The 28 Best TV Shows With Dragons (+ 7 TV Episodes)

A staple of any high fantasy tale and a mythical force in folk tales for centuries, the mighty dragon never fails to inspire awe, fear, and perhaps a little bit of envy.

Long associated with magical powers, hoards of treasure, and unbridled strength and power, the dragon is a mythological figure spanning across cultures, centuries, and now, entertainment on the small screen.

With that said, we’ve decided to take a look at how the legend of the dragon lives on today, and what works these magnificent beasts may have inspired along the way.

Whether a live-action saga or a quick visit to an episode of a show or even an animated adventure, dragons are still a staple in the repertoire of our modern-day storytellers as we see in the TV shows listed below.


Game of Thrones, HBO (2011 – 2019)

best tv shows about dragons

From the mind of George R.R. Martin, comes the definitive high fantasy adventure.

Based on the author’s novels, the multiple Emmy Award-winning Game of Thrones is 8 seasons of nail-biting conspiracies, magic, war, and prophecies.

The show is set on two fictional continents, Westeros and Essos, and encompasses numerous story arcs that all culminate in a battle against a larger evil than any villain in the show could imagine.

However, when it comes to dragons the show delivers in nearly every episode, as viewers get to watch three dragons grow before their eyes.

Follow Daenerys Targaryen and her three dragon children, as she crosses continents on a quest to reclaim what is rightfully hers – in her eyes.

House of The Dragon, HBO (2022 – present)

A prequel to the hugely successful Game of Thrones, the Golden Globe-awarded House of The Dragon is set 200 years before the events of its parent show.

It details the decline of House Targaryen and delves into rumors and tales only alluded to in the books and series it hails from.

Watch as King Viserys 1 Targaryen and his family wreak havoc on the Seven Kingdoms.

Expect to see fully grown dragons at their full power, as the Targaryen family proves their mastery of these creatures.

The show is a tense watch as we the audience know that the Dance of The Dragons war is coming, and yet we see these characters valiantly striding to their destiny with no idea that each step takes them closer to ruin.

Earthsea, SciFi (2004 – 2005)

Another absolute must in the fantasy genre, Earthsea is the story of Ged, portrayed by Shawn Ashmore, a rebellious young wizard who may just be destined for greater things than he imagines.

As the prophesied greatest wizard to ever live, Ged is set against those who would rather the prophecy not be fulfilled.

Based on the top-rated series of books by Ursula Le Guin, Earthsea is a Leo Award-winning two-part miniseries featuring plenty of magic, and magical creatures such as, of course, a dragon – a very smart dragon who plays a pivotal role in saving the day.

Merlin, BBC One ( 2008 – 2012)

What would high fantasy be without a take on one of history and mythology’s greatest magicians?

An imaginative take on the Arthurian legends of Merlin and King Arthur, the show introduces us to the young warlock in his early days in Camelot – where magic has been made illegal by king Uther Pendragon.

Young Merlin is tasked with finding the last living dragon – a prisoner of the new magic ban.

This Great Dragon explains his destiny to him; that he is the one who will return magic to Camelot and keep Prince Arthur safe.

What follows is a tale of brotherhood, fellowship and bravery set against a historical backdrop.

Dragon Age: Redemption (2011)

Starring the woman every young fantasy fan falls in love with, Felicia Day, Dragon Age: Redemption is a six-part web series that draws inspiration from the popular video game series, Dragon Age.

Tallis, an elven assassin with a sarcastic tongue is on a quest to hunt down a renegade mage – and her standing in Qunari society depends on it!

If she fails, she will be demoted. Along the way she enlists help from various allies, giving viewers a live-action look into their favorite video game.

Filmed in only 12 days, and winner of several International Academy of Web Television Awards, the show is a testament to true ingenuity, and what fans of a genre can do when given free rein.

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Fox Kids (1998 – 1999)

Taking things to a much lighter note, Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog is a fresh take on Irish mythology and is one of the first shows created by Saban to feature fantasy elements like knights, dragons, and wizards.

In the show we see evil Queen Maeve of Temra pursue her goal of conquering her neighboring kingdom through a series of monster attacks.

In retaliation, Rohan, a druid, sets off to find the hero of this tale – Draganta.

