Week in retrospect: Supergirl, Once, Shadowhunters, The Originals and Hawaii Five-0 scoop

This past week San Diego Comic-Con happened, which resulted in new trailers, casting news and scoop on the newest seasons of all of our favorite shows. From new Supergirl and Once Upon a Time trailers. To show renewals, cancellations, and new actors. And to learning about Sarah Hyland playing the Seelie Queen on Shadowhunters. Top it all off with important TV moments from Private Eyes, Killjoys, and Wynonna Earp, and you get Week in Retrospect: July 17 to 23.

TV News items

New Supergirl season 3 trailer is out

This past week San Diego Comic-Con happened. Which means a ton of news and footage from many of our favorite comic book, fantasy, and sci-fi related shows. And that includes Supergirl. The biggest takeaway from the Supergirl Comic-Con panel was the first season 3 trailer for the show, which sets the tone for what we can expect from the show’s junior season.

The Supergirl season 3 trailer (video below) features shots from the previous season, mixed with some new ones from season 2. Along with a voice-over from Supergirl herself, which suggests that at least at the beginning of season 3 the girl of steel will be giving up her human alter ego Kara Danvers and will just be Supergirl. Who else got excited for Supergirl season 3?

New Once Upon a Time season 7 trailer and new character identities revealed

Once Upon a Time also was among the shows that showed off at SDCC. And they did not disappoint! We not only got a trailer for Once Upon a Time season 7 (video below) and a part of the season 6 Gag Reel but we also finally know what characters all the new actresses will play. And even got a glimpse of how Hook, Regina, and Rumple will look like in season 7.

So, we already knew that Dania Ramirez will play a new version of Cinderella. But now we know that the other new series regular Gabrielle Anwar will play Lady Tremaine aka Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother. Additionally, Adelaide Kane will play Cinderella’s spoiled stepsister Drizella. That leaves Rose Reynolds and Mekia Cox. But don’t worry, we know their characters, too. Reynolds will play a different version of Alice in Wonderland, while Mekia Cox will take on the role of Tiana from The Princess and the Frog.

How about that? The Once Upon a Time season 7, which kicks off on Friday, October 6, is shaping up to be truly interesting.

Wynonna Earp gets season 3

The third piece of news from the San Diego Comic-Con that I have to report is something very exciting. And that is the fact that SyFy renewed Wynonna Earp for another season. And the fact that the show’s second season has barely aired half of its 12 episodes 2 only proves how much the network believes in this show and its fans.

The Originals to end after season 5

Now onto a bit sadder news. This past week The Originals creator and showrunner Julie Plec announced that season 5 will, in fact, be the last season for the show.

In a heartfelt Twitter message (picture below) Plec invited fans of the show to help them celebrate the series because The Originals season five will be the show’s final season. Additionally, she shared, that although it is sad that the show is ending, she is glad that she has the privilege of knowing that the show is ending and therefore make this fifth season a true love letter to the show and its characters. Which is true, because now we know to expect an explosive yet bittersweet season 5.

Sarah Hyland playing the Seelie Queen on Shadowhunters

A few weeks back the new broke that Sarah Hyland will play a mystery role on Freeform’s Shadowhunters. And it was speculated that the part is the Seelie Queen. However, a bit later we got to see a Shadowhunters episode with the Seelie Queen that was not Hyland. Which pretty much crushed the rumors.

But during the Shadowhunters SDCC panel, it was revealed that the rumors were true after all, and Sarah will, in fact, portray an older version of the Seelie Queen on Shadowhunters season 2 episodes 19 and 20 (which airs on August 7 and 14). And we even got to see a clip of the newest version of the Seelie Queen, accent and all (video below). What do you think? Did the news of Sarah Hyland playing the Seelie Queen on Shadowhunters shock you? And do you like Sarah Hyland’s portrayal of the Seelie Queen?

New series regulars for Hawaii Five-0 season 8 announced

To end of this Week in Retrospect, I wanted to tell you about the announcement Hawaii Five-0 made this week. After the show took a hit from the departures of two original cast members Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park, who played Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua respectively, it looks like they are dusting themselves off and marching on to make a great season 8. Because this last week we learned that the show has added three actors to their series regulars’ roster.

Ian Anthony Dale is taking up a bigger role on the show. Which will be exciting to see since he is playing the newly departed Kono’s husband Adam Noshimuri. And then two new actors will be joining the Five-0 task force. Meaghan Rath will be playing Tani Rey, a lifeguard, who got kicked out of the Police Academy. While Beulah Koale will portray Junior Reigns, ex Navy SEAL, who is looking to join the Five-0 team. Hawaii Five-0 season 8 is truly shaping up to be an interesting one.

Important TV moments

Private Eyes season 2 summer finale

One of the highlights this week definitely was Private Eyes summer finale. Not only did it have many funny moments and some regular Shade and Angie bickering. It also gave us a glimpse as to where the second half of season 2 might lead.

We saw Jules get ready to head to Italy, Matt finally introducing Mel to Jules and Mazhari and Zoe get their flirt on. But probably the most important moment was when we saw Angie seemingly realizing her feelings for Shade. Only to be shut down by seeing him introducing Mel to Jules. So when the second half of the season picks up again, I bet we will be seeing some consequences of that. Hopefully, the show won’t take too long of a hiatus and give us season 2B soon!

Pree’s past comes to life on Killjoys

Then I can’t forget to mention this past week’s Killjoys episode among important TV moments since on it we finally learned more about our favorite bar owner. On top of that, we got some bad-ass fights, some unapologetic man to man smooching and a fight between Dutch and John that revealed their true feelings and thoughts. It seems like the Killjoys story is finally coming together, so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Killjoys season 3

Wynonna searches for her baby daddy on Wynonna Earp

And the third important TV moment for this week is seeing Wynonna realize that the father of her child might be a revenant. You read that right! Earp junior might be part human part demon. But no matter what he is, on this Wynonna Earp episode, we also saw Wynonna committing to raising her child, and doing it right. Which, I think, was a huge step for Wynonna that will allow her to really embrace her pregnancy and own it.

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