Killjoys Season 3 Episode 6 Review

After last week’s explosive episode this one was all about honoring the fallen. But with Killjoys, it’s never that simple because, on top of a funeral, Dutch, John, and D’av were trying to stay alive in the cramped spaces they found themselves in. While Aneela went on a journey of her own. Want to know more about what happened in this episode? Here is my recap of Killjoys season 3 episode 6.

Warning, spoilers ahead!

Killjoys mission of the week

Killjoys season 3 episode 6 was largely dedicated to those lost in the RAC raid on episode 5. And, since that included Banyon, for whose death Dutch was personally responsible, the episode started with Dutch trying to drink away her guilt. But when that didn’t work, she turned to a different way of trying to forget Banyon’s death. And that way was to kiss D’avin. Yes, you read that right, we finally got another Dutch and D’av kiss. The first one since the first episode of season 2.

However, since the kiss surprised D’av and he pushed Dutch away, saying that things got awkward would be an understatement. On top of that, Johnny walked in right after and the two had no time to waste on this matter. After all, they had a funeral to go to. So they arrived at the Scarback Necropolis elevator, greeted the Nine leaders onboard, including Louella Simms, Pawter’s little sister and ascended to the Necropolis itself.

The ceremony went on and the whole crew, minus John and Louella, who left behind to catch the next elevator, were on their way back to the elevator station. When the elevator stopped and soon thereafter one of the Nine dropped dead. And so the hunt for the mysterious killer began. Dutch interrogated Alvis and with Zeph’s help did an autopsy. While Johnny was trying to get the elevator started again on his end.

The autopsy revealed that the cause for the dead Nine members was an artificially-made robotic bug. And as it later turned out Louella was behind the bugs and the deaths, planting them in the seeds they all ate during the ceremony.

The Nine’s execution

Johnny was the first to discover Louella’s part in this attack. But it turned out that there was more to the story of why she decided to murder the leaders of the Nine.

Louella explained to Johnny that she decided to execute the leaders because her whole family died for the Nine and their agendas. However, the real truth bomb she dropped was when she revealed that the Nine is about to go on a run from the Hullen. Which is the real reason they refused to help Team Awesomeforce.

So Dutch, John, and D’av devised a plan how to stop Louella’s plan from working fully. It involved some gravity and sharp shooting from Dutch. But they all made it and avoided a certain death. John’ also convinced Louella to spare him, so all of our heroes were fine in the end. Back at Pree’s bar drinking the pain away.

And Dutch even had a little chat with one of the Nine leaders about them funding their war. Because she figured out that the Nine were about to abandon the Quad, despite not realizing that if the Hullen win, soon they will have nowhere to go. Meaning that Team Awesomeforce might get their money after all. So Hullen, look out!

Killjoys season 3

The in-law feud

The episode really brought us back to season two, because it featured Pawter’s sister Louella and Johnny interacting with her.
At the beginning of Killjoys season 3 episode 6 we saw Johnny hoping to get Louella on board with helping them in the war against Hullen. Which would in return help them get the whole Nine on board. Only it turned out that Louella wasn’t the sweet sister Johnny got to know in season 2 anymore. After the death of her parents and then her sister, Louella had turned into a ruthless politician, a true Nine leader.

Nevertheless, we still got some sweet Louella and Johnny scenes. As well as some closure to the whole Pawter dying story line, since the two talked about it and decided to move forward. After that, of course, Louella tasered Johnny and we learned that Louella was behind the attacks, which kind of put a damper on the whole good in-law relationship. But still, I think it was great that they decided to do this plot because it kind of felt like a new beginning for John. Like he will now be able to finally move on.

Aneela’s journey

While our Killjoys trio were dealing with their stuff, Aneela went on a journey of her own.

After Aneela and Delle Seyah woke up in bed together and had some pillow talk, Aneela went off to her lab to do some work, leaving Delle Seyah to wait for her in bed. But, Kendry’s post-sex bliss was interrupted by Gander, who dragged her away.

This whole sequence was much more important than anybody could imagine because it revealed that Aneela isn’t in charge of the Hullen Armanda. No, the ship is actually her prison and Gander just lets Aneela think that she is in charge, because of the special abilities she has over the green. And that was a twist that I definitely did not see coming.

On top of that, during Killjoys season 3 episode 6, we also saw Aneela reunite with her father. Well, sort of. After Aneela found out that she has been left alone and Kendry had been taken away from her, she went into the green. And while there she had a talk with her father. Yet it wasn’t actually her father, more like a vision of Khlyen that Gander had set up for her to keep Aneela occupied. And once Aneela found that out, she was enraged. Which resulted in her going on a killing spree.

It was really unexpected to learn all this about Aneela and the Hullen. Moreover, it was also extremely cool to see Aneela’s powers on full display. And the reveal that Gander had impregnated Kendry at the end of the episode just brought this whole Aneela story line home. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Last thoughts on Killjoys season 3 episode 6

One of my favorite things last season was seeing the relationship between Dutch and Alvis. And, since this episode we finally got a few solid Dutch and Alvis sense again, I lived for them. I just wish there were more. However, since Alvis is featured in the episode 7 promos, my wish might just be granted. Fingers crossed!

Episode highlights:

• Dutch trying to drink away her guilt
• D’avin consoling Dutch
• the Dutch and D’av kiss
• Johnny walking in on the kiss
• seeing how the RAC mourn their dead (I LOVE all of this world-building stuff!)
• Dutch ignoring D’avin
• Dutch not being able to do the final salute and D’av stepping in
• Delle Seyah and Aneela’s morning after
• Team Awesomeforce trying to get the Nine to help them win the war
• Johnny trying to work with analog technology
• Dutch yelling at Alvis and their conversation afterward
• the Johnny, Dutch and D’av conversation about who could be behind the attacks
• learning that Aneela isn’t really in charge of the Hullen Armada
• Zeph walking Dutch though an autopsy
• the Aneela and Khlyen scenes
• Alvis sass
• Louella and Johnny’s conversation after she tasered him
• Dutch’s shooting skills saving them
• Aneela’s real power on display
• John trying to get Louella to feel bad about what she is doing
• Dutch telling Kalla Seyon Trus like it is
• D’av finally getting Dutch to stop ignoring him
• Zeph figuring out what was in the Remnant
• the shot with a pregnant Delle Seyah at the end of the episode

Episode low points:

• Gander dragging Seyah Kendry away against her will
• Louella being behind the murders and almost killing Johnny
• Dutch running off with Zeph without waiting for D’avin (she and D’av really should have talked!)

Quotes of the episode:
Delle Seyah: “Was she here the whole time?”
Aneela: “Yes. That’s her job.”
Delle Seyah: “Okay, I’m into it.”

Dutch: “Open your stupid monk mouth and tell me what the hells is going on!”
Alvis: “You’re accusing me of murder, that’s what.”
Dutch: “I could never accuse you of murder because you’re attention whore activist who would scream it from the roof tops before I had a chance.”
Alvis: “It’s not… Good point.”

Promo for Killjoys season 3 episode 7:

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