Week in Retrospect: The Good Place gets season 3, MST3K renewed, Titans cast announced

Because of Thanksgiving last week was a bit light on TV news. Nevertheless, we compiled a list of the most important news items from this past week. The Good Place gets season 3, Netflix renews MST3K, more Fox premiere dates, full cast announcement for DC’s Titans and Madam Secretary as my TV highlight. This is Week in Retrospect: November 20 to 26.

TV news items

The Good Place gets season 3

One of the biggest news of this past week was that NBC has renewed The Good Place for another season. That’s right, the Kristen Bell-led comedy series The Good Place gets season 3. The junior season of the show will consist of 13 episodes. Which is pair with the show’s past two 13-episode seasons. So it looks like we will get to spend at least another year with Eleanor, Janet, Michael and the rest of the gang.

Netflix renews Mystery Science Theater 3000

Another revival this last week came from Netflix. On last Friday the streaming service announced that they are giving their sci-fi comedy Mystery Science Theater 3000, which already is a reboot of the original show which premiered in 1988, another season. MST3K truly is a cult show among its viewers, so it is no wonder that Netflix is giving the show another season. It will be the second season for the reboot and 12th season if you count the seasons that aired from 1988 to 1999.

Fox announces premiere dates for their freshman shows

We already wrote about a few Fox premiere dates on last week’s Week in Retrospect. And this week there are more. Because over the last week the network released the premiere dates for two of their highly-anticipated freshman shows. First up, Fox’s new airline comedy LA to Vegas will air on Tuesdays, with the series premiere being on Tuesday, January 2. While Fox’s other newbie show The Resident will air on Mondays. However, the kicker with this show is that The Resident will premiere on Sunday, January 21, right after the NFC’s Championship game. Ain’t that an interesting pair – football and a medical drama.

The yet-unnamed DC streaming service announces full cast for Titans

Lastly, this past week we also got some exciting superhero-related news. There have been talks about both the yet-unnamed DC streaming service and their new series Titans for quite some time now. And casting news for Titans slowly trickled in over the past several weeks. But last week was the week when we finally got the full-cast announcement from DC. And it looks like Titans is shaping up to be the superhero team-up show we’ve all been waiting for.

So, right off the bat, since the show will zero in on Dick Grayson aka Batman’s Robin and his efforts of assembling his own crimefighting team, the role of Robin will be played by Brenton Thwaites. He will be joined by Minka Kelly and Alan Ritchson, each playing a half of Dove and Hawk. Also joining the team will be Anna Diop in the role of Starfire, Lindsey Gort playing Detective Amy Rohrbach, Teagan Croft portraying Raven as well as Ryan Potter as Beast Boy. Sounds like a pretty great lineup if you ask me. Can’t wait to actually see some footage from this. If it’s done by DC, it probably will be really good!

Weekly TV highlight

And this week’s TV highlight has to go to Madam Secretary. If you have been following my blog for a while now, then you know. Last season I did Madam Secretary episode recaps. But, just because I am not doing them this season, doesn’t mean that I don’t still love the show. On the contrary actually. I think Madam Secretary is getting better and better even as the seasons go on.

I have been absolutely loving the Madam Secretary’s fourth season. Mainly because they are doing some great things with the show this season. Firstly, they brought in Sara Ramirez, who plays bad-ass policy advisor Kat Sandoval. And her character adds a really nice, unexpected flavor to the show and the core team. Secondly, although it was sad to see Bebe Neuwirth exit the show, Jay’s promotion to Elizabeth’s chief of staff is also proving to be an extremely smart and entertaining change. The new conspiracy that is shaping up over the last few episodes is also pretty exciting. And, of course, the Stevie – Alex aka Dmitri pairing, which I totally predicted in my Madam Secretary season 3 finale recap, by the way, is also starting to shape into a beautiful, fun, totally ship-worthy relationship. So if you are not caught up on Madam Secretary season 4 yet, I recommend you do that right now! It’s amazing!

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