Week in Retrospect: One Chicago crossover, Von Struckers on The Gifted & The Orville renewal

From the renewal of the first freshman fall show and a few cancellations. To the first glimpse at Reign’s superhero suit on Supergirl, One Chicago crossover news, and Von Struckers on The Gifted. As well as Dynasty as my weekly TV highlight. This is Week in Retrospect: October 30 to November 5.

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Weekly renewals and cancellations

This past week was more fruitful in the cancellations department than the renewal one since three shows got axed. However, there was one lucky show that will get to continue for another season. And that show is Fox’s freshman series The Orville. The Orville is the first new show to officially get renewed. Which means that in the upcoming weeks we should see more and more renewal and cancellation decisions made regarding the freshman series that aired this fall.

Sadly, last week we also learned that Netflix’s House of Cards will end with the show’s sixth season. At least we will still have season six of House of Cards to properly say goodbye to the show and accept that it’s ending. USA’s Playing House had a similar faith because on Monday the show’s stars announced the cancellation via a Twitter video. And finally, a bit later in the week we learned that VH1 is axing their dramedy Daytime Divas after just one season.

First look at Reign’s new suit

On the last week’s Supergirl episode we saw the mystery of Samantha Arias’s true persona Reign finally start to unravel. Filled with scary creatures and weird symbol’s on Sam’s skin. So it was only fitting that The CW decided to finally give us the first look at Reign’s superhero or rather villain suit (picture below).

And the  Supergirl season 3 big bad’s costume doesn’t disappoint. It’s dark and it’s edgy. Yet the lines of the suit somewhat resemble’s Supergirl’s red, blue and gold getup.  Which makes it all the more awesome, since it means that Reign will be a powerful foe to Supergirl and in many ways Supergirl’s equal. Can’t wait to see the costume in action!

One Chicago crossover in the works

It’s always a great day to hear about a potential One Chicago crossover. Because, although characters from the three Chicago shows (Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med) find their way into other shows often, a true crossover is a joy to watch. And fortunately for us, there is a One Chicago crossover in the works. 

This past week the news broke that Chicago P.D. will celebrate the show’s 100th episode with an epic two-episode crossover with Chicago Fire. And if in the past the crossovers have always started with a Chicago Fire episode. Then for this One Chicago crossover the tables will be turner, because the two-part event will actually start with Chicago P.D.’s 100th episode and will resolve on Chicago Fire’s episode the next day. However, we will have to wait until early March of next year to actually see this One Chicago crossover play out on our screens.

Von Struckers set to arrive on The Gifted

Ever since the first episode of Fox’s The Gifted aired, there has been many questions about the last name of the Strucker family. Yet, since the synopsis of episode 8 (titled “threat of eXtinction”) was released this past week, we don’t have to question the choice of that last name no more. Mainly because in that synopsis it was revealed that Reed Strucker will learn a huge family secret. And since among the guest cast there are names like Paul Cooper and Caitlin Mehner and their character names are Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker, you can only  imagine what Reed will come to learn about the origins of his family. Sounds like the November 20th episode is sure to be a treat for all us Marvel fans out there.

Weekly TV highlight

And last but not least, I have to note Dynasty as my Weekly TV highlight for this Week in Retrospect.

Although Dynasty is a new show and only four episodes have aired, it has already managed to capture my attention. Of course, it is not Emmy-worthy television. However, that doesn’t make the show less fun and less entertaining. It features bad-ass female characters who aren’t afraid to go after what they want. Family drama that is so over-the-top that it’s addicting to watch. As well as an extremely glamorous look. All the things you need to make a great guilty-pleasure TV show that will get your mind off of your everyday struggles. 

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