Week in retrospect: The Bold Type renewed, Marvel’s Runaways promo & Shadowhunters season 3 first look

This past week we got it all. Good news and bad news. Renewals and cancellations. Unexpected teasers and much-anticipated promos. So from The Bold Type being renewed to Shadowhunters season 3 first look and The Gifted as my weekly TV highlight. This is Week in Retrospect: October 2 to 8.

TV News items

Freeform renews The Bold Type for two seasons

One of the best TV news to come last week was Freeform’s announcement that they are renewing their freshman show The Bold Type. And not just giving the summer series one additional season, but two. Meaning that the show is set to be on air for at least two more years and 20 episodes, since The Bold Type season 2 and 3 will contain 10 episodes each, same as the first season. So are you excited to see more of Jane, Kat, and Sutton? I sure am!

Major Crimes set to end with season 6

However, unfortunately, this past week we also got a couple of pieces of bad news. First off, we learned that the sixth season of Major Crimes will, indeed, be the shows last. On the bright side, though, at least we will get to see a 13-episode curtain-call season (premiering on Tuesday, October 31) before the show ends, which will hopefully leave us satisfied and not yearning for more.

Pauley Perrette leaving NCIS after season 15

While the other bad news is regarding probably one of the most beloved characters in TV history. Because on Wednesday the news broke that Abby Sciuto herself Pauley Perrette won’t be coming back for NCIS season 16.

However, as sad as it will be to not see Abby back in her lab if NCIS will continue on with season 16, it is great to know that beforehand. Mainly because it not only gives us as fans time to prepare for it. But it also gives the show’s writers time to plan a proper goodbye to the character who has been with the show from the very start. And I have a feeling that the send-off episode will be truly emotional for all involved.

Hulu releases Marvel’s Runaways teaser trailer

On last week’s Week in Retrospect, we already showed you the first glance of Marvel’s Runaways via the photos that were released. Well, now we have a video teaser as well (video below).

In this teaser trailer, we get to see a bit more of the characters that will be appearing on our screens come November 21. And we also get to see some of the action that will sure to go down, since it is a Marvel show after all.

But the best part of the trailer was to see all the main characters assemble and explore the mystery organization that their parents are a part of. I have to admit before I wasn’t that keen on the idea of yet another Marvel show. Starring teenagers no less. Yet, with each new glimpse of Marvel’s Runaways, my thoughts are slowly changing. Will you be watching on November 21st?

Shadowhunters season 3 first look is here

And last but not least, thanks to a little event called New York Comic Con, we also already have a Shadowhunters season 3 first look (video below). In which we get a taste of what’s to come in the junior season of this Freeform’s hit show. Romance, bad-as fights and a new big bad.

But that wasn’t all that the Shadowhunters season 3 first look revealed. It also announced a definite date when the third season of the show will premiere. And that date is Tuesday, April 3. Which, unfortunately, is a little over six months away. But from the teaser trailer and the news that came out of NYCC, you definitely won’t want to miss the Shadowhunters season 3 premiere.

Weekly TV highlight

Marvel’s The Gifted series premiere

As for my Weekly TV highlight, it, hands down, has to be the series premiere of The Gifted. This show was my most anticipated new show. And luckily, the first episode did not disappoint. The opposite actually.

It only made me even more excited to explore this X-Man universe more. And see where these complex and interesting characters will go. Because everyone from the Struckers to the mutants and the Sentinel Services agents seemed motivated by their own agendas. Which means that over the course of what I predict will be action-packed 10 episodes we will see those agendas come to light and play out in ways that we can’t even imagine. And I will be definitely be glued to my TV screen each Monday night that The Gifted is on to see it all.

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