Conviction Season 1 Episode 13 Review

Although the first season of Conviction came to a close, this episode of the show felt like anything but the end. In it we saw the beginning of Hayes and Wallace, as well as had a few interesting surprises, that I did not see coming. And despite the fact that we still don’t know if Conviction is renewed for season 2, this episode still deserves a review as though this is not the last. So here is a recap of Conviction season 1 episode 13.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Case of the week

In this last Conviction season 1 episode we saw the CIU take a case that was a blast from the past for both Hayes and Wallace. CIU reviewed a case of a man, convicted of murdering his wife, Gerard Harrison, and whose defense attorney at the time of the conviction was none other than Hayes Morrison.

From the flashbacks we found out that Hayes, a new DA, was put on Gerard’s case, with Wallace, a hot shot ASA, as her opposing council. That only made her fight harder in the court room for Gerard’s innocence. But in the end Wallace still defeated Hayes, when he revealed to the jury that Gerard was sleeping with other men. And then, when Gerard was looking for Hayes to fight the verdict, she was nowhere to be found, denying Gerard his best chance of getting out of the prison.

That is probably why Hayes decided to fight this battle the second time, because now, working in the CIU, she finally realized the mistake she made. So the CIU got to work, reviewing evidence, but they were stacking against Gerard not in his favor. Luckily, at the very last minute Frankie proved that Gerard didn’t murder his wife, so Hayes was able to write her wrong and release an innocent man from prison.

Over the course of this season, Conviction has done a good job at keeping up the suspense until the very end of each episode, but I thought that in Conviction season 1 episode 13 they did an especially good job at it. They kept me on the edge of my seat until the last moment, and I really appreciate it, because the show kept its format and integrity until the last minute.

Hayes & Wallace’s relationship

But I am not completely sure, that Hayes’s guilt was the only reason she decided to review Gerard’s case. I think it also had something to do with what her father said about her and Wallace’s relationship.

As much as we don’t want to believe it, there probably was some truth to what Hayes’s father said. From the very first episode Conner made his political aspirations known. And Hayes, being the ex-president’s daughter and his girlfriend would only help him achieve them. And, just as Ted Morrison suspected, it also was what ultimately led to Hayes and Wallace’s ending, because Hayes had hard time of letting this trait of Conner’s go. Well that and the fact that Hayes kissed Sam, so she wouldn’t have to fire him and Conner saw it.

Luckily, before that we got to see how both of them said ‘I love you’ to each other. And even though we got only a few episodes of Hayes and Wallace being truly together, it was still great.

Sam’s predicament

Do you remember how in episode 3 Sam prevented Rodney Landon, a man convicted of bombing a Mosque, from getting out of the prison by telling another inmate that he is a snitch? Well in Conviction season 1 episode 13 that came back to bite Sam in the ass. Rodney was set to appear in court for the incident in the prison and wanted to tell the judge what Sam did.

So Sam went to Hayes for help. At first Hayes was angry, because if Sam testifies it would mean that every case that the CIU had taken on would be called into question. But after Sam admitted that he was ready to lose his lawyer’s license to save the CIU, Hayes figured out how to help Sam and keep CIU working as before.

Hayes went to the judge, who was appointed to Landon’s case, and told him all about Landon and his intentions. And it turned out that the judge didn’t like what he heard about Landon, so much so that he dismissed Sam’s subpoena.

Unfortunately, Wallace still made Hayes fire Sam for being a loose cannon, but we all know how that turned out. Hayes kissed Sam, so she didn’t have to fire him, because of course Sam would say that Hayes’s kiss was an assault if she tried to fire him. But despite the fact that Hayes did it just to keep Sam on her team, I wonder, could there be a future between Hayes and Sam? And have we be rooting for the wrong pairing? We will just have to hope for season 2 to find out. #RenewConviction

Last thoughts on Conviction season 1 episode 13

Overall this last Conviction episode was a great season finale episode. It gave a deeper look into the characters as well as ended on a cliffhanger that just begs for more episodes.

I don’t know the faith of the show, and I am afraid to think about it, since there is no news on Conviction’s renewal or cancellation yet. But I am greatful that season 1 episode 13 was such an amazing episode. I am glad that it gave us Hayes and Conner saying ‘I love you’. I am glad that it gave us Tess and Frankie working together, Frankie figuring out the case and Maxine being a bad-ass cop. But most of all I am glad that Conviction season 1 ended on a strong note. So no matter what the future of the show holds, we, the fans of Conviction, know that Conviction ended as the same show we fell in love with in the first place.

Episode highlights:

• the Hayes and Wallace flashbacks
• Hayes’s conversation with Gerard
• Tess and Frankie working together on the experiment
• Wallace and Hayes saying ‘I love you’ to each other
• Maxine being a bad-ass cop
• Hayes saving Sam’s ass
• Frankie figuring out about the heart attack
• Hayes kissing Sam and Sam’s face afterwards

Episode let-downs:

• Hayes believing her father about Wallace
• Sam almost losing his lawyer’s license because of Landon

Quote of the episode:
Wallace: “Would you want to go out with me? Like on a date.”
Hayes: “So what? Like dinner and drinks?”
Wallace: “Maybe some snacks.”
Hayes: “You mean like normal people?”
Wallace: “Sure. Like normal people.”
Hayes: “I hate normal. I like to stir the pot, fight the power, stick it to the man.”
Wallace: “Dinner first?”

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