Heartland Has Been Renewed for Season 18

The beloved CBC series Heartland has captured the hearts of audiences around the world with its heartwarming stories and breathtaking scenery.

The show’s longevity and popularity have made it a staple of Canadian television, and fans have been patiently waiting for any news about season 18.

Well, I’m thrilled to share that the show has, indeed, been renewed for an 18th season.

Here’s everything we know about the renewal announcement and the upcoming season in general!

The renewal announcement

The announcement that Heartland has been greenlit for season 18 was made in a special way that reflects the show’s deep connection with its audience and the stunning landscapes that serve as its backdrop.

The news was delivered by none other than the show’s star, Amber Marshall, who plays the lead character, Amy Fleming.

Amber took to YouTube to share the exciting update with fans in a cute, funny video.

In the video, Amber Marshall greeted her fans with genuine enthusiasm: “Hey guys, Amber Marshall here. It is a beautiful day in the Foothills, and I just wanted to show you where I am today.”

But then, she was interrupted by her costar, Spencer Lord, who plays Amy’s new love interest, Nathan Pryce Jr.: “Amber, for the last time, we’re trying to film a series here. Let’s go!”

To which Amber apologized to Spencer and us, her audience, and finally announced: “Guess what? You can check out season 18 in the fall.”

Watch the video here:

Standing against the picturesque backdrop of the Alberta Foothills, Amber’s announcement felt like a scene straight from the show itself.

While her words were like balm to the fan’s troubled hearts because we finally had a solid answer to the age-old question of whether there would be another season of the show or not.

What we know about Heartland season 18

As the show prepares to enter its 18th season, there is much anticipation about what lies ahead for the beloved characters.

While specific plot details are being kept under wraps, there are a few details we do know about season 18!

First of all, as you might have already picked up from Amber’s video, season 18 of Heartland will premiere this fall. My guess is that it will be either in late September or early October.

Also, according to the show’s executive producer, Michael Weinberg, the new season will have 10 episodes for us to enjoy.

On top of it, we know that the season has already begun filming in Alberta. The show’s official Facebook page shared on May 17th that it has been an “amazing Week 1 of filming”.

So, look out for more behind-the-scenes details being shared on the show’s socials all throughout the summer because, according to the IATSE Local 212 Shooting Schedule and ACTRA Alberta What’s Shooting in Alberta list, filming will continue until the end of August.

Finally, we also have quite a few cast members who have been spotted on the set of season 18, which means that their characters will be back for the upcoming season.

Besides Amber Marshal and Spencer Lord, Michelle Morgan (who plays Lou), Ruby and Emmanuella Spencer (who plays Amy’s daughter Lyndy), and  Kerry James (who plays Caleb) have all posted social media updates from the set.

Baye McPherson (who plays Katie) also shared her excitement for Heartland being renewed on Instagram, which seems to indicate that we will see Katie in the upcoming season as well.

And I’m sure we will see more and more cast members returning to the Heartland set either via their own social media posts or on the show’s official accounts.

So, how excited are you that it has finally been confirmed that Heartland will return for season 18? Let me know in the comments below!

As Heartland embarks on its 18th season, we can rest assured that the show will maintain its key elements of family, growth, resilience, new adventures, breathtaking views, emotional storytelling, and beloved characters. And I’m so excited to witness it all and then share my thoughts on it in my recaps because, rest assured, there will be recaps of every new season 18 episode come fall!


  1. My wife and I are excited and glad to have an 18th Season of Heartland coming. Albeit we’re octogenarians my wife and I have been involved in Ranching and me my life and in Montana where my family ran beef cattle and PB Horses and we also showed our horses and cattle at the Calgary Stampede too. Back in 1980’s I was offered the position of Dean of the Lethbridge, AL, Canada Agricultural College too. PLEASE keep Heartland going. Doc

  2. Thanks for the info. We will be watching and waiting. Heartland Forevermore!

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