Top 26 TV Shows About Bodyguards

When it comes to TV shows about bodyguards, some of the coolest ones out there really dive into the crazy world of protection gigs. The shows on this list give you a front-row seat to the wild, heart-pounding life of bodyguards, showing how they’re all about risking it all to keep their clients safe.

But being a bodyguard’s no joke.

The pros? You’re like a real-life superhero, trained up the wazoo, and you get to save lives. But, on the flip side, you’re always in the line of fire, it’s super stressful, and forget about having a regular personal life – it’s all about the job.

So, these TV shows about bodyguards show the glam as well as the tough realities of the bodyguard gig.

Bodyguard, BBC One (2018)

The British series Bodyguard is all about David Budd, an ex-military guy turned Specialist Protection Officer whose job is to guard a high-profile politician named Julia Montague.

But hold on tight! The show’s a rollercoaster of action and suspense.

There’s danger lurking around every corner, with crazy twists and turns that keep you guessing. After all, David’s got this tough gig of safeguarding Julia while dealing with his own inner demons.

You’re in for a wild ride filled with intense moments, unexpected shocks, and gripping drama. It’s like a puzzle that keeps you hooked episode after episode, making you question everything until the thrilling conclusion!

Human Target, Fox (2010 – 2011)

Human Target follows Christopher Chance, a security expert who becomes a literal “human target” by assuming the identities of clients in danger and becoming their human shield against threats.

Chance dives headfirst into his clients’ lives, pulling off crazy stunts to keep them safe.

Alongside his crew, he faces intense dangers, solving mysteries and dodging bullets to protect his clients.

Every episode is a new adventure, with Chance taking on different identities to outsmart the bad guys and save the day. It’s all about action-packed thrills, slick moves, and a hero who goes the extra mile and is always one step ahead in the game of protection.

Bodyguards, ITV (1996 – 1997)

Bodyguards is a British television action/crime drama series that aired on ITV and focuses on the Close Protection Squad, a special security unit employed by the British government.

After two major security breaches, including a murder, Commander McIntyre ordered the formation of a new team. The series follows the organization’s mission to use their life skills to identify and prevent threats to their designated clients, even as ruthless assassins plan attacks on the regular.

In particular, new recruit Ian Worrell and veteran bodyguard Liz Shaw work together to keep those in their care out of harm’s way.

Pennyworth, Epix/HBO Max (2019 – 2022)

Batman fan? Then you’ll love this one!

Pennyworth doesn’t just focus on bodyguards; it also explores the story of Bruce Wayne’s legendary bodyguard, Alfred Pennyworth.

Set in the 1960s, it follows the early years of Alfred, a former British SAS soldier, as he sets up his own security company in London. Amid political turmoil, Alfred is forced to engage in espionage and high-risk situations.

Although not an established bodyguard, he is tasked with protecting and managing threats alongside Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne.

Pennyworth follows Alfred’s journey from ex-soldier to trusted protector in a time of political turmoil, highlighting his prowess in solving security problems and his role in shaping Gotham’s future.

V.I.P., syndication (1998 – 2002)

V.I.P. was an action-comedy TV series centered around a team of bodyguards for hire, led by Valerie Irons, who serves simply as the figurehead after accidentally saving a celebrity’s life.

Her crew is composed of diverse personalities and actual muscle from various career backgrounds, and they take on various protection assignments for high-profile clients in Hollywood.

Combining humor, action, and a touch of glamor, each episode showcased the team’s adventures, facing off against threats while navigating the glitzy world of celebrities as they safeguarded their clients in unconventional and entertaining ways.

The Venture Bros., Adult Swim (2013 – 2018)

Next up is an animated series – albeit for adults – titled The Venture Bros.

It follows the eccentric Venture family, primarily Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture and his two sons, Hank and Dean.

While not explicitly about bodyguards, the show features Brock Samson, the family’s hulking and ultra-competent bodyguard. Brock’s tasked with protecting the Ventures from various dangers, including supervillains, secret organizations, and bizarre science experiments gone wrong.

The storylines deftly play with parodies of our favorite superhero tropes and pop culture references while humorously exploring Brock’s badassery and his efforts to keep the often clueless Venture family safe.

3Below: Tales of Arcadia, Netflix (2018 – 2019)

Another adult animated series is 3Below: Tales of Arcadia (or popularly known as simply 3Below), which follows two royal teenage aliens, Princess Aja and Prince Krel, who escape to Earth with their bodyguard, Varvatos Vex, after their home planet is taken over by an evil dictator.

Disguised as humans, they try to adapt to life on Earth while navigating high school and avoiding detection.

With Varvatos Vex’s help, they face various challenges, including threats from bounty hunters and uncovering secrets about their past.

The show intertwines sci-fi, action, and comedy, exploring themes of friendship, courage, and adapting to new environments.

The Royal Bodyguard, BBC One (2011 – 2012)

The Royal Bodyguard is a British sitcom that centers on Captain Guy Hubble, a retired Royal Protection Officer.

Despite his career full of mishaps, he is called back to serve as head of royal security. Hubble is tasked with protecting an eccentric royal family, but his old-fashioned methods aren’t exactly up to par with modern security protocols.

