The 15 Best Korean Vampire Dramas

As immortal as they are in nature, so is the genre of vampire stories.

We’ve had films and series about these bloodsucking creatures and their adventures, and misadventures for as long as we’ve had moving pictures.

Whether they’re slaying, or being slayed (who hasn’t seen a Buffy takedown by now), vampires are mystical masters of suspense and inspire romance, horror, and intrigue simply by being.

In a world where a sunburn is fatal, and garlic bread is more dangerous than arsenic, audiences can’t help but be sucked into all the vampy chicanery.

We decided to dig deeper and look at the burgeoning genre of K-dramas to see how they’ve been inspired to take a bite out of this popular genre.

Sit back and sink your fangs into these terrifying but tempting tales.

HeartBeat, KBS2/Prime Video (2023)

The newest series on this list is the newly-released Korean drama HeartBeat.

This fantasy romcom follows Seon Woo-hyul, an immortal half-human and half-vampire who sets out to sleep in a coffin for 100 years in order to become fully human again.

But he gets awakened from his slumber one day short of his goal by a coldblooded woman named Joo In-hae.

So, now the two have to learn to co-exist. And, despite their differences and the obstacles put in their way, they fall in love and start to bring warmth back into each other’s lives.

Blood, KBS (2015)

When we picture a vampire in a hospital, we immediately think of a sneaky hooded figure lurking near the blood bank for their next meal.

But what happens when the man in charge of your health, also straddles the line of the undead and is actually a vampire!?

In Blood, we meet a young doctor with a dark secret.

Though he may be a leading figure in hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery, he is also a vampire – and he struggled to hide it.

Cold and unfeeling, he tries to fit in and do his best, and he actually believes in the sanctity of human life, despite his vampiric urges.

The show feels like Grey’s Anatomy with a supernatural twist and we find ourselves genuinely rooting for this bloodthirsty protagonist.

Vampire Prosecutor, OCN (2011 – 2012)

vampire korean shows

It seems that vampires can’t stay away from jobs where humanity is at stake and in Vampire Prosecutor we follow the story of Min Tae-yeon, who following an attack, finds he has become a vampire with extraordinary abilities.

With his new senses, super strength, and ability to heal, he sets out to take on the criminals he had always wanted to take down as a prosecutor.

Soon he is drawn into a world of supernatural crimes that unveils darker secrets, and even an answer to his recent transformation.

At the same time, he is also at odds with his new vampire nature and tries to maintain as much of his humanity as possible.

A perfect blend of gritty TV detective show and fantasy horror, the show offers a unique look at life as a vampire in the justice system.

Vampire Prosecutor 2, OCN (2012)

A follow-up to the hugely popular first season of the show, Vampire Prosecutor 2 is a stand-alone successor that follows Min Tae-yeon and his team as they take their investigations into the undead and supernatural world even deeper.

This time is he joined by new allies, investigator Hwang Soon-bum and forensic specialist Choi Dong-man who help him untangle even more of the preternatural web he is caught in.

Whether dealing with fellow vampires or even battling demons, werewolves, and ghosts, our team of investigators are on the case.

We also learn more about our beloved undead prosecutor as he continues to adjust to his new life.

The Vampire Detective, OCN (2016)

k dramas about vampires

Yoon San is an everyday private detective when he is suddenly turned into a vampire following an unfortunate accident.

Now armed with supernatural abilities, he sets out to find out why he finds himself walking with the undead.

After confiding in his colleagues Goo-Hyung and Yong-Goo, they team up to start a detective agency that specializes in more… unusual cases.

Of course, being a vampire isn’t all superstrength and immortality, it also comes with a dark side and equally darker temptations.

As Yoon San tries to keep his bloodlust at bay, he works hard to maintain his humanity and find a way back to himself.

The Scholar Who Walks The Night, Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (2015)

korean dramas with vampires

Based on the manhwa of the same name written by Jo Joo-hee, The Scholar Who Walks The Night takes place in an alternative timeline during the Joseon dynasty.

Here we are introduced to Jo Yang-sun, a daughter of a very wealthy family who finds her world crashing when her father is accused of treason.

In order to survive, she poses as a male bookseller where she meets the titular scholar, Kim Sung-yeol – a 120-year-old guardian vampire with the special ability to walk in the sun due to his magical black robe.

His quest as a guardian is to deal with vampires who disobey the rules of the night, and he submerges himself in this job in order to avoid the pain of his long-lost love.

However, after meeting Jo Yang-sun, he decides to pay the young woman a handsome sum of money to track down a rare book that could help him find the vampire behind the death of his family and partner.

He also agrees to keep her identity as a girl a secret and entrusts her with these tasks despite the sexism of the time.

Together the two of them set out to navigate an ever-increasing political conspiracy and a burgeoning romance that could heal both of them of their respective pain.

A deeply moving show with a wonderfully supernatural setting.

Vampire Flower, Naver TV Cast (2014)

korean vampire love story

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges of being a vampire is always looking younger than your soul can testify to.

Meet Louis, a vampire who looks like a teenager despite being centuries old.

When he meets and falls in love with Seo Young, a fellow teenager with a secret; her blood holds extraordinary abilities and secrets.

Together the two of them set out on a dangerous mission to retrieve the titular vampire flower – a journey that sees them traversing the world of vampires and rivalries that exist within.

Will they succeed? Will his guardians and friends support or betray them?

The show consists of 6 short episodes that are easily digested.

