Our Girl Will Be Back for Season 4

If you’re a fan of BBC One’s drama series Our Girl then you probably have patiently waiting for any news on the series. What with the quite literal cliffhanger that ended the second part of the show’s third season. And questions like will the show be back for another season? And will all of your favorite characters also return have probably been swarming in your mind since the July 24 finale of Our Girl season three. So, to ease your mind I’m here to tell you that, yes, Our Girl will be back for another season. Read on to find out more about Our Girl season 4!

Our Girl renewed for season 4

That’s right, early this morning BBC’s Press Office sent out the tweet announcing that Our Girl will be back for another season.

But more than that, the news also contained the fact that Our Girl’s Georgie Lane herself Michelle Keegan will, in fact, be back reprising her role as the series leading lady one last time. How’s that for an unassuming Tuesday?

To clear up some confusion, this new season will count as the show’s fourth. Since the last season of Our Girl, season 3, consisted of two parts. Part one showed Georgie and 2 Section on a humanitarian mission in Nepal. While part two consisted of the team’s deployment to first Nigeria and then Bangladesh. As well as the team participating in a training exercise in Belize.

What we know about Our Girl season 4 so far

So, what do we know about Our Girl season 4 besides the fact that there will be a fourth season and that Michelle Keegan will be back as Georgie?

Well, we do know that the Our Girl season 4 will consist of six hour-long episodes. And that these episodes will depict the team’s deployment to Afghanistan. Here is a synopsis of the upcoming season.

As reported by BBC, the season will pick up one year after the end of season 3 and will show recently promoted Georgie Lane, who went from Lance Corporal to Sergeant, living in Manchester and training the latest group of new army medics. Happily settled in her new life and new role Georgie turns down the opportunity to join 2 Section on their deployment to Afghanistan. However, after something happens during a night out, Georgie realizes that she needs to deal with her memories of losing Elvis. Which also means that she needs to return to the place where it happened – Afghanistan.

And finally, we also know that Our Girl season 4 will be filmed in South Africa starting this April. Which means that come April we will hopefully see the cast of Our Girl sharing their time in South Africa on their social media platforms. And who knows, it might even reveal a bit more about this upcoming season or at least who’s in it.

Are you happy that Our Girl will be back for a fourth season? And what do you think will happen with Georgie, Captain James and the rest of 2 Section during their deployment to Afghanistan? Let us know in the comments below and follow us, one of Feedspot’s Top TV Blogs, on social media for all the latest TV show updates in real time!

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