I say give The Shannara Chronicles a shot. You might need a couple of episodes to really get into it, but once you do, it will hard not to binge watch the first season of the show all at once.

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