The Sweet Blood, Naver TV Cast (2021)

korean vampire drama list

If you’re going to live forever, you need to be able to evolve with the times in order to keep under the radar and survive – and in The Sweet Blood, we meet a very sophisticated vampire family who no longer hunts their prey in dark alleys.

Instead, they drink a special wine made from the donated blood – and in exchange, the Vatican has agreed to leave vampires to their own devices, provided they no longer kill humans – doing so is an instant death sentence.

Of course, when something as lucrative and intriguing as blood wine is at stake, there will be power struggles, and vampires shift their focus to creating the most exclusive vintages of the sweet nectar of life using the blood of nobles and great men.

At the core of all this drama, we are introduced to YeonSeo, a half-human, and half-vampire, who finds herself struggling to control her predatory nature when a fellow student at her school arrives with blood so sweet it draws in vampires from all over.

Will she give into her instincts and break the law, risking death for a taste of The Sweet Blood, or will her human side win and help her protect her new friend?

Orange Marmalade, KBS2 (2015)

Based on the webtoon of the same name, this fantasy extravaganza introduces us to a world where vampires and humans have found a way to co-exist.

As vampires have evolved beyond their need for blood, they finally step out of the coffin and try to live a normal life among humans.

This is often met with a lot of backlash as many humans still do not understand or accept vampires.

This is where we are introduced to Baek Ma-ri, a vampire in hiding following one too many rejections from her neighbors.

All she wants is a quiet life, and as she moves into a new city, she hopes to remain a wallflower. However, all of that is about to go out the window, as she finds herself deeply drawn to the most popular boy in school following an accidental kiss on his neck.

Will he accept her for who she is? Will she tell him the truth and what secrets from their past might stand in the way of their romance?

Kissable Lips, KBS2 (2022)

In this incredibly unique take on the vampire romance genre, we follow a vampire who has chosen to become human again.

In this world, a vampire may revert back to his humanity by drinking the blood of a pure-blood human – which is surprisingly rare.

Having spent 500 years indulging in all that vampirism provides, Kim Jun Ho has grown tired of his existence and now seeks extinction through a natural death.

This sets him on his impossible quest, and just as he is about to give up, he comes across Choi Min Hyun who is of pureblood.

As the two get to know each other, they share an attraction, which may prove deadly when ancient vengeful lovers enter the relationship.

Now that he finally has a chance to return to the human world, will he actually bite or will his loyalty to his vampire allies keep him in the dark for more centuries?

Bite Sisters, KBS2 (2021)

Viral fame can happen to anyone at any time, and not even an 821-year-old vampire is immune to the siren call of the internet.

When she finds herself becoming an unexpected and trendsetting online influencer, immortal vampire Han Yi Na sets out to use the power of over 1 million followers to do good in the world and help those in need.

Along with two other vampires, she and her Bite Sisters manage their new-found fame, their boutique, and their strong sense of justice.

The show also provides us with plenty of backstories as we learn more about these enigmatic ladies and their loves over the centuries.

Will fame change them and will their success force the Bite Sisters out of hiding? Can they continue living as normal humans when one of them is famous?

Immortal Goddess, Naver TV Cast (2016)

This web show takes a more lighthearted look at vampires as we follow four characters and their lives, some vampires and some not.

Yoo-Ri is a powerful vampire with a special talent – she has the antibodies for Acquired Immune Deficit Disorder, whereas her sister does not. They are joined by a struggling but broke film director and superstar Soo Jeong.

We soon discover that vampires in this world can age through a terrible disease, and that only Yoo-Ri’s magical blood can cure.

It is worth the journey to see the plots laid out as various characters scheme to get ahead, get better and survive.

Freeze, CGV (2006)

Many centuries ago, Baek Joong-won saves the vampire Ehwa from being burned at the stake, and during their hurried escape, he is fatally injured, inspiring her to give him the gift of immortality.

Now, 350 years later, we meet him running a wine bar with Ehwa, living an opulent and luxurious life.

However, Joong-won no longer has access to his emotions and is cold and closed off, while Ehwa still holds out hope for him.

This changes when a past lover of his asks him to look after her daughter Ji-Woo, who assumes he is the son of her mother’s past treasured lover.

As the two spend time together, his frozen heart begins to thaw, and a romance buds between them, much to the disappointment of Ehwa.

Hello, Franceska, MBC (2005)

In a more satirical vein, things take a comedic turn with Hello, Franceska.

The last remaining vampires are spread across the world by their leaders and ordered to assimilate and bide their time until vampires can rise to full power again.

One group headed for Tokyo boards the wrong ship and finds themselves in Korea, and upon their arrival they accidentally create a new vampire – Doo-il, a very unlucky salesman.

In exchange for his humanity (when their leader finds them), the vampire family convinces Doo-il that they need to live with him, and thus a very wacky family sitcom is born.

Imagine the Adams family with vampires trying to fit into a world they know nothing about, all while waiting for the day they can break free of the shackles that modern human life has placed on them.

What 1,800-year-old vampire wants to cosplay as a teenager forever!?

Vampire Idol, MBN (2011 – 2012)

Finally, we take a look at Vampire Idol, an out-of-this-world sitcom about interplanetary vampirism.

When a young Vampire Prince decides to visit Earth to see his favorite Idol contestant perform, he unexpectedly gets stranded on Earth with his three servants.

With nothing else to do, while he waits for his rescue, he decides to enter the competition himself and becomes a pop icon, or rather a Vampire Idol.

However, he is in for a harsh reality check, when he realizes that everything that made him irresistible and royal on his home Vampire Planet, counts against him now!

Here on Earth, he is nothing short of ordinary, despite his extraterrestrial vampire origins.

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