Along the way, he befriends a powerful ally in Pyre The Dragon, who ultimately identifies the real Draganta.

The show is a fun and young take on legends and myths and entertains all ages.

The Magicians, SyFy (2015 – 2020)

Often described as a mix of Narnia and Harry Potter for adults, The Magicians is a uniquely dark take on the “talented magician learns he is a magician and sets off to do magical things” TV trope.

The five season show loves to take mythological ideas, such as dragons, and give them a modernized place in the 21st century.

The Hudson River Dragon is one such character – full of sass, magical abilities, and portals to new dimensions.

The show is a wild ride and often surprises, delights, and terrifies its audience.

Author Lev Grossman created a cult hit with his books, and this refreshing adaptation has only enriched his story even more.

Not for the faint of heart, The Magicians often treads where other shows are afraid to set foot.

Once Upon a Time, ABC (2011 – 2018)

Another TV Show that enjoys transplanting fairy tales and fiction into a modern setting, Once Upon a Time sees Snow White, Prince Charming and a classic plethora of fairy tale staples stuck in a small town without any memory of who they are.

The multiple Emmy nominated 7-season show is a fan favorite, with many rooting for their favorite characters, whether the villainous (or is he?) Rumplestiltskin, sweet Cinderella, or the evil queen in disguise, Maleficent.

Of course, where there are fairy tales there are, obviously, dragons, and in Once Upon A Time, Maleficent retains her ability to shapeshift into a dragon.

There is also a secondary dragon character that may allude to Mushu from Mulan.

For all its whimsical inspiration, the show can be surprisingly dark – perhaps a hint to the true origin of our beloved fairy tales? Watch and see.

Mako Mermaids, Netflix (2013 – 2016)

Mermaids and dragons don’t often appear in the same story, do they? That’s what Mako Mermaids sets out to challenge.

After being turned into a merman by the magic waters of the Moon Pool, our protagonist Zach finds himself drawn into a new world.

With three mermaids on his proverbial tale trying to remove his newfound power, he has to use his new abilities carefully to get through his days on Mako Island.

Here you find not any old scaly dragon, but a water dragon, who may not harbor the best intentions for all involved.

With four compelling seasons, Mako Mermaids is a visual feast for ocean lovers and mermaid enthusiasts.

Through the Dragon’s Eye, BBC (1989)

Providing a much more whimsical take, Through the Dragon’s Eye is a popular 10-part BBC Look and Read Production, first aired in 1989.

A staple of most British children’s childhoods and classrooms, Through The Dragon’s Eye follows a group of three children who are drawn into the land of Pelamar.

Here they are tasked to save the land by a dragon named Gorwen. It is only through reading and expanding on that skill that Pelamar may truly be saved.

The show is a wonderful and wholesome introduction to dragon lore, and may just be why so many Game Of Thrones fans devour a George R.R. Martin tome in mere days.



The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 1 “Chapter 9: The Marshal”

In the first episode of season 2 of The Mandalorian, we are still on a journey to reunite The Child with its kin.

We find ourselves back on one of the Star Wars Universe’s most popular planets, Tatooine, where the Mandalorian is meeting up with old friends.

His journey takes him to Mos Pelgo where an imposter Mandalorian is using the intimidation of the stolen armor he is wearing to fight an evil mining collection. It is here that we see a Krayt Dragon ravaging through the town’s animals.

In exchange for the stolen armor, the Mandalorian agrees to kill the dragon for Vanth, The Imposter.

A properly exciting start to the new season of the successful show, introducing one of the most creative dragon slayings you might see on television.

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 “Like a Virgin”

The Winchester brothers have faced nearly every creature imaginable, and it makes sense that they would inevitably come up against a dragon.

In “Like a Virgin”, Sam wakes from his coma with no memories of the last year and a half – a gift from Death, to protect Sam from the trauma he endured.

To restore some normality, the brothers set out on an old-fashioned monster hunt case in Portland. Here they investigate a plane crash where the pilot’s body was discovered 17 miles away and charred to a crisp.

This leads to a bizarre missing persons case where all the victims were virgins, with the only survivor claiming a large bat as their attacker.

It eventually leads to them facing down an actual dragon and finding out about a larger conspiracy involving the “mother of all things”.

