13 TV Shows Set in Wyoming

Welcome to the fascinating world of TV shows featuring Wyoming’s breathtaking scenery.

Nestled in the heart of the American West, The Equality State is the perfect place for those who love sports and the outdoors; with many national and state parks, you’ll never run out of places for rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and even skiing!

The vast and varied landscapes of Wyoming are used as more than just a backdrop; they take on a life of their own and influence the stories that are told there.

These TV series set in Wyoming offer a distinctive blend of drama, adventure, and authenticity through the state’s diverse landscapes, like rough mountains, sweeping plains, close-knit communities, and untamed wilderness.

These shows invite viewers to discover Wyoming’s untamed spirit like never before, whether it be through the difficulties faced by contemporary ranchers, the mysteries that emerge in outlying communities, or the wild antics of those seeking solace in nature.

Longmire, A&E/Netflix (2012 – 2017)

Longmire is a compelling Western drama set in Wyoming’s picturesque scenery.

The eponymous Sheriff Walt Longmire is central to the series as he struggles to uphold the law in the harsh rural environment.

Longmire battles personal tragedies while taking on a variety of challenging criminal cases involving current problems in contemporary Native American life in an effort to keep the peace.

He dives into the depths of the human psyche to unravel mysteries and serve the community with justice, always backed by his devoted deputies and using his own unconventional methods.

Henry Standing Bear, a long-time friend, is especially useful because he assists and offers guidance when interacting with tribal police.

Outer Range, Amazon Prime Video (2022 – present)

Outer Range delves into the captivating Wyoming setting, where rancher Royal Abbott leads a quiet life amidst vast landscapes.

But as strange things start to happen, beginning with the appearance of a black void in his pasture, his world is turned upside down, and he gets sucked into a web of mysteries. Royal is adamant about defending his family and his ranch as the strange happenings get worse.

He starts a quest to find the reason behind these bizarre occurrences while grappling with his own past and recent revelations, and he begins with the strange drifter named Autumn.

Royal must follow a complicated path that tests his fortitude and compels him to face his worst fears as he tries to hold onto his way of life in the face of hardship with each new revelation.

Joe Pickett, Spectrum Originals/Paramount+ (2021 – present)

The next show follows the title character, a dedicated game warden named Joe Pickett, and vividly captures Wyoming’s rugged charm.

Joe finds himself caught up in a number of challenging and frequently dangerous circumstances against the breathtaking backdrop of the state’s wilderness surrounding Yellowstone National Park.

He fights to uphold the law while preserving the natural beauty he values while contending with poachers, environmental risks, and unforeseen difficulties. Joe’s personal and professional lives intersect as he manages his responsibilities, giving his persona additional depth.

Joe Pickett shows the balance between his obligations and the wild world around him, along with his unwavering determination and strong sense of justice.

Hell on Wheels, AMC (2011 – 2016)

Western drama Hell on Wheels chronicles the construction of the first transcontinental railroad and takes place in the vast Wyoming landscape.

The series focuses on the turbulent lives of the people involved in this enormous undertaking, from the former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, who is in charge of it, to the wide range of laborers, settlers, and opportunists drawn to the construction site.

Personal grudges, aspirations, and the battle for survival come together amidst the harsh hardships of the frontier, particularly as Cullen rises in the ranks of the railroad project.

However, he never loses sight of his original goal: to chase down the Union soldiers responsible for the murder of his wife and son.

The Last of Us, HBO (2023 – present)

The harrowing journey of Joel and Ellie is depicted in The Last of Us, a series set in a post-apocalyptic Wyoming (based on the video game of the same name).

Ellie, a young girl with immunity to a deadly virus, must be escorted across the perilous and desolate landscape by Joel, a tough survivor with a traumatic past.

The brutal realities of this new world, where survival frequently necessitates moral compromises, are revealed in their quest to locate a group of rebels known as the Fireflies.

They face constant danger from both the infected and the desperate survivors as their bond grows, which forces them to rely on one another and negotiate the treacherous terrain of Wyoming in order to reach safety.

Johnson County War, Netflix (2002)

In the miniseries Johnson County War, a conflict breaks out between wealthy cattle barons and poor settlers in 19th-century Wyoming and the audience is thrust into the historical turbulence of the time period.

