CW’s superhero crossover teaser is here

Everyone, who watches at least one of the superhero shows on The CW has probably heard about the epic crossover event that will be happening between the shows Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow as well as Legends of Tomorrow. And now we the first teaser for this four-way crossover.

In this sneak-peak of the crossover, which is dubbed “Heroes Vs. Aliens”, we see Berry Allen or The Flash, since he is in costume, introduce Supergirl with the rest of the gang. And Supergirl in her friendly and perky fashion geeks out over the other heroes. On top of that we also see glimpses of action scenes and all the heroes using their powers to defeat who ever they are up against, which, might I add, looks amazing and is only a testimony of how amazing this four night event will be.

The four-show crossover will start at the very end of Supergirl episode 208 on Monday, November 28, then will continue all through The Flash episode 308 on Tuesday, November 29, Arrow episode 508 on Wednesday, November 30 and will conclude on Legends of Tomorrow episode 207 on December 1.

If you are wondering how can this crossover even happen, because Supergirl takes place in completely different universe, than the rest of the CW superhero shows, then don’t fret, it will all make sense. Marc Guggenheim, who is the executive producer for both Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow, explained to Deadline, that, since last season The Flash came to visit Supergirl in her universe by accident, what’s to say that that cannot happen again this time around. And this is only confirmed by the episode description that is up on the IMDB page for “The Flash”, which says that Berry will be going to Earth-3, where he will meet villains, who he won’t be able to defeat without Supergirl’s help.

Speaking of villains, we also know who the villains will be in this epic crossover event. Drum roll, please, it’s the Dominators. For those who aren’t familiar with DC comics, the Dominators are alien invaders, and they will be that in this four-way crossover, too. No wonder the other CW superheros need Supergirl’s help, since she is, after all, an alien herself.

So how will the crossover unfold? We saw a glimpse of that in the interview Greg Berlanti aka the creator of The CW’s comic book universe did with IndieWire, where he said, that the story will really begin in with The Flash and only will be hinted at on Supergirl.  And then the plot will be expanded on all through Arrow, which will be this show’s monumental 100th episode, and then this little mini-series will end on Legends of Tomorrow. So who’s exited to see all of our favorite CW heroes together not only fighting side by side, but also interacting with each other? I know I definitely am!

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