A brilliant stand-alone episode for casual watchers with a decent bit of world-building included.

Legacies Season 1 Episode 2 “Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn”

As amazing as The Vampire Diaries universe it spawned from, Legacies sees familiar characters Alaric and Hope team up with newer faces in Mystic Falls.

Of course, who would expect a dragon to take up residence in this sleepy town?

Well, perhaps not so sleepy since the vampires and witches moved in.

The episode has a very good twist that we don’t want to spoil here, but it certainly subverts expectations.

It takes dragon tropes and plays with them in a new way – shocking even the characters that are jaded by years of supernatural exposure at this point.

Sliders Season 3 Episode 7 “Dragonslide”

Cult favorite show Sliders sees our group of travelers slide into a world of magic and mystery.

Wizards, druids, and spellcasting become real, and so do dragons.

Upon their arrival, the group interrupts an attempted kidnapping, subsequently saving an apprentice of the world’s most powerful sorcerer – against her will! What a twist.

For once though, the dragon is not the villain in this episode, and our travelers instead face off with an evil sorcerer hellbent on immortality at any cost.

This is certainly one of the stranger worlds the Sliders find themselves in and makes for a fun dabble in the fantasy genre.

Stargate SG-1 Season 10 Episodes 10 and 11 “The Quest Part 1 and 2”

Speaking of traveling through universes, in the 10th and final season of the phenomenally successful Stargate SG-1 series, the team faces off against a dragon working at the behest of Morgan Le Fay.

As the SG-1 are still searching for Sangraal, they come across Osric’s Planet and the dragon protector of Sangraal – who turns out to be a hologram!

A very complicated, but fun turn of events. Ultimately, as bullets fail and even C-4 can’t make a dent in their fire-breathing opponent, it’s Daniel who figures out the puzzles and uses the name of the dragon’s master to vanquish the beast.

In a show that often draws from historical and mythological sources, seeing Arthurian legends play out in space is a treat.

Special Unit 2 Season 2 Episode 7 “The Drag”

Our favorite team of Chigaco-based special operatives are pitted against one of the biggest links they’ve come across yet – literally.

In this episode of Special Unit 2, the theft of a magical necklace from a Native American Princess’s grave unleashes a dragon on the city.

In the course of their investigation, they learn that the dragon has a penchant for nomming on gnomes – leading to Carl being used as bait for the creature.

The show features one of the more comedic takes on dragon slaying – let’s just say, the team had to dig deep to solve this one.



Dreamworks Dragons, Cartoon Network/ Netflix (2012 – 2018)

Hiccup and the gang move from the silver screen to the streaming screen with Dreamworks Dragons, one of many adaptations based on the successful movie series: How to Train Your Dragon.

The 8-season computer-animated show fills in the gaps between the first and second films and explores the balance that Hiccup tries to maintain between dragons and Vikings.

Having established the Dragon Training Academy, the young Vikings and their dragons, such as Toothless, face off against new enemies and untrained dragons.

Dreamworks Dragons: The Nine Realms, Hulu/Peacock (2021 – present)

Taking a 1 300 year leap into the future, Dreamworks Dragons: The Nine Realms stars a group of misfit kids that discover the truth about dragons and where they’ve been for the last millennium.

When a fissure opens up following the crash of a comet, scientists flock to the site to investigate the phenomena.

However, it is their kids that ultimately uncover the secrets the geological anomaly holds – dragons.

Now it is up to them to protect their discovery and new friends in a 5 season adventure, lest these magnificent creatures be exploited for money and fame.

Dreamworks Dragons: Rescue Riders, Netflix/Peacock (2019 – 2022)

Another entry into the Dreamworks Dragons universe, Rescue Riders follow Viking twins Dak and Leyla – humans who were raised by dragons.

Given their unique situation, the siblings can directly talk to dragons and ride them – making them invaluable to the people of Huttsgalor who have invited them to stay in their town.

Having settled, the twins and their dragon companions embark on multiple adventures to rescue more dragons, thus becoming the Rescue Riders.

The show is suited for a much younger audience and teaches valuable lessons such as teamwork and problem-solving, through a fun narrative.

Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge, Netflix (2015 – 2018)

Checking back in with Hiccup and the gang, Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge, covers the time lapse between Dragons: Defenders of Berk and How to Train Your Dragon 2.

