Week in retrospect: Chicago Justice canceled, character exits, new characters and finale recaps

After the craziness that was the last few weeks in the TV news realm, this past week was a lot calmer. But there still were some news items worth sharing. Most of which, unfortunately, weren’t that happy, like that Chicago Justice canceled after only one season and that we will see much less of two characters come fall TV season. But I balanced the sadness out with exciting TV moments that happened the previous week. So, sad news or not, here is Week in Retrospect: May 22 to 28.

TV News items

Chicago Justice canceled by NBC

Monday started with sad news for all ChiHards, because we learned, that NBC had decided not to continue the latest Chicago Fire spin-off, Chicago Justice. The show premiered mid-season, and, although it was part of the One Chicago universe and was loved by the fans, NBC didn’t quite share this sentiment. So come next season there again will only be 3 Chicago shows, because NBC Canceled Chicago Justice.

Sophia Bush not coming back for Chicago P.D. season 5

And then a couple of days later, we also heard the news that Sophia Bush, who played Erin Lindsay on Chicago P.D. and was one of the most beloved characters of the whole Chicago franchise, won’t be returning as series regular come Chicago P.D. season 5. No word yet from the actress herself. Or if she will be coming back for an episode or two to wrap up Lindsay’s story. However, after the Chicago P.D. season 4 finale, this move makes sense, because it beautifully set up Lindsay’s and therefore also Sophia Bush’s exit.

Floriana Lima won’t be a series regular on Supergirl season 3

But the sad news didn’t stop there. Friday came with news that we won’t be seeing Maggie Sawyer as often as we did on Supergirl season 2, since Floriana Lima, the actress who plays Maggie, stepped down from the series regular role and will only be recurring in a few episodes of Supergirl season 3. We don’t know what this means for Sanvers, because on Supergirl season 2 finale Alex asked Maggie to marry her. But I am hoping that this romance will still be going strong all through season 3 of Supergirl.

Supergirl season 2

Supergirl looking to cast villain for season 3

One character out, another in. After Supergirl finale news started to trickle in that the show is looking to cast new big bad for next season. One, that will be present in a lot of episodes come Supergirl season 3. What’s the new villain’s name? Reign, of course. And for those who do not know, in Supergirl comics Reign is a Worldkiller aka genetically modified alien who was created by Kara’s father. And since she has similar abilities to Kryptonians, Reign could be another worthy foe to Supergirl.

Important TV moments

Supergirl season 2 finale

One of the biggest TV moments of this past week was, of course, the Supergirl season 2 finale. It had everything from more than one bad-ass fights, to emotional hellos’ and goodbyes’. And it all was topped off with a cliffhanger, which nicely set up the next season of the show and gave us a glimpse of who the big bad of Supergirl season 3 will be. Want to read more of what I thought of Supergirl season 2 finale? Read my Supergirl season 2 episode 22 recap.

Madam Secretary season 3 finale

Additionally, this last week we also saw the finale episode of CBS’s Madam Secretary. And although in many ways the second-to-last episode of the show felt like the season finale, the actual Madam Secretary season 3 finale was a nice change from the usually extremely dramatical episodes that are season finales. That isn’t to say that there wasn’t any drama, though. Let’s be honest, it still was a Madam Secretary episode. But it felt like the show was taking it’s time to set up Madam Secretary season 4. Which I liked very much. More on the Madam Secretary season 3 finale in my Madam Secretary season 3 episode 23 recap.

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Troian Bellisario’directsted Pretty Little Liars episode airs

Although we have known that one of the main Liars, Troian Bellisario, directed one of the remaining 10 PLL episodes (episode 15) for quite some time now, it wasn’t until this past week, that we actually got to see what her directorial debut turned into. The episode was titled “In the Eye Abides the Heart”. And it not only gave us a much darker Aria, but we also found out that the baby Allison is carrying is indeed Emily’s and that Detective Marco Furey is onto Spencer and the rest of her friends. And if you thought that previous Pretty Little Liars episodes were tense, think again. There are only 5 left in the season, so you can count on a lot of big twists and turns before the show ends.

Jason Dohring enters iZombie universe

And last but not least, we got to see a new character enter the iZombie universe this past week. A lot of things were happening on iZombie season 3 episode 8. But the highlight of this episode definitely was to see Jason Dohring show up. As none other than Chase Graves, Fillmore Graves leader’s brother-in-law after Vivian Stoll was blown up while flying away in her helicopter. Was I the only one having major Veronica Mars but not really flashbacks? I think not! And I am excited to see what Jason Dohring brings to the show.

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