The show shows Hubble’s humorous attempts to protect the royal family, and despite his sincere efforts, his unconventional tactics and old-fashioned attitudes often lead to comical and absurd situations, reflecting the conflict between tradition and modernity in the realm of royal security.

Minder, ITV (1979 – 1994)

One of the longer-running shows on this list is Minder, a classic British television series about Arthur Daly, a dodgy but likable Londoner who is involved in a series of shady dealings.

He hires ex-boxer Terry McCann as his bodyguard, and his mission is not just to protect Arthur but also to keep him out of trouble.

The series is about their odd-couple relationship as Terry tries to navigate Arthur’s schemes while dealing with his own life. They find themselves in risky situations – sometimes comical, sometimes dangerous, but always fun.

Minder explores loyalty, friendship, and the quirky dynamics between a conman and his reluctant protector in London’s criminal underworld.

BG Personal Bodyguard, TV Asahi (2018)

Japanese drama series BG: Personal Bodyguard tells the story of Akira Shimazaki, a former bodyguard who voluntarily left that career after an athlete in his care was seriously injured.

Now divorced and living with his teenage son, he works as a security guard. However, the company that he works for has announced that they’re opening a new bodyguard division, and Akira thinks it’s time to get his foot back in the game.

He joins the division as a newbie; meanwhile, his new manager has no idea about his past experience with the job and the trauma that came with it.

Three Days, SBS (2014)

Three Days is another South Korean thriller series following Han Taekyung, a presidential bodyguard, as he investigates the sudden disappearance of the President after gunshots are fired during the President’s private holiday.

The story unfolds over three critical days, where Tae-Kyung races against time to find the missing president amidst political conspiracies and looming threats to the country’s stability.

As he delves deeper into the mystery, uncovering hidden truths and navigating through dangerous situations, Taekyung’s loyalty and determination to protect the nation are put to the test.

Man to Man, JTBC (2017)

K-dramas are popular in this genre, as Man to Man is yet another South Korean series that follows Kim Seolwoo, a skilled black ops agent turned undercover bodyguard assigned to protect a top actor, Yeo Woongwang.

As Seolwoo navigates his mission, he forms an unusual bond (what the show calls a bromance) with Woongwang while facing various threats and mysteries surrounding the actor’s life.

The show combines action, comedy, and suspense, showcasing Seolwoo’s diverse skills and the complexities of his dual life as a bodyguard and a spy.

The K2, tvN (2016)

K2 is a Korean TV series that tells the story of former bodyguard Kim Jaeha. When he is hired to protect Go Anna, the illegitimate daughter of a politician, he enters the dangerous world of politics.

Jeha faces personal vendettas, power struggles, and dark secrets while protecting Anna from danger.

Between high-stakes conspiracies and dangerous intrigues, the show explores themes of corruption, manipulation, and how far a person would go to protect the ones they care about. It is a thrilling journey full of political drama, exciting battles, and, of course, romance because it wouldn’t be a K-drama without a dash of a love story!

The Bodyguards, Prima+ (2023)

We move now to the European shows with the Czech series The Bodyguards (originally Bodyguardi), which is also one of the newer shows, having aired its 8 episodes in 2023.

The series is a comedic twist on the action genre as it intentionally exaggerates the world of bodyguards and gangsters.

Each episode is a story in itself and shows the glitz and glamor of the criminal world against the harsher realities of the Czech Republic – though with satirical hyperbole and hilarious pop culture references that really lend to the series’ overall comedic tone.

The Protectors, DR1 (2009 – 2010)

The Defenders (originally Livvagterne) is a Danish series that focuses on Jonas, an agent recruited into the Danish Secret Service’s Protective Unit.

Training alongside him are Jasmina El-Murad, the only woman in their class, and Rasmus Poulsen. Together, they undergo intensive training to become bodyguards, tasked with protecting politicians and dignitaries from harm.

With their larger team, the newly trained bodyguards face complex security challenges, including political intrigue and personal dilemmas.

The show explores the dangers and moral dilemmas of the bodyguard profession and explores themes of trust, loyalty, and sacrifice to protect others.

City Hunter, SBS TV (2011)

Based on the Japanese manga of the same name, South Korean series City Hunter follows Lee Yunseong, a highly trained vigilante seeking justice for his father’s wrongful death.

Disguised as a city employee, he acts as a “City Hunter,” targeting corrupt politicians and influential figures.

Yunseong’s journey is filled with action-packed missions as he navigates dangerous situations and uncovers hidden truths while executing his revenge plan.

In addition to his skills as a bodyguard and expert marksman, the series combines suspense, romance, and complex plots that explore themes of revenge, love, and the search for truth.

Love of Replica (2023)

Love of Replica is a Chinese series that is the sequel to the popular drama Mysterious Romance.

Protagonist Xu Xi Xi has just woken from a coma that resulted from a car accident and now suffers from amnesia. Her bodyguard, Lu Jin Yan, is suspicious of her suddenly friendly personality, and eventually, Xi Xi herself doubts her own identity as memories of her pre-coma self start to come back.