The 6 season show serves as an annex to the films and completes the dragon lore needed to keep up with this expansive universe.

See how Hiccup got his new flight suit and meet new dragons as he and Toothless set out on adventures that test their limit as a team and Hiccup’s skill as a leader.

The Dragon Prince, Netflix (2018 – present)

Set on the continent of Xadia, The Dragon Prince is a show that takes on themes of dark magic, conflict, and jealousy.

Two half-brothers – Princes Ezran and Callum – along with their companion Rayla the Moonshadow elf set out to resolve a millennia-old conflict between humanity and magic creatures. All the while guarding and raising the dragon Prince Azymondias from infancy.

In the show’s universe, magic is derived from 6 sources and can only be used by magical creatures corresponding to that source.

This infuriated humankind who could not delve into the magics until they devised a cruel 7th source of magic – based on the life essence of magical creatures, such as an infant dragon. In its four-season run, the show takes complicated turns and has earned masses of critical acclaim for its execution on all fronts.

A must-watch for adult animation fans.

Dragon Century (1985)

Set in the early 1990s, Dragon Century is a two-part OAV anime taking place in Hokkaido Japan.

A series of murders gets blamed on the sudden re-emergence of dragons, and as law enforcement hunts them down, a more sinister tale is spun in the background.

A young girl is orphaned in all the chaos and her trauma turns her into a vengeful and troubled young lady.

Having discovered a dragon egg, she decides to raise the hatching, named Carmine, as a tool to destroy mankind – whom she has come to hate.

At the same time, we discover the true reason that dragons are back as well as the true culprit behind the murders.

Dragon Century is considered a classic by many fans and is a true vintage gem.

Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Netflix (2021 – present)

Based on the gaming juggernaut that is Dota 2, Dragons Blood follows the Dragon Knight, Davion.

Tasked with keeping humanity safe from dragons, he soon becomes entangled in a battle bigger than he could have imagined.

The dragon Slyrak merges his soul Davion, giving him the power of the dragon within, to put an end to the coming horror that is the demon known as Terrorblade.

Dragon Booster, CBC Television (2004 – 2006)


This 3-season tale introduces us to Arthur Penn, a stable hand chosen to become the Dragon Booster – the only rider of the legendary dragon Beaucephalis.

Arthur is tasked with uniting humans and dragons to prevent a looming war between the two species.

In the world of Draconis, dragons have been oppressed and turned into entertainment for humans.

Only through the birth and meeting of Arthur and Beau can the situation be salvaged.

However, some evil-doers want the war to happen, and it is up to our intrepid Dragon Booster to stand up against them.

Dragon Ball Z, Cartoon Network (1989 – 1996)

A pivotal staple of any child’s compulsory TV viewing in the 90s, Dragon Ball Z is a gateway animation for future anime fans.

Young Goku discovers his true ancestry when Raditz, a humanoid alien, informs him of his Saiyan origin and associated powers. This sets him on the quest to collect all seven magic Dragon Balls of earth.

When reunited they reveal an Eternal Dragon that can grant wishes – something Goku definitely wants.

For 5 seasons we see Goku establish bonds that run deeper than brotherhood with his friends while gaining new powers and insights along the way.

Jane and the Dragon, ABC (2005 – 2006)

Based on the series of books by Martin Baynton, Jane and Dragon tells the story of our redheaded heroine and her 300-year-old dragon.

Jane Turnkey is training to be a knight – quite contrary to her original training as a lady-in-waiting!

You see, when our brave protagonist sets out to save a prince kidnapped by a dragon, she becomes a knight apprentice at the behest of the King.

Of course, the kidnapping dragon ends up becoming her best friend.

Now as a knight in training the show is centered on Jane and her adventures in the castle and the challenges of her new life with her best friend beside her.

The Dragon Dentist, NHK BS Premium (2017)

Even dragons need the dentist, especially when a cavity can render them entirely unable to fight.

In a world where war rages, those who have a dragon up their sleeve hold the power. This is where meet Nonoko Kiishi, an apprentice dragon dentist under the mentorship of Haburu.

Dentists are essentially the protectors of the great dragon.

