Heartland Season 13 Premiere Date Announced

It looks like we are getting the new season of Heartland earlier this year. Because CBC just announced the premiere dates for their returning shows and has set the Heartland season 13 premiere date for this fall. Want to know when exactly will the latest season of the show premiere? Then keep on reading!

What is the official Heartland season 13 premiere date?

It’s official folks, Heartland season 13 will premiere on Sunday, September 22 at 7 pm on the CBC. The announcement came via an Instagram post from the CBC Television Instagram account. In which CBC announced not only the premiere date for the 13th season of Heartland but the official launch dates for other shows as well.

From this post, we learned that Heartland will be back entertaining us on Sunday nights at 7 pm starting September 22. As well as that Annie with and E will return for its third season right after the Heartland season 13 premiere, on September 22 at 8 pm. And that Murdoch Mysteries and Frankie Drake Mysteries will be back for their 13th and 3rd seasons respectively on Monday, September 16. While This Hour Has 22 Minutes season 26, TallBoyz season 1 and Baroness von Sketch Show season 4 will all debut on Tuesday, September 17 at 8:30, 9 and 9:30 pm respectively.

What we know about Heartland season 13

Now that we know that the Heartland season 13 release date is Sunday, September 22, 2019 which was announced on July 15, 2019 via an announcement on Instagram, we can look at what other tidbits are known about the upcoming season.

First things first, the length of the season. We do know that the thirteenth season of Heartland will consist of 10 episodes. And that these episodes will air on Sunday nights at 7 pm. But, although it’s hard to say if those will be ten consecutive Sundays or not, we can still look forward to spending the fall and winter seasons with the latest Heartland season airing on our TV screens.

Additionally, from the production updates and photos shared by the show’s official social media accounts, we can deduce that all our favorite characters will be back for the upcoming season. That includes Amy, Ty and their daughter Lyndy. As well as Grandpa Jack and Tim, Lisa, Georgie, Katie, Lou, Peter, and Mitch. And even Jade, Caleb, Wyatt, and Amy and Ty’s foster son Luke will be appearing in Heartland season 13. Since the actors playing these roles have all shot scenes on the set for Heartland season 13. But not only that, we will also be seeing new faces visiting the Heartland ranch.

New faces, locations & more

Such actors as Jordan Burtchett, Shea Johnston, Carol Huska, Shawn Roberts, Ryan Northcott, Chantal Perron, and Joel Keller are set to appear in the 13th season of Heartland as guest stars. And although their roles haven’t been revealed yet, we definitely look forward to meeting the characters that all of these actors will be playing on Heartland season thirteen!

We also have a few locations that we can expect to see in the new season of Heartland. Besides the usual suspects such as the Heartland ranch house and barn, you can also anticipate seeing Lou’s Dude Ranch and quite a bit of the land that Jack gave to Amy and Ty. And even an arena that will host a never-before-seen-on-Heartland rodeo competition.

And last but not least, plenty of horses will appear in the 13th season of Heartland. Starting with Amy’s horse Spartan, Georgie’s jumper Phoenix, and Luke’s horse Boots. As well as other horses such as Buddy and Champ, newcomers Sarge and Ringo and many more.

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So, are you excited to learn the Heartland season 13 premiere date? And that we won’t have to wait until January to see the newest season of the show like it was with season 12? Comment your thoughts below. And let the countdown to September 22 and Heartland season 13 episode 1 begin!


  1. I love Heartland, it’s my fave show. I love the cast and the beauty of Canada on Heartland. So happy that CBS is picking the show up. I love the music when the music first starts, it’s so calming. Thank you.
    We need this type of entertainment in our homes. Looking forward to many more Seasons.

  2. My husband & I have watched Heartland over & over sooo many times. We can’t wait for each new season to start, but it seems as you are just getting wrapped up in it again the season is done again leaving us wondering what’s next if any. We cant wait for each new season, we are hooked & would be lost without our favorite show. Thre are ery few good family shows on tv. This is the best.

  3. I actually found a portion of Season 13 of Heartland on Prime Video. only had episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Netflix only goes thru Season 10

    1. Season 13 is currently airing on UP Faith & Family with new episodes coming out weekly. That’s probably there currently are only 4 episodes on Amazon. As more come out on UP Faith & Family, more should be available on Amazon.

    1. Not sure when season 13 will air on UPtv, but it’s currently already airing on UP’s streaming service UP Faith & Family.

  4. Live in Canada having seen new esposide since Jan on CBC here in Canada. When is it coming back on.

    1. There are no news on season 14 yet but fingers crossed that CBC renews Heartland for many seasons to come!

  5. We just watched the first episode of Heartland season 13. Where is the rest of season 13? Has anyone seen other episodes of 13?
    We LOVE THIS SHOW! Best show on television.
    Thank you!

    1. If you’re watching it on UP Faith & Family then new episodes of season 13 will be coming out weekly.

  6. Does anyone know when season 13 of Heartland will be available on Netflix in Australia

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