Heartland season 10 DVD is out now

The wait is over, Heartland fans, because the Heartland season 10 DVD is finally out and you can order it on Amazon right now! So, check it out! And use it to catch up on Heartland season 10 before Heartland season 11 premiers this Sunday, September 24.

Heartland season 10 DVD features

So what features does the Heartland season 10 DVD includes that will make it worth buying? Well the season 10 DVD of Canada’s longest-running family drama will have all 18 full-length episodes of the 10th season of Heartland. No commercials, no ads, just Heartland!

Heartland season 10 DVDQuick Heartland season 10 recap

Heartland season 10 was the season of change for our Heartland characters. Amy and Ty were expecting their first child. Lou was starting up new business ventures and trying her hand at dating Mitch after her split with Peter. Georgie’s life revolved around first relationship, first break-up and trick riding. Meanwhile, Jack was inducted into the Foothills Cowboy Hall of Fame and dealt with the usual ruckus of ranch life. And Tim was playing Amy’s pregnancy coach and trying to build up his Rodeo school and his relationship with Casey.

On top of all that, Mallory was back for two episodes and got married to Jake by the end of her two-episode arc. Cass and Caleb got married as well. Ty went to Mongolia to save Gobi bears with Bob. And, of course, in the Heartland season 10 finale, we saw Amy give birth to her and Ty’s baby girl. The season was full with unexpected twists and decisions, horses and life milestones.

But above all, it was all about family. Because family is the core of Heartland, the heart of it. And as long as the Heartland family sticks together, they can face even the most uncertain of situations. Like raising a newborn, dealing with hard relationships, new professional challenges and family. Which we will, no doubt, see once Heartland season 11 arrives.

And, just in case you didn’t already see the Heartland season 11 promo trailer, here it is (video below). Watch it and get ready for what’s to come on the 11th season of the CBC show!

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