One day, Nonoko discovers a soldier from the enemy side in the dragon’s mouth and what’s even more surprising is that the dragon resurrected him.

This event is an omen of disaster to come, and the surviving soldier is quickly inducted as a dentist-in-training to prevent the apocalypse his second life predicted.

Every Dragon Dentist knows the exact way and moment they will die, and yet they persist in their duties.

As whimsical as the plot may be, the show is full of intrigue, emotion, and the concept of destiny.

Dragon Hunters, France 3/ Cartoon Network (2006 – 2012)

In a mediaeval world set on floating islands, we meet Gizdo and Lian-Chu, our titular Dragon Hunters.

Friends since childhood, the two hunters are constantly on the verge of being completely broke and will accept any dragon-hunting job.

Ever on a quest to make their rent money, they live at The Snoring Dragon inn, often helping raise their landlady’s daughter Zaza.

Throughout their adventures, they begin to question their motives and decide to take a closer look at the dragons they are hunting.

The show is a heartwarming experience with plenty of laughs and character growth.

Legend of the Dragon, CBBC (2005 – 2008)

Twins Ang and Ling Leung, born in the year of the dragon, have been chosen to become the next keepers of the Golden Dragon power band and guardians of the powerful dragon Shen Gong Wu.

Both twins believe that Ling will be the chosen one, and in a huge upset to all, Ang is chosen by the power of the Golden Dragon instead.

The humiliations pit the twins against one another, and Ling becomes a pseudo-villain as they are overtaken by dark magics.

The show beautifully juxtaposes the light and dark sides of power, while leaning on familial bonds to keep true evil at bay.

Blazing Dragons, Teletoon (1996 – 1998)

Taking things to a more whimsical space, Blazing Dragons follows a group of dragons who come under fire from evil humans.

The show cleverly subverts the evil dragon trope and turns humanity into the villain.

In a medieval world that draws from familiar fantasy tropes such as King Arthur and Robin hood, Blazing Dragons is a quirky parody with a warm heart.

Our protagonist, Squire Flickers, longs to be a Dragon Knight but sadly the credit for his victories is often claimed by the aptly named Sir Loungealot.

Blazing Dragons has quite the cult following with fans even creating their own continuations on the internet.

Dragon’s Dogma, Netflix (2020)

In this dark fantasy anime show, based on the 2012 video game hit, we follow our protagonist Ethan after his resurrection on a quest to slay the dragon that took his heart and family from him.

However, Ethan straddles a fine line, as with every new battle against various demons, his humanity slowly fades away more and more.

Each episode is named after a cardinal sin and explores the concept in the form of the villain, like a succubus for lust.

Will Ethan overcome these demons and get his revenge or will he give in and lose what little humanity he had left?

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Syndication (1983 – 1985)

A staple of the 1980s, He-Man and The Masters of the Universe is set in the alternate universe Eternia.

Here the valiant Prince Adam transforms into the titular He-Man through the power of Castle Grayskull.

The show focuses on the adventures of He-Man and his crew taking on Skeletor and his minions, as they battle for control of Castle Grayskull – the source of all the power in the universe.

This classic action-adventure show is a right of passage for any animation fan and of course, there are dragons such as the wise Granamyr, from the Valley of Dragons.

Dragon Tales, PBS Kids (1999 – 2005)

Dragon Tales takes a more youthful turn, as we take an educational detour to join siblings Emmy and Max on their magical adventures.

After finding a dragon scale in their new home, they are transported to Dragon Land where they meet four friendly dragons who embrace them as friends.

The show is aimed at education for younger viewers, with lessons incorporated into each episode such as the importance of sportsmanship and overcoming fear.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Nickelodeon (2005 – 2008)

Hugely successful and a cultural shift in animation, Avatar: The Last Airbender is the stuff of legends, much like the protagonist Aang is himself.

In the world of Avatar, people are divided into four tribes, each with a distinct element that some can manipulate through the practice of bending.

Legend tells of a person that can bend all four elements, the Avatar – and that is Aang, who at only 12 years old is the last survivor of the Air Nomads.

His destiny is to bring balance to the work, and after being frozen for 100 years, siblings Katara and Sokka revive him, and together the trio sets out to take on the Fire Nation and bring peace to their world.

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