Hawaii Five-0 Season 7 Episode 7 Review

This review contains spoilers!

Although Hawaii Five-0 isn’t among the shows I usually review, I thought that this episode warranted a review, since it was their 150th episode and gave us a lot of answers and endings to many of the story lines, that were left hanging in the air in the previous episodes and seasons.

The episode started out in one of my favorite ways, showing our beloved characters in their personal lives, dating, spending time with family and just being there for each other. I love when crime dramas show their characters outside work, because that gives us, the viewers, a glimpse of their lives and makes as better understand the characters. For example, this episode we saw Steve cooking dinner for Lynn, Grover grilling his son about who Danny’s daughter Grace is dating and Kono babysitting Sara while Chin was trying to delay Sara’s adoption, since he has suspicion that her new family is involved with drug cartels down in Mexico. And that showed not only how much Steve cares for Lynn and Chin for Sara, but also how Kono and Lou are ready to help their friends with whatever they need, whenever they need, even if it is not at all work related. That is what true ohana looks like.

The big premise behind this episode was that it will answer many of the questions that have been up in the air since previous seasons. For example, where is Doris and what is she doing, what is Catherine doing and so on. And they definitely delivered on that promise, because not only we saw Doris and Cat back on Hawaii Five-0, but we also saw Doris promising to finally move back to Hawaii and be a mother to Steve and Catherine giving Steve her answer to the proposal, he never got to deliver to her. It felt like a clean slate for the show, because now the writers as well as the fans can finally put these unanswered questions and the characters of Doris, Catherine and Wo Fat’s father behind them and receive new story lines with open hands.

The other heartbreaking plot line in this episode, besides Cat and Doris leaving again, was Chin and Sara’s story and how Chin admitted to Kono, that by the time he got back from their Op in Morocco, she would most likely be on her way to Mexico already. Chic really cars for that little girl and wants to be her guardian permanently. On top of that the fact that her new family might be involved with drug cartels didn’t make it any easier for him to let Sara go. However, I have a feeling that this story line isn’t quite resolved despite Sara being gone, and, hopefully, we will see Sara coming back to Hawaii and coming to live with Chin permanently. He sure would make a good father to her, wouldn’t he?

And lastly, it wouldn’t be Hawaii Five-0 without all of the action, which we saw plenty of in this episode. This time around not only Steve, Chin, Lou and Kono kicked some ass, but we saw Doris and Catherine get in on the action, too. There was fighting, explosions, gunfire and some good old espionage, which all made up for super intense and perfect 150th episode for Hawaii Five-0. Here’s to many more to come!

Highlights of the episode:

• Catherine and Doris being back
• The awkward moment between Cat and Lynn
• All the action in the episode
• Steve and Doris’s banter
• Lou grilling his son about who Grace is dating
• Chin and Kono’s relationship
• Chin and Sara’s scenes
• Cat saying that she would have said YES to Steve’s proposal

Let-downs of the episode:

• Danny being only mentioned in the episode
• Catherine and Doris not sticking around, at least for now
• Sara being taken away from Chin

Quote of the episode:
Chin: (after Steve threw him down on the ground) Well, I guess we should have knocked.
Steve: I should have known I couldn’t trust Danny Williams to keep his big mouth shut.
Lou: He’s you partner, man, he was worried about you. Like we all were.
Chin: We don’t know exactly what’s going on, but all indications are it isn’t not good.
Catherine: No it’s not.
Kono: We came to give you guys a hand.
Lou: Besides, Casablanca is on my bucket list. So here we are.

Promo for Hawaii Five-0 episode 8:

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