Killjoys Season 3 Episode 4 Review

This week’s Killjoys episode was all about our favorite warlord turned bar owner Pree and some serious relationship problems between Dutch and Johnny. Meanwhile, D’av and Zeph were exploring D’avin’s Hullen connection. The episode was action packed. So without further ado, here is my Killjoys season 3 episode 4 review.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

This week’s Killjoys episode started with Johnny being accepted in the Level 5 ranks. Which, of course, came with some good-natured ass kicking. However, the celebration was interrupted by another RAC agent, Flik, who served Johhny a Black (competitive) Warrant for murdering Delle Seyah. So Dutch and John fled Old Town, while D’av, Gared, and Turin were distracting the Killjoys, who were after Johnny.

They decided to go to Ohron, the moon that is home to a group of bad-ass mercenaries who call themselves The Ferran. And apparently sassy Pree once was a part of their outlaw crew. No, scratch that, he led them. But Pree’s reunion with The Ferran wasn’t as joyful as you might think. Okay, there was some smooching, but right after that the current Ferran leader Lachlan deemed Pree a traitor and declared Pree’s life for Johnny’s safety. And our team was dragged to the Ferran base camp to wait for Lachlan’s judgment.

While there Dutch tried to convince Lachlan to free Pree, give John a sanctuary and join them in their war against Hullen. However, Lachlan, believing the Ferran fight only for just wars and each other, interpreted Dutch’s tries a little differently than she expected. He made Dutch and John fight one another – Dutch fighting for Pree’s life while Johnny fighting for Ferran’s alliance with them in the war against the Hullen.

Killjoys season 3

The battle

Dutch won the first round of the competition which was testing their body strength. John won the second round that was all about the strength of the mind. But before they could finish the third round (which tested the strength of their soles), but not before they yelled at each other, of course, Flik knocked everybody out and kidnapped Dutch and John to fulfill the Black Warrant.
Flick brought the two to a remote cabin, where he restrained them, while he was prepping the cryo-pod for Johnny. But just as it looked like Flick will fulfill his warrant, Dutch gassed him with her nerve gas implants and got the hell out of there with Pree and popsicle Johnny in tow.

This battle was a very authentic way to advance Dutch and John’s relationship and actually make them talk about all the stuff they have been going through. If it would have been them just talking on Lucy, I don’t think that it would have felt as organic as it did. Especially for Dutch, who is more of a hit shit not talk shit out kind of a girl. So I am glad that Killjoys season 3 episode 4 happened the way it happened because now all their feelings are out in the open and they can move past them.

D’av to the rescue

While Dutch and John were off hiding Johnny, fighting each other physically and verbally and assembling an army, D’av was getting to the bottom of the Black Warrant that was put on John during Killjoys season 3 episode 4.

After doing some creative interrogation on Flik, and doing some detective work with Gared to track down the missing ally-cam footage from when John shot Delle Seyah, D’av went to Banyon to try and clear his brother’s name. Unfortunately, the new RAC head bitch was not impressed by D’avin’s work. Nor did she find the footage that showed that Delle Seyah is, in fact, alive enough to lift the Black Warrant off of John. And to top it all off, she announced that the only way she will challenge the warrant was for D’av to bring Delle Seyah to the RAC.

So D’avin decided to search for Delle Seyah via the green, since, as he saw in the ally-cam footage, Delle Seyah is Hullen. And he needed Zeph’s help to do it.

The adventures of D’av and Zeph

The first D’av’s attempt of connecting to Delle Seyah failed because they took a wrong approach to this process. From Johnny’s research of the Hullen Zeph concluded, that amping up D’avin’s brain’s electrical activity might be the way to go. However, that resulted in D’av almost frying his brain.

Luckily, Zeph figured out a different way to help D’avin locate Delle Seyah in the green that ended up working. She gave D’av a cup of hallucinogenic tea laced with Hullen, which helped D’av relax and actually manage to queue into the Hullen. But instead of getting to Delle Seyah’s memories, D’av ended up on Aneela’s ship, where he managed to spy on Delle Seyah as well as had a conversation with Aneela herself, since she somehow saw D’av, even though nobody else did.

At first, I thought that I loved Zeph and Dutch’s dynamic the most, but after these scenes, I really started to dig Zeph and D’avin’s interactions. They were awkward, yet it somehow worked to give this otherwise heavy episode some much-needed humor.

The queens’ alliance

With each episode, we are getting more and more glimpses of Aneela and what her agenda is. And Killjoys season 3 episode 4 was no different. During it, we learned more about the green plasma, as Aneela was teaching Delle Seyah about it. And we also learned more about Aneela herself, especially from what Gander told Delle Seyah about Aneela.

It is no coincidence that Gander referred to Aneela as a kid who easily tires of her new toys. She truly is childish in her ways. Yet, at the same time, she also is very powerful. Both in her control over Hullen and her Hullen Armada. Which means that she is even more dangerous than we thought. Imagine putting a child in charge of an army. That is essentially what Aneela is. So Dutch better watch out, because Aneela is definitely coming for her.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 4

One of my absolute favorite parts about Killjoys season 3 episode 4 was John and Dutch’s relationship in this episode. They went from still being a bit awkward with each to yelling at each other and telling each other what they really think. To making up and finally being the Johnny and Dutch we know and love. Their relationship has come far from where it started in season 1. They have weathered different opinions, different agendas, and different love interests.

However, this episode proved that, although both of them are changed and their relationship has changed as well, it has actually evolved into a bond that is stronger than ever. And, since, no doubt Dutch will need all the support she can get going up against Aneela, it looks like Johnny will be right by her side to rise or fall with her.

And finally, can I just mention how much I love this new and improved version of Dutch. This season she feels much lighter and more playful. And I am all for it!

Episode highlights:

• the nerd fight between John and Zeph
• D’av calming both nerds down
• Johnny becoming Level 5
• Pree and Gared dating
• D’av, Turin, and Gared holding off the Killjoys who were after John
• Aneela teaching Delle Sayah about Hullen
• D’avin and Gared interrogating Flick
• learning about Pree’s warlord days
• Pree with hair
• Lachlan and Pree’s reunion
• Turin confronting Banyon about the Black Warrant
• Dutch trying to convince Lachlan to let Pree go and join them in the war against Hullen
• the Dutch and John fight scenes
• D’av trying to convince Banyon that Delle Seyah is alive
• D’avin and Zeph experimenting with the green
• the truth that Dutch and John revealed during their round 3 fight
• Pree being bad-ass and revealing Lachlan why he truly left
• Lachlan sparing Pree’s life
• John and Dutch making up while being captured by Flik
• learning more about Aneela and Hullen
• Flik flirting with Dutch
• Dutch gassing Flik
• Lachlan announcing that the Ferran will side with them in the war against Aneela
• Aneela and D’avin’s conversation
• Dutch punching Johnny at the end of Killjoys season 3 episode 4
• Zeph managing to open the Remnant

Episode low points:

• Lachlan wanting Pree dead and making Dutch and Johnny fight
• Banyon not agreeing to challenge John’s Black Warrant
• the fight between John and Dutch during round 3

Quote of the episode:
Johnny: “How do you not know this?”
Dutch: “Because I grew up a slave princess in a harem. And you grew up reading comic books and building robot dogs.”
Johnny: “Solid point.”

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