Week in retrospect: new cast members, Will & Grace promo, Private Eyes

This past week’s TV news gave us new cast members for Once Upon a Time and Supergirl. As well as revealed the new promo for Will & Grace revival and saw the start of filming new seasons for many of our favorite shows. While in important TV moments we discussed Wynonna Earp, Killjoys and Private Eyes season 2 episode 7. This is Week in Retrospect: July 3 to 9.

TV News items

Shows start filming their new seasons

Probably one of the most exciting things about this last week was the fact that many of our favorite shows started principal photography. Which means that these shows have started filming episodes for their new seasons. And it also means pictures from the cast and crew documenting this exciting time. From The CW’s Arrow, Flash, Legends, and Supergirl. To CBS’s Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver. And to multiple ABC and NBC shows like Once Upon A Time and Chicago Fire. We saw it all and TVLine has documented it all in a gallery.

Once Upon A Time casts five new characters

Previous weeks were scarce on information about Once Upon a Time season 7. But this last week changed all that because it was revealed that the show has cast five new actresses to play characters on the show’s seventh season.

These actresses are Gabrielle Anwar and Dania Ramirez, who have signed up for series regulars’ posts. As well as Adelaide Kane, Mekia Cox, and Rose Reynolds, who will be on the show on a recurring role capacity. And, although we don’t yet know what characters these actresses will be playing, this is enough to give us a glimpse as to how the seemingly female-heavy seventh season of Once will look like.

New Will & Grace promo

The Will & Grace revival launches on September 28. And, since only a little over two months are left to this date, the promos for the show are starting to air all over different media. Which means that this last week we got a new 40-second promo for the show.

In this new Will & Grace promo (video below) we see each of the main four characters showcased with their unique personalities shining through. And at the end of this TV spot we also see all the characters together, just being their fun selves. Who else is excited for Will & Grace?

Supergirl season 3 recasts the role for Kara’s Kryptonian mother

Supergirl has seen multiple changes for their season 3 lineup, and another one was announced this past week. Due to other work commitments actress Laura Benanti won’t be able to represent her role as Alura Zor-El, Kara’s biological mother in season 3. So the show decided to cast a new actress for this spot. And the role went to Erica Durance. Who interestingly enough has been related to Superman universe before, what with playing Lois Lane on Smallville.

This news means that on the junior season of Supergirl we might be seeing more of Kara’s real mother. Because I doubt that they would bother recasting the role if Alura’s role in season 3 wasn’t really important.

Important TV moments

Wynonna Earp pregnant?

Probably the biggest and the most shocking TV moment this past week happened of Wynonna Earp. Why? Because it was revealed that Wynonna is pregnant. That’s right, the gun-wielding bad-ass is going to be a mom. This is a HUGE deal because it helps to show that women aren’t helpless when they are pregnant. They can still do all the same things that they did before they became pregnant and more.

I have to admit, at first I didn’t quite know how to feel about this twist of events. But, after reading the interview with the show’s star Melanie Scrofano, I am convinced, that this is the best that has happened to SyFy TV shows as of late.

Team Awesome Force back together

Second big TV moment goes to another Friday-night SyFy show because the second episode of Killjoys season 3 finally gave us Team Awesome Force back together and better than ever. The episode in itself was very interesting and exciting. We met more hackmods and explored their world even more. We met new RAC nerds and saw them being tested by Dutch and D’av. Also, we met the newest member of Team Awesome Force – Zeph.

But the best thing about the episode was that at the end of it John returned to Lucy and reunited with his brother and Dutch. Which hopefully means that the upcoming eight episodes of Killjoys season 3 will be spent in the company of Dutch, D’avin, and Johnny.

More on Angie’s past revealed on Private Eyes

Finally, I also wanted to mention Private Eyes in this week’s Important TV moments. I just recently started watching this show, but I quickly fell in love with it. Which, of course, meant binge watching the first season, catching up on the second, and now patiently waiting for new Private Eyes episodes to come out week after week.

And on Private Eyes season 2 episode 7 we learned a bit more about Angie’s past. Read, we met her ex-fiancé Ken Graham and saw Shade exhibit signs of jealousy. However, same could be said for Angie, who seemed a bit bothered about Shade dating Melanie Parker. The sexual tension between Angie and Shade has been there since day one, but it looks like the show isn’t about to go there. At least not yet, which I really appreciate. There is time for Shade and Angie to begin dating, but that time hasn’t come yet.

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