Killjoys Season 3 Episode 3 Review

Johnny’s back. Classic Killjoys recon mission going haywire. New aspects of the Hullen mystery revealed. And Aneela. That’s only a few of the things that happened on Killjoys season 3 episode 3. Here is my recap of this crazy episode.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

After Johnny’s return in episode 2, Killjoys season 3 episode 3 was all about getting back to their Killjoys trio roots and going on a classic Killjoys recon mission. However, seeing as they are dealing with Hullen now, the mission didn’t turn out to be that simple.
Since the reveal of the Hullen ships in the season 3 opener, Dutch and D’av have been wondering what they are doing on Arkin. And now that John was back from his sabbatical, they could go and find out. And their curiosity led them to an ex-Hullen camp. So Dutch and D’av decided to go exploring, while Johnny and Zeph stayed on the Hullen ship to help the two navigate this strange place.

And after they discovered a weird hologram, a village that looked a couple of hundred years old and were almost blinded by a solar flare, they finally met the people, who lived in this village. Or rather under it. They were humans, who were left there by Hullen and who had gone underground to shield themselves from the solar flares. But more than that, they all were blind except for one, who was Hullen, but became human again after Dutch destroyed the Arkin pool. And they seemingly were all guarding one object, a Remnant.

So while Johnny was coming up with a way get them out of there, D’av was retrieving The Remnant. Meanwhile, Dutch was being interrogated by the Last Seer, from who she learned that Khlyen was behind all of this. And after some creative work from Johnny and help from Zeph, our trio fought off the mole people and fled the Hullen village with the Remnant on board.

D’av’s Hullen connections

But this all wouldn’t be possible without D’av because as it turned out, he was the key to opening and flying the Black Root ships.
When Dutch and D’av first went exploring the village, they met a girl there, Quin, who claimed that D’avin had already been there days earlier, asking for the Remnant. But, D’av himself had no memory of this. And D’av’s DNA was what let them on the ship and led them on their trip in the first place. So, as Dutch figured, this means that Khlyen had done something before his death via the connection he had with D’av, to give him access to the ship fleet and other missing pieces that Khlyen knew would help Dutch kill Aneela.

So now D’av not only has his own fleet of Black Root ships, he also might be the crucial part of winning the war against the Hullen and Aneela. Which is a great way of fortifying D’av’s place within the team and besides Dutch. And I am very curious as to where this whole D’av story line will go because it seems very exciting.

Killjoys season 3

John’s interrogation

Killjoys season 3 episode 3 started with Johnny being interrogated by Banyon Grey. She not only tried to figure out where all the RAC agents have gone since John was the first one from them to return. But more than that, she tried to get Johnny to snitch on Dutch because Banyon suspected that Dutch is very much a part of whatever is happening in the RAC right now.

John, of course, did no such thing. He not only didn’t snitch on his best friend and partner but he also literally gave Banyon the middle finger, because she asked John to remove his new mod. But I feel like this Banyon thing isn’t over. She will probably be a pain in the ass for our team for the rest of the season. But, hopefully, she is just a regular pain in the ass, not a Hullen one, which would complicate things for Team Awesomefroce even more than they already are.

Meeting Aneela

If in the previous episode we already saw a bit bigger glimpse of Aneela. Then in Killjoys season 3 episode 3 we got a taste of how insane and childish Khlyen’s daughter really is. And Delle Seyah finally realized that as well.

At the beginning of the episode, Delle Seyah still tried to manipulate Aneela in getting Dutch’s double to do her bidding. However, Delle Seyah was quickly put in her place after she told Aneela that her father is dead and witnessed Aneela’s outrage over it. It very much resembled a tantrum a child would throw, only with higher stakes and on a larger scale, since Aneela is, in fact, the leader of her Hullen fleet. Aneela’s right-hand man even made Delle Seyah clean up the blood that Aneela spilled, to truly show the position she is now.

However, by the end of the episode, it seemed that Delle Seyah, being the mastermind she is, might actually succeed in making Aneela her ally. Now Delle Seyah knows what she is dealing with and therefore can use that to her advantage. And it looks like she might become a mentor of sorts to Aneela, which definitely isn’t in favor of our RAC trio.

It was a treat to see Hannah John-Kamen play Aneela, because the Hullen leader is so vastly different from Dutch. Everything from the voice to the way Aneela moved was different and gave us a better understanding of this new character. And I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of Aneela as the season goes on. Because she is a terrifying yet fun addition to the show.

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 3

One of my favorite things about Killjoys season 3 episode 3 was the conversation between the Jaqobis brothers, where D’avin said to Johnny that that is what coming back feels like. It was real and a truly lovely moment between both brothers. But at the same time it also very much put things into a perspective for John, because he finally realized that he cannot expect things to be the same.

The other standout moment from the episode for me was the relationship between D’av and Quin. It highlighted D’av’s caring nature. And it also showed how far has D’avin come from the broken soldier he was in season 1. Which were your favorite moments from this Killjoys episode?

Episode highlights:

• Johhny being back on the team
• John meeting Zeph
• Dutch convincing John to give Zeph a shot and be her mentor
• meeting Aneela for real and seeing what’s she like
• Dutch and D’av going on a recon with John and Zeph staying on board the ship and all that it entailed
• Zehp praying and Johnny helping her be nerdy
• D’av and John’s talk in the holding cell
• Dutch during her interrogation
• D’av caring for Quin
• learning more about that ex-Hullen camp, Khlyen and how it factors in with that we already know
• Zeph saving our Killjoys trio
• the scene where Quin saw the world for the first time
• John putting Zeph in her place and explaining to her how to be one of the team
• learning that D’av can pilot the Black Root fleet
• Delle Seyah convincing Aneela to get up and lead

Episode low points:

• Banyon Grey wanting John to snitch on Dutch
• Zeph leaving our trio behind
• the Last Seer leaving Dutch to be killed by the unseeing

Quote of the episode:
Dutch: “Put your mentor pants on.”
Johnny: “I feel fat in them.”

Promo for Killjoys season 3 episode 4:

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