Week in Retrospect: Wayward Sisters first look, Jessica Jones & Altered Carbon premiere dates

From renewals of Shooter and Big Little Lies to the first photo of New Girl season 7, Wayward Sisters first look and Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Altered Carbon premiere date announcements.  And The Crown and my weekly TV highlight. This is Week in Retrospect: December 4 to 10.

TV News items

Big Little Lies renewed for season 2

It has long been speculated whether the HBO breakout series Big Little Lies will be getting their sophomore season. And finally this past week we got the confirmation, that, indeed, HBO has officially renewed the series for season 2. The second season, same as the first one, will consist of 7 episodes. And most of the cast is poised to return for the new season, including Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. The only actress that might be missing from the show’s sophomore season is Shailene Woodly. As it has not yet been confirmed that she is returning. However, there will be plenty of new faces in Monterey to fill the void left by Woodly’s Jane. Will you be tuning in for Big Little Lies season 2?

Shooter gets season 3

Another show that got the green light last week was Shooter. Because on Monday it was announced that USA Network is, in fact, giving the show a third season. After the shortened season 2 due to the show’s star Ryan Phillippe’s injury, the junior season of the show will be 13 episodes long. Most likely to make up for the 7-episode sophomore season, because the first season of the show consisted of 10 episodes. And the story of Shooter season 3 will revolve around a new conspiracy that will hit close to home. Sounds like the show will come back bigger and better for their third season.

First look at New Girl season 7

If you are New Girl fan then you know that the show is coming up on its seventh and last season. Because in May of this year Fox announced that the comedy series is ending with an 8-episode season 7 airing in 2018. Well, since the new year is right around the corner, we have the first look at the show’s final season courtesy of TVLine (photo below).


This first-look photo shows the happy couple Cece and Schmidt standing with their 3-year-old daughter Ruth. Which is possible, because the last New Girl season won’t pick up right where season 6 ended. Rather there will be a 4-year time jump and we will meet our characters a bit older and possibly (but not probably) wiser. Schmidt, for example, will be a stay-at-home dad, while Cece will be jetting around the world for her modeling career. It sounds like this fare-well season of New Girl will be very interesting albite bittersweet.Will you be tuning in?

Game of Thrones to air its final season only in 2019

HBO’s Game of Thrones might be one of the most popular and talked-about shows in the world. And for good reason. It is just that great. However, unfortunately for all GoT fans out there, who were expecting to see the show’s final season to start airing sometime next year, we will have to wait until 2019 to see it.

That’s right, Game of Thrones season 8 will air only in 2019. It was hinted at by HBO boss Casey Bloys and now confirmed by one of the show’s stars Sophie Turner. But, although we will have to wait more than a year for the final installment of GoT, you know that it will be good. Because people behind the show have long hinted that HBO is pulling all the stops when it comes to Game of Thrones season 8. Are you sad that you will have to wait so long? Or maybe you are happy that they are taking their time to get the final season of the show right? Sound off in the comments below!

Jessica Jones season 2 premiere date announced

We also finally have a date for the long-awaited Jessica Jones season 2! On Saturday Netflix dropped a date announcement clip (video below), revealing that the sophomore season of  Marvel’s Jessica Jones will be debuting on Thursday, March 8. But that’s not all that the video unveiled, because, in true Jessica Jones-fashion, we got more than we bargained for. 

The Jessica Jones season 2 announcement clip also gave us a pretty decent glimpse at the action that will take place during the second season of the show. Meaning it showed Jessica kicking down doors, drinking and generally being bad-ass. After seeing this clip, March 8 can’t come fast enough, am I right?

Supernatural backdoor pilot Wayward Sisters first look

Over the years Supernatural truly has become a phenomenon of a show. Brought back by their fans. And keeping people interested with all their imaginative storylines. So it is no wonder that the show is possibly getting a spin-off. That’s right. Supernatural is getting a sister show called Wayward Sisters.

Okay, it has not been officially announced yet that Wayward Sisters will become a full-blown series. But if the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot episode goes over well, I’d imagine The CW will be jumping at the chance to get another successful show out of their Supernatural franchise. And from the first photos of the backdoor pilot (article title photo and gallery here), which will take place during the January 18 Supernatural episode (Supernatural season 13 episode 10), I’d say there is a good chance that in the future there is actually a show titled Wayward Sisters. What do you think about Wayward Sisters first look? And would you watch the show if it does get greenlit?

Netflix announces release dater for Altered Carbon

The final piece of TV news I wanted to mention in this Week in Retrospect, is the trailer and release date announcement for Netflix’s new sci-fi show Altered Carbon (video below).

The date announcement trailer shows us what the new drama is all about. It takes place in a dystopian world where a company called PsychASec has discovered how to transfer human consciousness from one body into another, making death an inconvenience rather than the end. However, as we soon find out, too many consciousness transfers can have dire consequences. To me as a fan of sci-fi shows, this one not only caught my attention but also really intrigued me. So it is great that we only have to wait until Friday, February 2 to see Altered Carbon and what this show is all about. I will definitely be spending that weekend binging this show. Will you?

Weekly TV highlight

Lastly, my this week’s TV highlight is all about The Crown. The award-winning and critically acclaimed series has been on my radar for quite some time. And how can it not be, it is brilliantly shot, has amazing actors in it and the team behind it and it depicts the life of one of the most famous women in the world Queen Elizabeth II. And over the past week, I finally binged the show’s first season.

I won’t lie if I say that The Crown got me hooked a few minutes into the first episode. Because it is told in such a fashion that, even not knowing the history behind it, you can follow along, feel for the characters and educate yourself a little in the process. And I am so glad that season 2 of The Crown was just released as well (on Friday, December 8). Because it means that I get to spend another 10 episode with these characters before I have to wait for new episodes again.

So, even if you are not a fan of historical dramas or don’t care for royalty, I’d say you should still give The Crown a chance. Because at its core it examines the relationship between humans and how people adapt to different situations. And does it beautifully, both when it comes to the storytelling and the visuals. Meaning, that if you like stories about humans and their struggles, The Crown is just for you.

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