Billboards, Hashtags and Other Ways You Can Help Save Anne With an E

If you’re a fan of shows on CBC or Netflix then by now you probably have heard about a little show called Anne With an E. It’s a marvelous series set in the 1890s and filled with beautiful scenery, interesting characters, and timely storylines.

Sadly, on November 25th, 2019, the news broke that the third season of the series will be its last. This was only 12 hours after the Anne With an E season 3 finale aired on CBC which left Canadian fans, who had seen the final season, devastated. And fans worldwide even more so, since they had to wait until January 3rd, 2020 to see season 3 with the knowledge that there will be no more seasons of Anne With an E after that.

Luckily, fans of the show put this devastation to good use and created a #RenewAnneWithanE movement. They tweeted tirelessly. Streamed the available seasons on Netflix and CBC Gem endlessly. And spoke to anyone who listened to them about the show that means so much to them.

And despite the show’s creator Moira Walley-Beckett posting a note on Instagram from her and Anne With an E producer Miranda de Pencier on December 6, 2019, saying that “there is just no way to revive Anne With an E anywhere at this point” fans of the series including me are still hopeful. Especially now that big names such as Deadpool himself Rayan Reynolds and singer Sam Smith have voiced their support for Anne With an E getting more seasons.

What you can do to help save Anne With an E

So, the fight to renew Anne With an E definitely isn’t over. And it won’t be until there’s an official announcement from CBC, Netflix or any other broadcaster or streaming network (hey, Disney, we’re looking at you!) that Anne With an E has been saved and that we will see more of Anne.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to help!

Tell everyone you know

First and foremost you can spread the word about the show on social media and in real life. Tell all your friends, family and anyone else who will listen about it. And don’t forget to use the hashtags #RenewAnneWithanE and #AnneWithanE in your social media posts. Because even if your follower or real-life friend pool is small, every new viewer counts.

Watch, watch, watch

You can also stream the show on Netflix or, if you’re in Canada, on CBC Gem. The more streams the show gets the bigger incentive some other network has to pick up the series due to its large viewership and passionate fanbase.

Sign the petition

As well as sign the petition to renew Anne With an E that has been set up on The goal for the petition is 150,000 signatures and at the moment the petition has already been signed by more than 112 thousand people.

Donate for a billboard

Lastly, if you have a few dollars to spare you can also join the efforts of funding an Anne With an E billboard advertisement. The fandom has set up a GoFundMe page with a goal to collect enough money for a billboard in New York’s Times Square and bus ads in hopes that this will help promote the show and ultimately get it renewed.

The fans already raised enough money for a billboard in Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto which is the Canadian equivalent of Times Square since Anne With an E is a Canadian series. In fact, it goes up today and will stay up until Tuesday!

So if you live in Toronto, go check it out and share it on your social media using the hashtag #awaebillboard. Or, if you don’t, share the photos of people who did get a chance to see it in real life and help get #awaebillboard trending. This will not only hopefully result in the show’s cast and crew seeing it. But also in different news outlets picking up the story about the billboard and the fandom’s efforts which would mean that we get even more eyeballs on the show and hopefully even more people watching and tweeting about it!

In Anne’s own words, “Our moment is near! Are you ready to fight for what’s right?” Sound off in the comments below, and let’s get our show renewed shall we, Anne Nation!


  1. Anne with an E was a great show that me and my wife happen to find on Netflix. It came be one of our favorites. Great story! Great characters! We were so surprised to hear that there would be no more seasons. Yes, the producers did their best to wrap up the show as best they could, but it seems to me there so much more story to tell. Please, someone bring back this show. With it being on Netflix this show has so many more viewers now. Any new seasons will be very successful.

  2. I litteraly watched the three seasons the past three days, one season per one day. It can tell how much i loved the story, the cast, everything about this show is Amazing. I’m from north-africa but felt so close to this magical story. So please, even if the final of the thired season was great, ( i mean Anne and Gilbert are finally together duh ) season 4 and more could be so great. Anne With An E shares so much good messages.

  3. Anne with an E Has got us through quarantine so far. Me and my girls 9 and 11 are obsessed. We never had Netflix before. We have spread the word and many are going to be upset it is over.

  4. Anne with an e is one of the most awesome shows I have ever seen. Is all art and how Anne says, isn’t it lovely?
    And now we have our own tragic romance. We need more!

  5. So may shows are lacking in the qualities that make watching not only enjoyable, but also uplifting and thought provoking. Anne with an E has those qualities! We must have more! There is so much more to explore. Please reconsider more episodes of Anne.

  6. Hola, como puedo ayudar para poner una cartelera si soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina? Me encantaría ayudar

  7. Plsese. Gave. Us. Seaion 4. You. Can’t. Stop. All. Veivw. It’s. Getting. Come. On. Cbc. And. Nexifx. Gave. Us. More. Wee. Love. It. Its. Best. Show

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