Fox’s Alert: Premiere Date, Cast & More Updates

Fox has added a new character-driven, procedural drama series to its plate this 2022-2023 winter season!

Alert has been in the works with the network since early this year and just this November 2022, Fox finally revealed that the series would be premiering on January 08, 2023, at 8 pm ET, but would then debut in its regular time slot on Monday, January 09, 2023, at 9 pm ET.

Since its beginnings, Alert was already garnering attention and was expected to receive a straight-to-series order – which it did eventually receive in May 2022.

This was followed by major casting announcements and its first official promotion dropping on Halloween.

With that, here’s everything you need to know about Fox’s newest drama, Alert!

Who’s in charge?

John Eisendrath, who is the showrunner of NBC’s The Blacklist, signed a new deal with Sony Pictures Television under which he was given the green light to work on Alert with Fox Entertainment.

He is the showrunner, writer, and executive producer of Alert, alongside Jamie Foxx and his producing partner Datari Turner, Adam Kane, Michael Offer, and J.R. Orci.

What’s Alert about?

Alert will focus on the Philadelphia Police Department’s Missing Persons Unit, otherwise known as the MPU.

While each episode has its own standalone narrative surrounding a case of a missing person and the unit’s investigation and search to save their life, there is also an overarching storyline that runs through the entire season.

Nikki Batista joined the MPU to help others search for their loved ones so they wouldn’t experience what she did when her own son went missing.

Now, she and her ex-husband Jason Grant have uncovered evidence that sets them down the path to find the truth about their lost son.

Who will we see?

The first major casting announcement came in August with the lead role of Nikki Batista (then still named Nikki Parker). Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids) will play the role of the “salt-of-the-earth woman”, who carries her deep empathy with her into each case she handles as the head of the MPU.

Soon after, it was announced that Scott Caan (Hawaii Five-0) would play opposite Ramirez as her ex-husband Jason Grant (then still named Devon Zoellner). Caan’s character comes into the picture when Ramirez’s Nikki asks for his help on a case.

Just in October, more series regulars were announced!

Adeola Role (Blue Bloods) will be playing Kemi, a knowledgeable shaman who has a talent for deciphering visual clues and is proficient in many languages, Ryan Broussard (Only Murders in the Building) will play Mike, Nikki’s fellow MPU investigator, and her lover, while and Graham Verchere (Stargirl) will play Keith, Nikki and Jason’s lost son.

We will also see Petey Gibson, Fivel Stewart, and Bre Blair in recurring roles throughout the series.

Gibson plays C, the ‘sweet, timid’ head of the MPU’s forensic imaging unit, Blair will play Jason’s lover June, and Stewart will play Sidney, Nikki and Jason’s daughter who is described as confident, well-adjusted, smart, and full of life.

Make sure you catch the premiere of Fox’s Alert on January 08, 2023!

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