Week in Retrospect: 9-1-1 first trailer, The Fosters season 5B firs look and Mr. Robot

This past week there were once again show renewals and cancellations. We not only got a first look at The Fosters season 5B, bu also saw the debut of 9-1-1 first trailer.  And for weekly TV highlight, that honor goes to Mr. Robot season 3 episode 3. This is Week in Retrospect: October 23 to 29.

TV News items

Three networks, three renewals

This past week was a very good week for three different shows that got given another season. Firstly, CBS All Access decided to renew Star Trek: Discovery for a second season. Which really is no surprise given the positive response towards the freshman series from both fans and critics. Also, last Monday Ray Donovan got green-lit for season 6. The sixth season of the Showtime series will consist of 12 episodes. However, the most surprising part of this renewal is the fact that the sixth season of Ray Donovan will be set not in Los Angeles, but in New York. How’s that for a change.

And last but not least, this past week AMC decided to renew their supernatural drama Preacher. Which is great news to all Preacher fans, because after the season 2 finale, there just had to be another season of this show!

CBS cancels Zoo

Yet, one show wasn’t as lucky as the three series mentioned above. Because last Monday also came with the news that CBS had decided to ax their summer drama Zoo. The show, which premiered in 2015, enjoyed a three-season and 39 episode run. Which, given the fact that it was a summer show of a large network, is pretty good.

Fox debuts 9-1-1 first trailer

In January Fox is bringing us a brand new first responder drama 9-1-1. And thanks to World Series, the 9-1-1 first trailer is finally here (video below).

The 9-1-1 first trailer definitely gives us a taste of what to expect from this new Fox show. And that is as much comedy as drama. Because it looks like Fox is determined to bring us a drama about first responders that not only shows us the lives-on-the-line type of situations they deal with on everyday basis. But also the lighter side of the job, with crazy cases and funny characters. I have to say, I am definitely looking forward to this show, because from what can I tell from the 9-1-1 first trailer, it’s going to be a great series.

The Fosters season 5B first look and return date

Finally, this past week we also were treated to a first-look photo of The Fosters season 5B (image below). As well as learned the return date of the second half of The Fosters season 5.

So it looks like The Fosters will be back on Tuesday, January 9, because that is the date Freeform has set for The Fosters season 5B return. As for the first-look picture of the second half of the season, it shows Callie and AJ hold up in the church where they took refuge in the season 5A finale trying to save Ximena from ICE agents. How will this situation resolve? I guess we will just have to tune in on January 9 and find out!

Weekly TV highlight

Mr. Robot explains it all

Being a fan of the show, I can’t forget to give my appreciation to Mr. Robot and the explanation that episode 303 provided. If you know the show then you know that often times we don’t quite know what is happening, until we have enough information to put two and two together. And Mr. Robot season 3 episode 3 was the perfect and timely thing to help us understand the show better. As well as inform us of what has happened so we can understand all the events that will happen moving forward.

Side note: How about that Trump jab and stipulation that he is just a puppet? It was pretty perfect and perfectly timed if you ask me!

I have to admit, that at first, it was weird that they decided to make the third episode of this season one big flashback to season 2. But by the end of it, I not only understood why the did that, I also was very appreciative of them to have made that move. Now, once episode 4, 5 and the rest of season 3 rolls around, we will finally have some insight into what happened in that missing time period. And will be able to enjoy Mr. Robot season 3 with knowing eyes.

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