Week in retrospect: CBS fall dates, casting updates and Killjoys season 3 news

During the previous week, we found out a wide range of different TV-related news. We learned when our favorite CBS shows are coming back and when the network’s new shows are airing. We got a bit of casting news since Supergirl cast their season 3 villain. Then we learned that one show was canceled and another was delayed. And finally, we got some Killjoys season 3 news. Whereas in important TV moments we had Pretty Little Liars and iZombie. This is Week in Retrospect: May 29 to June 4.

TV News items

CBS announces their fall premiere dates

Probably the biggest piece of news that happened the previous week was that CBS announced the premiere dated for all of their fall shows. The broadcast network will kick off their fall lineup on Monday, September 25 when two new shows (Young Sheldon and Me, Myself & I) will premiere and three old show will air the first episodes of their new seasons (The Big Bang Theory, Scorpion, and Kevin Can Wait). Tuesdays, same as the previous season, will be NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans and Bull days.

Then on Wednesday, September 27, we will see the debut of CBS’s new show Seal Team, as well as the first episode of Criminal Minds season 13. The following Friday, September 29, MacGyver will begin its season 2 run, followed by the premiere of Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods new seasons. And on Sunday, October 1 NCIS: Los Angeles will launch their ninth season. Madam Secretary fans will have to wait until the next Sunday, October 8 to see the first episode of season 4. And lastly, the fourth new CBS show S.W.A.T. will debut on Thursday, November 2.

Supergirl season 3 villain has been cast

On the last Week in Retrospect, we already reported, that Supergirl is looking to cast their season 3 villain. And this past week we got the news, that they have already found the actress, who will play Reign because Odette Annable has been cast as the iconic DC villain. She will join Supergirl season 3 in series regular capacity, so we can expect to see Reign pop up in more than just a couple of Supergirl episodes.

Sense8 canceled by Netflix

This past week we also learned that Netflix has decided not to continue their sci-fi drama Sense8. The season 2 of the show was released on Netflix on May 5. And despite it ending on a huge cliffhanger, even that didn’t warrant a renewal for the show. I guess Sense8 fans will just have to get their fix by watching the first two seasons of the show over and over again.

UnREAL season 3 postponed until 2018

Just yesterday we also learned that the third season of UnREAL, Lifetime’s drama which depicts the filming of a Bachelor-esque dating show, will air only in 2018. Recently the show has had a few major shakeups, one of then being that the show got a whole new showrunner. But, nevertheless, UnREAL will rise above these hardships and premiere their new season, just not this year.

Killjoys season 3 news tidbits

Last but definitely not least, this past week we also learned a few more things about the upcoming Killjoys season 3. Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta told Space that this season we will get a much freer Dutch. Dutch without daddy issues, since Khlyen died in the season 2 finale. As Lovretta put it: “this season she gets to be pure Dutch”.

Killjoys season 2

For those who are afraid that our trio won’t be a trio on Killjoys season 3, have no fear, because on season 3 Team Awesome-force is back together again. Moreover, for the first time, they will have a very clear enemy, Aneela. So our team will be very much working together to take her down. Speaking of Aneela, Hannah John-Kamen, who plays Dutch and Aneela, revealed that, yes, we will finally see “the introduction of the character Aneela”.

As for the men of the show, we know that at least for first episode John will be off doing his own thing. While D’avin will be all about discovering his magical, eyeball-exploding powers on Killjoys season 3. And lastly, Alvis too will have a bigger role on the junior season of the show. The actor who plays Alvis Morgan Kelly told Space, that on season 3 we will be delving even deeper into the Scarback history and mythology. As well as that Alvis will actually be taking action on the upcoming season and fighting alongside our main trio.

Important TV moments

Aria goes dark on Pretty Little Liars

Since Pretty Little Liars is swiftly nearing the end of the show’s run, we got some seriously intense episode this past week. On Pretty Little Liars season 7 episode 16 not only Spencer had to suffer an interrogation, but we also saw a very dark Aria working for A.D. in hopes to find out who he or she is. Meanwhile, Emily and Ali were slowly becoming a family and preparing to raise Emily’s child. And Hannah finally confronted Lucas.

As we move into the last four episodes of the show, I have a feeling that anything can happen. So expect the unexpected, because PLL definitely will go out with a bang.

Dungeons and Dragons and iZombie

As for iZombie, this week’s episode once again solidified the fact that Rose McIver is not only perfect for her role but also a brilliant actress. On iZombie season 3 episode 9 Liv ate the brain of a dungeon master aka a giant nerd whose life revolves around playing Dungeons and Dragons. Which is why we got a Liv who was narrating everything and showing off her dungeon master skills during a game with Ravi, Major, Payton, and Clive.

On top of that Ravi infiltrated the zombie-hating group. We got to see more of Chase Graves. And Blaine was toying with Ravi’s enhanced brain recipe, which led to some not so good consequences. It seems that everyone’s lives on iZombie are getting more complicated by the second. So the last four episodes of this 13-episode iZombie season 3 will no doubt be crazy. In the best way possible, of course.

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