Week in Retrospect: The Path season 3 trailer, Step Up: High Water promo and The Office reboot

Show renewals and cancellations. Possible The Office reboot. Step Up: High Water promo. The Path season 3 trailer. And Marvel’s Runaways for my Weekly TV highlight. This is Week in Retrospect: December 18 to 24.

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Van Helsing gets season 3

If you love the sci-fi genre and its action-horror show Van Helsing, then here are some good news for you. Because at the beginning of last week Syfy announced that they are renewing Van Helsing for another season. This will mark the series’ third season. Is set to be 13 episodes long and will start airing sometime next fall, with the production on it beginning already in February. Are you excited to see more of Vanessa Helsing and the gang in 2018?

One more renewal and two cancellations

In addition to SyFy renewing Van Helsing, last week it was announced that Netflix is giving another season to their supernatural thriller Dark. This is Netflix’s first original series in German. And, despite having been compared to Stranger Things, Dark season 1 was very popular among fans and critics alike.

Sadly, two other shows weren’t so lucky, because they got axed by their respective home networks. Firstly, Monday came with the news that BBC America is ending their sci-fi series Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. The show enjoyed a 2-season and 18-episode run. And secondly, later in the week, EPIX revealed that they are axing their comedy series Graves also after just two seasons on the air. Finishing with 20 episodes of entertaining comedy under their belts.

The Office revival in the works?

Speaking of renewals and cancellations, this past week was also big for many The Office fans out there, because the week began with the news that NBC might be renewing the show for another season. That’s right, there might be more of The Office. Just, you know, with a different cast and new showrunner. Which really sounds more like a reboot than a revival.

NBC is no stranger to revivals, having successfully breathed another life into Will & Grace. However, since The Office ended just in 2013, many speculate that it might be too soon to reboot this fan-favorite show. Sound off in comments below with your thoughts!

The Path season 3 trailer is here

Additionally, this last week we also finally got a glimpse at the long-awaited season 3 of Hulu’s The Path (video below).

And this The Path season 3 trailer showed us what we can expect from the series once it premieres on Wednesday, January 17. I’m talking more Mayerism, more secrets and Eddie Lane becoming the new movement’s leader. Sounds exciting? Then tune in on January 17th, when the 13-episode third season of The Path premieres.

Step Up: High Water promo and premiere date

Finally, on this Week in Retrospect, I also wanted to mention that this past week, the first official trailer for the latest Step Up installment, a TV series titled Step Up: High Water, got released (video below).

Premiering on YouTube Red on Wednesday, January 31, Step Up: High Water follows twins Tal and Janelle, who move to Atlanta and begin attending one of the best Atlanta’s performing arts schools. And when it comes to the Step Up franchise, one thing you can be sure about, there will be drama and there will be dancing. So, are you excited to see how this new format of Step Up turns out? I know I am.

Weekly TV highlight

And this week’s weekly TV highlight goes to Marvel’s Runaways, a Hulu original that captured my interest from episode one.

If you have read my blog for a while now then you know that I love all things Marvel. From their movies to all of the TV shows they are developing on various different platforms. And once I finally had some time to catch up on Marvel’s Runaways, I got hooked real fast.

The show has a pretty unique format when compared to other Marvel TV properties. Not only it is their first collaboration with Hulu. But it also tells the tale of six teenagers as opposed to adults. And Marvel definitely has done a good job venturing into the teenage superhero realm of things.

What I love the most about Marvel’s Runaways is the way it tells the story of these six teenagers and their parents. It is not straightforward. Oftentimes when watching the show it is hard to predict what is going to happen next, which is a pretty strange feeling, if I’m being honest. But it makes the show that much interesting and binge-worthy. On top of that, the show also does a great job at highlighting diversity. As well as breaking away from stereotypes and making all of their characters three-dimensional and real.

And if those aren’t reasons enough to get you to watch Marvel’s Runaways, how about the fact that the show also perfectly balances teenager drama with adult storylines and beautiful visuals? Give this series a chance. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

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