Together, they embark on a quest for the truth amidst Jin Yan’s own personal agenda, and their path leads them down a story of alternative identities and the grounding power of love.

Are You Human?, KBS2 (2018)

Are You Human is a South Korean TV series that tells the story of Namshin, a young heir to a large corporation who falls into a coma after an accident.

To protect him, his mother creates an AI robot named Namshin III. The robot takes Namshin’s place and begins learning human emotions.

However, there will always be a noticeable difference between real humans and technology, and Namshin’s bodyguard Kang Sobong is determined to get to the bottom of her ward’s strange behavior.

The show explores topics such as identity, artificial intelligence and the blurred lines between humans and machines.

Where Your Eyes Linger, W-STORY (2020)

The South Korean web series Where Your Eyes Linger centers around the relationship between a rich heir, Han Taejoo, and his unofficial bodyguard (albeit a fellow student), Kanggook.

Taejoo has always been protected by Kanggook, who’s more like a friend than just a bodyguard. As their bond deepens, feelings of love start to develop between them, challenging societal norms and expectations.

This is made even more complicated with the arrival of Choi Hyemi, the new girl at school who develops feelings for Kanggook as well.

Through its heartfelt narrative and emotional depth, Where Your Eyes Linger showcases the struggles and triumphs of their unconventional love story amidst societal pressures and personal growth.

KinnPorsche, One 31 (2022)

The title of this Thai BL series, KinnPorsche is a combination of the two characters central to the story.

Kinn is the heir to a renowned crime family, while Porsche is a bartender and underground fighter.

Their paths cross one night when Kinn is attacked on his way home from a business deal and, while trying to escape, runs into Porsche and pays him for protection. He is then offered a job to become Kinn’s permanent bodyguard, but their originally professional relationship gets complicated when he falls in love with his boss, and secrets begin to rise to the surface.

Lucky With You, Viki (2021)

We love a flip in traditional gender roles, and the Chinese drama Lucky With You does just that!

Wu Shiyi is a former Taekwondo professional who now works a desk job. However, she’s unhappy and constantly being overlooked. That all changed when she crossed paths with the family behind the Zhi Rong business empire!

Having first saved the president of the company from a hostage situation and then encountering him and his son again, she impresses the wealthy family with her bravery and combat skills. As a result, she’s hired as their son’s personal bodyguard – much to his (initial) chagrin.

Love Unexpected, Viki (2021)

China brings another TV show about bodyguards with Love Unexpected – but this time, it’s a romcom (and a flip on gender roles, too!).

Xu Nuo is known to be a tough and unemotional guy when it comes to business, but no one knows that’s because the tragic loss of his mother caused him to detach completely and left him unable to connect with his emotions.

His no-nonsense methods have earned him the ire of many businesses, and it soon becomes apparent that he needs a bodyguard.

In comes Ke Si Yi, a smart woman and skilled fighter. As their professional relationship grows, Xu Nuo finds himself feeling things he thought he had long since left behind.

Cute Bodyguard, Viki (2022)

Cute Bodyguard is an apt title for this Chinese romcom as the bodyguard in question, Su Jing Jing, is a petite woman with a gentle demeanor.

Don’t let it fool you, though – underneath all that, she’s a skilled fighter who can definitely hold her own in a fight.

It’s her talent that catches the attention of Gu Rong Yan, a young and carefree CEO in desperate need of a bodyguard.

As she begins her job of protecting him, their personal relationship grows as well, in spite of all the obstacles that seem determined to get in their way.

Strong Girl Bong Soon, JTBC (2017)

The story of K-drama Strong Girl Bong Soon follows Do Bongsoon, a young woman born with superhuman strength, working as a bodyguard for a gaming company CEO, Ahn Min-hyuk.

Despite her incredible power, she tries to live a normal life while protecting Min-hyuk and confronting a series of crimes in her neighborhood.

Alongside the action and bodyguarding, the show explores themes of strength, love, and empowerment, mixing comedy, romance, and crime-solving.

Bong-soon’s journey to embrace her abilities and navigate her relationships while fulfilling her duty as a bodyguard is central to the narrative.

My Kung Fu Girlfriend, Tencent Video (2022)

My Kung Fu Girlfriend is an amazing and fun blend of reality and fantasy.

This Chinese series follows Huang Xiao Yu, a talented and well-known martial artist who strives to bring her sect back into the limelight.

By chance, she becomes the bodyguard of famous actor Yuan Fan, who is also the spokesperson of a popular martial arts video game. Soon, Yuan Fan and Xiao Yu find that the game’s hero, Bo Ye, crosses into the real world when chasing a villain in the game and has since possessed Xiao Yu!

Now, the two try to get to the bottom of the conspiracy.

Sweet Sweet Bodyguard, SET Metro (2012)

Zhen Aiji is the trained bodyguard at the center of the Taiwanese rom-com Sweet Sweet Bodyguard, which aired in 2012.

She was raised in a military family and has a tough exterior, but deep inside, all she really wants is to fall in love.

With plans to retire from her bodyguard career early so she can pursue other endeavors, she promises that her next mission will be her last.

However, upon meeting her new client, she learns that this plan won’t be as easy as she thought.

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