As the settlers, including a group known as the Invaders, seek retribution for perceived wrongs, the tension increases.

A hired posse led by a ruthless enforcer is sent out to stop the uprising, but this just sets off a violent and bloody confrontation.

In the midst of this confusion, moral distinctions become hazy, and individual loyalties are put to the test.

The Virginian, NBC (1962 – 1971)

The Virginian was loosely based on Owen Wister’s Western novel The Virginian: Horseman of the Plains and ran for 9 seasons.

The series chronicles life in the Wild West, particularly at the Shiloh Ranch in Wyoming, and follows the titular character, the ranch’s foreman, as he negotiates the difficulties of ranching, love, and justice.

The Virginian struggles with outlaws, disputes, and the difficulties of frontier life alongside his devoted friend Trampas and a diverse group of cowhands.

The characters’ individual stories and moral quandaries play out against the backdrop of Wyoming’s untamed beauty, creating a timeless story of honor, conflict, and camaraderie on the American frontier.

Lawman, ABC (1958 – 1962)

Like The Virginian, ABC’s Lawman takes us back to the Old West!

The series immerses viewers in the rugged terrain of Wyoming, where Marshall Dan Troop is tasked with maintaining law and order in the rough and often unruly town of Laramie.

Troop, along with his steadfast deputy Johnny McKay, solves a variety of law enforcement problems, from catching outlaws to settling disputes between townspeople.

While navigating the ever-present tension of the West, the show vividly and succinctly depicts frontier justice alongside the state’s untamed landscapes and colorful Western characters.

Laramie, NBC (1959 – 1963)

Laramie is a classic Western series set in the rugged landscapes of 1870s Wyoming.

Slim and Jess Sherman, owners of the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station, are at the center of the show, and their lives are a dynamic fusion of ranching responsibilities and the turbulent events in the thriving frontier town of Laramie.

They frequently get caught up in local disputes and run-ins with outlaws as they navigate the difficulties of the Old West.

The series offers a rich tapestry of daily struggles, complicated relationships, and the sense of community that ties them together.

Cheyenne, ABC (1955 – 1962)

The events of Cheyenne take place in the beautiful and turbulent landscapes of 1870s Wyoming.

As he roams the landscape after the American Civil War, Cheyenne Bodie, a cowboy with a shadowy past, consistently becomes involved in the difficulties and complexities of the Old West.

He runs into a wide range of characters, including lawmen and outlaws, and frequently ends up saving those who are in trouble.

As he travels the frontier, Cheyenne is drawn into a variety of conflicts, whether it be resolving disagreements in frontier towns, supporting ranchers, or dealing with ruthless foes.

Alias Smith and Jones, ABC (1971 – 1973)

Viewers are transported to the late 1800s and to the vast and untamed landscapes of Wyoming by the classic Western series Alias Smith and Jones.

Hannibal Heyes (also known as Joshua Smith) and Kid Curry (also known as Thaddeus Jones) are two charming outlaws who attempt to change their criminal ways, and this comes in the form of amnesty from the governor – but this doesn’t come for free, of course!

With a burning desire for amnesty and a chance at a lawful life, they set out on a journey filled with escapades, close calls, and encounters with fellow outlaws, lawmen, and a variety of characters.

My Friend Flicka, CBS (1956)

My Friend Flicka chronicles young Ken McLaughlin’s unbreakable bond with a wild horse named Flicka amid the captivating scenery of a Wyoming ranch.

The show follows Ken’s journey as he grows up with Flicka and faces the difficulties of ranch life.

He is determined to tame and train Flicka despite the obstacles and his father’s opposition.

The spirited horse and the people in his life, including his parents and the ranch hands, teach Ken important lessons as he grows up, including the value in learning from your mistakes.

The Monroes, ABC (1966 – 1967)

The Monroe family, who are thrown into Wyoming’s wild wilderness after the death of their patriarch, is at the core of The Monroes.

The family, under the able leadership of Clay Monroe, encounters many difficulties as they attempt to adjust to the rigors of life on the frontier.

From the stoic father figure to the spirited children, every member of the family brings their particular strengths and weaknesses to the forefront.

Alongside a good Native American friend, the Monroes must negotiate the dangers of the wilderness, run-ins with Native American tribes, and the difficulties of forging alliances with other settlers as they travel through the breathtaking landscapes of Wyoming.

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